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EPB2054 - Curriculum Development

Effective Teaching & Learning


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Effective teaching and learning

Takes place when teachers are able to pass on knowledge and students are able to comprehend that knowledge. It involves several different theories and ideas as well as learning styles.
Balance of listening and talking Showing instead of telling Real-world applicable contents/instructions Excellent classroom management
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Effective learning : Basic feature

Education scholar Chris Kyriacou(1997) summarized as; Attentiveness Receptiveness Appropriateness


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Effective learning : Principle

Students need to be allowed to explore, question and discover on their own for learning to take place effectively.
What would happen if Why do you think

Enhance teachers pedagogical competencies rather than ease off burden Students learning affected by what they already know.
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Two-way communication/feedback
Students free to express their opinion and it requires teachers to listen intensively, and vice versa for mutual optimum benefit.

Theory and practical progressing coherently

Content practiced in many context, related to students daily life so they can see the importance in learning it.


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Effective learning : Importance

As summarized by Michael Signal (2010); Standards Outcome Assessment Planning Differentiation


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Effective learning : Misconception

Effective learning not only affected by the cognitive issues but also related to the affective issues(one of human domain of growth concerning our attitude)
Self-image Opting out or rebellion Poor self-esteem Identification and anxiety
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Effective learning : Benefit

Made learning a lifelong vocation
Effective teaching and excellent classroom management can reverse students perception that school is a harsh and unpleasant place, to a place of discovery rather than authority and coercion.

Students satisfaction
Students see learning as a constant development of their own store of knowledge, rather than disconnected assignments or memorization.
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