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The War Between



History of Surf Excel

1959 HUL Introduced SURF. 1970 Launch of Nirma Power. Brand Lalitajee launched. 1990 Emergence of concentrate & Mid price segment powers. Ad Campaign Daag Doonthe rah jaoge was launched. 1996 Surf Excel launched. Ad Campaign Jaise bhi Daag ho, Surf Excel hai na 2003 Surf Excel Quick wash launched Ad campaigns on Shortage of water across country 2005 Ad Campaign Daag Acche hai na . 2006 Rin Supreme BAR. Ad campaign Good news, Bad news

History of Ariel
In 1991, Procter & Gamble India launched Ariel detergent. In 2003, Ariel brought out its quickwash action to its detergents, to allow consumers to be able to do their laundry on a quickwash cycle. In 2006, Ariel started its "turn to 30" campaign to inspire consumers to wash in cool water so that energy can be saved. Ariel launched a concentrated version of their liquid detergents named Ariel Power in the spring of 2008. In October 2008, Ariel launched "cold is the new hot" campaign.

Segmentation of Detergent Market

Segmentation of Detergent powder Market

PREMIUM Ariel- Ultramatic & Spring clean Surf -Automatic & Quick wash

MID PRICED Surf Excel Blue, Tide, Stain Champion

MASS MARKET Wheel , Fena, Nirma,Ghadi etc.

SIZE SACHET 200gm 500gm 1kg SURF EXCEL QUICK WASH Rs.2/Rs.23/Rs.56 Rs.109/SURF EXCEL BLUE Rs.2/Rs.20/Rs.41 SURF EXCEL AUTOMATIC Rs.80/Rs.155/-

SIZE Sachet 200gm 500gm 1kg

ARIEL FRESH CLEAN Rs.2/Rs.26/Rs.55/Rs.107/-

ARIEL SPRING CLEAN Rs.2/Rs.26/Rs.55/Rs.107/-



Counter Offensive Attack

In mid 80s ,P&G launched Ariel with enzyme based new technology which was superior to Surf, later upgraded as Ariel with Micro shine. To conflict Ariel,HLL embarked Surf with new formulation removing stubborn ink stains accompanied by Aise DaagWaise Daagjaise bhi daag ho,Surf Excel Hai Na. P&G later initiated Tide in 2000 for maximum whiteness effect. To counter Tide,HLL unveiled Indias First Surf Excel liquid Detergent equipped with special stain applicator.

Defensive Strategy
HLL offered three variants of Surf by the end of 2004 - Surf Excel Blue, Surf Excel Quick Wash and Surf Excel Automatic

Brand Consolidation Strategy

Surf Excel
- Change from Rational Appeal to Emotional Appeal Marketing
messages Eg. Sasti cheez or achchi cheez me farak hota hai to Daag Dhoondthe Reh Jaaonge to Daag Acche Hain

- Introduced Variants for consumers at lower prices - New product offerings like Supersoaker Ariel