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Presented by Deepthy DJ Suryagopen Jayadevan

Nailing the message with repeated hammering of ideas to find a permanent place in the minds of the consumer , an idea once nailed is rarely forgotten.

Go Ahead! make some noise

Only the one who tells more, spends more! The more visible you are, the better your chances of success will be.

Hindustan Unilever Limited is the top most player in FMCG sector in India.

Hindustan Unilever Limited

Out of every ten television commercials HUL accounts for more than half. In 1999 HUL spent `7.15 billion on advertising which was 600% higher than Dabur, the next largest advertiser.

The marketing activities of Ra.One has started almost one year back and ads rolled out on TV 9 months before the scheduled release on the Diwali weekend of 2011, Nailing Ra.One in everybodys mind! The more visible you are, the better your chances of success will be.

Public memory is short-lived and you need to remind it constantly that you exit. Even top of the mind brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi need to advertise constantly. The day they stop, they become susceptible to failure!

Once Is Not Enough

Learning From The Movies

Earlier cost of the film for advertising kept aside by the producers was only 10%. These days , marketing a movie cost almost as mush as making it. . In 1995 a movie that cost $35 million to produce could cost $30 million to advertise. A few years back SpiderMan-3 was released , made on $258 million and backed by high voltage advertisement. Some films due to its low advertising budget, couldn't stand up to the might of the Hollywood biggie Spiderman-3.

o Great advertising may not add features to the product, but it makes desirable by changing peoples perception about it, Its the invisible hand

The Invisible Factor

o Its important to make your product visible in order to make it a success. o The ad cannot have same budget, it should be increased to reach out to the consumer or else, the competitor will overshadow. Harley Davidson, Nike & Starbucks , they never compromised on was advertising.

that steadily builds the product.

Get Out, Get Noticed.Yet Again

Advertising gives a brand its visibility. Also the powerful impact of distribution and partnership strategies. The more you can seen, the more you will sell.


Want to break through the growing clutter of TV ads? Dont just make ads; make larger than life ad films and spend the big bucks!
The line of difference between ad films and feature films is thinning. Actors are replacing models in the ad films, film directors are replacing ad film makers.



When it comes to crating an impact, no one is doing cost calculations today. ICICI didn't hesitate to pay BigB `crore, so that he could endorse their product. Coke and Pepsi use celebrities to keep their product on top.


Dena Bank roped in Juhi Chawla. Bank of Rajasthan got Hema Malini.etc Popular faces are helping to make brands become popular too even if it costs the moon.

A perfect synchronization of the brands identity with its ad helps nail the message faster! Once nailed, it can make consumers behave irrationally too! The consumer sees the products, judges it and analyses it completely deferent from the way marketers look at the brand and their strategies. Brand perception influences purchase decisions and advertising plays a very powerful role in building the perception.

Far From Reality

For twenty years, Jacob and his friend Levi were the only company allowed to make riveted work pants, this is how the story of Levis Jeans started- with a rivet.

Nail It With The Right Story

STORIES DONT JUST SAVE LIVES It is a good story & not a big budget that is required to win over customers & market share. Look at great brands and you are bound to find an interesting story Each Zoozoo advertisement of vodafone tells a short story and never fails to capture our attention If you can tell a story in 60 sec you can build a great brand.

Target It With The Right Words, Persuasively!!

William Bernbach, was the first to take a bold step and change this business of making ads, according to him Advertising is the art of persuasion.

The ad showed a man carrying a women under his arm with a caption that read, Liberal Trade-In: bring in your wife and just a few dollars. We will give you a new woman. This small budged ad has become one of the many iconic ads made by the advertising guru William Bernbach.

Persuasion-the Only Game That Matters

But in the business of advertising, a picture without words does not work.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Great punch lines some times even become a part of our daily lingo.

Daag achche hai made kids lives more fun, with daddies explaining to mummies about the joys of childhood & stains that accompanied it. Mummies smiled and answered, Dont worry, mummy ka magic chalega,

Power Of Words
Mother Teresa's words If you cant feed a hundred people, then feed just one, She changed the perspectives of lots of people who wonder how helping just one person could change the world.

Connecting people --- Nokia Lifes Good---LG Hello Moto---Motorola Intel Inside---Intel

Every movies looks good in trailer-seedhi Baat, No Bakwas, Clear Hai?!

Advertising is Dead, think 360

You Can Reach Any Body Thats The Easy Part

You can reach anybody today, the challenge is to be able to connect with the consumers.
As a result the marketers today cannot depend on just one form of communication- be it TV, print, outdoors or digital. Mahindra &Mahindra used a 360 degree marketing communication plan for promoting its second hand car outlet named FirstChoice. The integrated TC commercials with SMS to help create a buzz.

Power Of Persuasion

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