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This is the battle which essentially cost the Germans the war After months of brutal fighting that

left hundreds of thousands dead on both sides and the city leveled, the german army was entirely surrounded and was forced to surrender over a quarter million men in February of 1943 Had Hitler allowed the army to withdraw a few months earlier when victory was truly out of reach, it would probably have staved off Germanys ultimate defeat.

1940, Hitler missed 2 opportunities to defeat Britain when it was at its weakest point made this a weak decision towards the invasion of Britain June, allied defences collapsed in France and Belgium, Hitler ordered his tanks not to attack the British force of 338,000 soldiers that were surrounded. The most powerful units of the German army had to watch from a distance as the British army escaped. September, Hitler changed the objective of the German Air Force from defeating the British Air Force to killing the people of London in an air bombardment campaign. The result was that the British Air Force could then recover, keep fighting effectively, and win the battle, keeping Britain from invasion, and denying Hitler victory in the West.

Despite the fact that japan had not honored the agreements that bound the axis powers together when Germany and Italy declared on the USSR, they felt obliged to declare war on the USA when japan did. in the terms of the Axis pact, it was not necessary for Germany to declare war against the USA, since it was Japan who was the aggressor. The timing was bad, when the German army was

By doing so, Germany brought against them the weight of US productivity and manpower, enabling a second front in Europe, against which Germany could not win Thus, it was unnecessary for Hitler to declare war on the USA, as it would not only add more pressure onto the German Army as the army was not ready, but it would also increase the chances of Germany loosing the war.

1941, instead of focusing on the objective of destroying the Russian army and taking Moscow Hitler instead diverted to other directions causing delays, when he only realized later that it was too late and it cost him the entire war. During the invasion, German propaganda directed at Russias population gave an opportunity for them to separate themselves from Stalin's terribly cruel regime. However, Hitler's order based on his racist ideology only made it clear to the Russian people that no matter how bad Stalin was, the Germans were much worse and Hitler didnt stop with his cruelty and was too eager forcing them to fight back.

Hitlers knew that his ally Japan was considering attacking either to the undeclared border war with Russia or against South East Asia and the US but he didn't bother to coordinate his invasion of Russia with Japan or even inform it. Therefore, the unaware Japan signed a non-aggression pact with Russia before Hitler invaded it and as a result, when the exhausted German invaders reached Moscow, and thought that Russia had no assets, they were surprised to be attacked by new Russian units, transferred from the Japanese border.