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Dealing With Employee Shortages

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Kaushal Bathwal PG-

Strategic Recruiting
Use of Internet has added another venue to recruiting Companies Website often inform viewers of the companys mission and how it is being pursued. Detail view of career fields, job opportunities and provisions for emailing resumes directly to company. They Provide a geographical presentation of how company is organized


Another Strategy Related Recruiting:

Extent Company can go for Internal & External Recruiting There are some companies who hire externally only at the Entry level and fill all higher level positions from within the Firm. Example of such companies are: 3M, Merck and IBM.

Special Recruiting For Minorities & Females

Organizations have shortages in this field. This area is affected by a companys public image. Companies that have positive public images, through their leadership, have an advantage.

For example: Xerox, Syntex, Hp and PepsiCo in particular have been using favorable publicity to recruit women and minorities.

Flexible Retirement
With ageing population, it seems likely that labor shortages may be particularly addressed by extending the number of years that employees work before retirement


Managing Vendors of Outsourced Functions

Manager's role changes from supervision of employees who perform these functions to managers of a vendor relationship.


Dealing with Employee Surplus



Redeployment & Retraining Increased rate of technological change

and potential for Skill obsolescence, Retraining is required

Early Retirement




Before Layoff careful analysis needs to be done as it has effect on long term & short term.


This also require certain critical decisions and


Short Term Effect of Lay-off The Carlson travel network, a large travel agency

that had conducted lay-offs, provides an example of short term problems to layoffs. One important client, who had planned to travel to Taiwan after completing business on Japan, found while in Japan that he could not travel to Taiwan without a visa. This necessitated his flying back to Minnesota before going on to Taiwan. An inexperienced agent had made a mistake. Eventually, Carlson's quality of service improved to desired levels and the company obtained desired efficiencies. However, this and other problems occurred during the learning period. So in conducting layoffs, companies must be careful not to deplete their knowledge base such their distinctive competencies are lost 3/25/12

Termination Strategies
It is indicative of deficiencies in human resource management systems, often required for organizational change and have also been categorized as an developmental process.