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Christian Jimmy

The case is about the company which has seen growth and fluctuation during the past years. The case is highly depended on sales activity.

A case study is in depth investigation of individual subject. Case study can be done on any subject and topic.

Money is a big issue for the company. There is a lack of communication in the current networking system. There is a large amount of money involve in the company.

The marketing department wants rights to interact with the customers. The coordination between marketing and new product development was insufficient. There was a decrease in sales profit. Because of fast shifts in market sales of product group tension among members emerged.


Lack of coordination. Decrease in sales. This type of structure is inappropriate for the company.


The coordination between the marketing and new product is not proper. The product development team has problems with marketing department. The product managers quarrel with the marketing department.


Money is a big issue and sometimes big problem. Because of fast shifts in sales of product group tension arises among members of group product. The purpose of appointing product managers is to enhance the coordination of product to company and to pursuit the Importance of sales.

System effected.
Structural The unity of group is affected. The interdependence leads to conflicts.
Physiological. The presence of manager with the customer causes physiological issue with the marketing. In addition to that the presence of marketing research by product manager cause strain.


There is a lack of communication via the current networking system between the marketing and product development.


A Clear chain of command is not defined. The marketing departments wants rights to interact with the customers however it is currently done by the product manager.


Keep the organization structure as status quo. There need to be some sort of team building in marketing and Production dept. The Exley chemical company needs to implement an incentive program in Order to retain employs.


New guidelines and policies needs to be developed. Employs need to be part of goal setting, planning and decisions making systems. Once the goals has been set and things have been recognized, it is important to maintain the process by holding regular meetings about the status.