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Introduction: Topic 8 It Could be said that computer fraud is big business.

Has the Computer Misuse Act of 1990 helped to reduce fraud? How?


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This presentation will show how computer fraud has become a big business. We will also answer the question Has the Computer Misuse Act of 1990 help to reduce fraud? If it did we will also show how.

Computer Fraud

According to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, computer fraud is ; Computer-related crimes involving deliberate misrepresentation or alteration of data in order to obtain something of value

This is an Act to make provision for securing computer material against unauthorized access or modification; and for connected purposes. It creates a number of criminal offences such as: Unauthorized access to computer material Unauthorized access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of further offences Unauthorized modification of computer material

The Computer Misuse Act 1990 (CMA) is an act of the UK Parliament passed in 1990. CMA is designed to frame legislation and controls over computer crime and Internet fraud. The legislation was created to: Criminalize unauthorized access to computer systems. Deter serious criminals from using a computer in the commission of a criminal offence or seek to hinder or impair access to data stored in a computer

Phishing Attacks
Pronounced fishing
Also known as brand spoofing What is phishing?

Used for identity theft

Fraudulent E-mail

What is spyware?
Spyware runs in the background behind the scenes,

where you can not see it! Types of spywares

Malware Hijacker Trojans

Easiest solution is Anti-Virus

Fight Spam/phishing Emails by not giving any personal data! (e.g. Bank details, address ect) Never reply to anonymous emails, 99% of the time theyre spam

Deal only with Reputable and Secure websites:

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The tools for fighting internet crime: Anti-viruses Norton Anti-Virus (the most widley used, requires yearly fee) Free anti-viruses include AVG which constantly update themselves Kapersky Used by Russian Secret Agencies (download online and pay for serial key) Do not give personal data on unsecure PayPal accounts sites, emails ect Use common sense! The guarantee safety, its Rule of Thumb about the internet, if its too their job to ensure good to be trueit usually is! you dont get tricked!

Slide done by Edonis Seferi


To recap we know that we have learned; - what computer fraud is - examples of how it happens - how we can prevent it - a summary on the computer misuse act 1990

The Computer Misuse act has clauses that should prevent a user from committing computer fraud. However, it can be found in the Reference for business, that finding and prosecuting the offender can be complicated because of the Internets decentralized and international nature. In other words, websites can be up one day and gone the next and they can be hosted by foreign computers. So do we think the 1990 act help to reduce fraud................NO!

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