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EVOLUTION from feudalism to capitalism in the liberal age to Marxian CUBAN REVOLUTION subtitle style Click to edit Master 26th july age

At the beginning of 1959 United States companies owned about 40 percent of the Cuban sugar landsalmost all the cattle ranches90 percent of the mines and mineral concessions80 percent of the utilitiespractically all the oil industryand supplied two-thirds of Cuba's imports. John. F. Kennedy Current scenario - The later stage establishment of a communist government, nationalization of properties and holdings, agrarian reforms and allegiance with soviet union. Now, Cuba has a 99.8%literacy rate,[3][14]an 4/14/12

Naxalism constitutes many organizations but CPI(Maoists) is significant

In India, the economic and social gap between two classes of bourgeoisie, the higher class and proletariat, the working class is vast. Wealth distribution between the classes is not equal. Poor and the labour class has a very low standard of living and the high/rich class is demonically wealthy. And That is primarily why in a nation of 1.2 billion, Indias 100 richest people own assets equivalent to one-fourth of the GDP! This 4/14/12 is enough to understand the economic

Historical Materialism

Historical materialismisamethodologicalapproachto thestudyofsociety,economics,andhistory,first articulatedbyMarxas"thematerialistconceptionof history. Historicalmaterialismlooksforthecausesof developmentsandchangesinhumansocietyinthe meansbywhichhumanscollectivelyproducethe necessitiesoflife.



As the term itself suggests that Separation of things which are naturally being together.

In Capitalism, labor reduces to mere commodity and work, activity of labor becomes highly de-personalised activity.

Class Struggle

KarlMarxwrote"Thehistoryofallhithertoexisting societyisthehistoryofclassstruggle".




Surplus Value

Value of any good is determined by labor put in manufacture of good. Marx discussed this concept by saying that the extra amount of effort put by labor is going to add in the owner class but not to the labor class.


Proletariat Revolution

In Marxs words, A proletarian revolution is a social and/or political revolution in which the working class attempts to overthrow the Bourgeoisie. Development of Self-Consciousness



In Communism, means of production are controlled by leaders of Proletariat Revolution.

They work on principle of How much you need? Not on How much you want?

Dialectic Change

Dialectic means Clash of two forces antagonistic to each other.

Marx argues that any historical change is result of internal Contradiction in mode of production which manifested in class struggle.

Capitalism vs. Socialism