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The Perks of Being a Wallflower Presentations

Instr. Elizabeth Lenherr INGL 3104 18 April 2012

Defining Terms
Use Merriam Webster, or dictionary.com but sometimes you might have to use a slang dictionary definition Perk noun. an extra financial benefit; a monetary inducement or rewar d. Ex: I don't get paid much, but the perks are good.

Wallflower Noun 1.a person who, because of shyness, unpopularity, or lack of a partner, remains at the side at a party or dance.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

by Stephen Chbosky

Epistolary novel- One that is written as a series of letters or journal entries Written in 1999 Setting: Pittsburgh, PA surburb 1991-1992 The protagonist, Charlies, first year of high school Many social topics come up throughout this novel Banned from several high school reading lists & American Library Associations list of 10 most frequently challenged books


According to the size of your group, your presentation should be 15 (2 person group)-30 minutes (6 person groups) Power Point slides- at least 2 slides per group member At the end of your slides (last slide), present a quiz to your classmates over material in your section

Print a copy of your slides & your quiz with answer key for me as part of your final grade

Each group member contribute at least one question (email quiz q&as to me for approval at least one day before)

Presentations Contd

Define complicated words, slang terms, or Pop Culture references- add photos of book covers or play songs of significance Provide a summary of the context by recapping where the previous group left of and where your section begins Present references made about social issues from your section & their significance to the story or to Charlies life Reference previous mentions in the novel if applicable

Presentations Contd

your section analyzing the characters and the plot

Learn & use characters' names accurately


how the characters are significant in Charlies life and to the story

You will be assessed on the following tasks:

As a group, you have met all of the required tasks listed above As individuals, you presented at least the two slides you made and wrote one quiz question As individuals, you spoke in a loud, confident voice, maintaining eye contact with your classmates and not simply reading from notes or power point Knowledge of material

You should know the novel and especially the material in your section well enough that you can speak freely about it without too many notes

You will be assessed on the following tasks:

As a group, you will assess, in confidence, your teammates and yourself answering questions as to whether you and your teammates contributed equally to the project

self/group evaluation form can be downloaded & printed from the blog. It should be turned in day of presentation

Be prepared to answer questions when you are done with your presentations

Significance of Assignment
This one activity gives me the opportunity to assess all of you on listening and reading comprehension, oral communication and presentation skills, analytical skills, and writing skills based on the quizzes that are provided and taken. Please keep these assessment elements in mind.