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Made byShivangi Sahai(99) Somya Chauhan(100)

Communication is a process of meaningful interaction among human beings. It is a process by which meanings are perceived and understanding is reached.

Anything that hinders the communication process or acts as a threat to communication cycle can be termed as communication barriers.

Physical barriers Mechanical barriers Gender barriers Organisational barriers Mental barriers Cross-Cultural barriers Perceptual barriers Language barriers Interpersonal barriers Personal barriers

Types of physical barriers

Environmental Disturbances Personal Health Poor Hearing

Types of Mechanical Barrier Non-availability of proper machines Noise Power failure Transmission interruption


conversation for Rapport building Emphasize compliment More conciliatory

Talk as a means to preserve independence and status by displaying knowledge and skill. Work out problems on an individualized basis. Are more directive in conversation Are more intimidating Tend to dominate discussions during meetings.

Organisational policies Organisational rules Status relationship Complexity in organisational structure Organisational facilities

Poor Pronunciation Confused Thinking Communication Overload Unnecessary Repetitions

Cultural-ethnic,religious and social differences Traditions barring people of different cultures from mingling together. Barriers to membership of a group

From the Receivers side Interrupting the speaker Asking too many questions, for the sake of probing. From the Senders side Unclear messages Incomplete sentences No clarifications Halo effect

Wronglyexpressed message Faulty translation Unclarified assumption Use of technical language Different languages

Authority Pre conceived notion Distrusted source Non verbal cues

BARRIERS RELATED TO SUPERIOR Attitude of superior Fear of position Shortage of time Lack of attention
BARRIERS RELATED TO SUBORDINATES Unwillingness to communicate Lack of proper incentive

Premature Evaluation

Emotional attitude
Poor retention of information


Patient Go easy on arguments Ask questions Avoid Jargons Precise and Clear

Communication barriers are lurking everywhere. Knowing the common barriers to communication is the first step to minimizing their impact.Being aware of these barriers to effective communication and addressing them with understanding and empathy will help resolve many of them.