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Intelligence system

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Intelligent Systems in KPN Telecom

KPN Telecom is a major telecommunication company that offers fixed-line networks in the Netherlands, data/IP services in Western Europe, and mobile services in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

It has more than 38,000 employees, serving 7.9 million fixed-line customers, 13.4 million mobile customers, and 1.4 million Internet subscribers.

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maintain its efficient operation with minimum costs. how to maintain its more than 35,000 computer workstations to work properly. (- ordered at different times, different hardware and software configurations, time-consuming frustrating to address the many service calls from users).

maintenance knowledge is lost due to employee turnover or retirement.

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A rule-based system called Archimedes was developed to capture, manage, and automate the installation and maintenance of KPN Telecoms 35,000 workstations. The system uses a tool Authorete from Haley Systems.

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Authorete is used to capture

knowledge about installation problems and their solutions from KPN documents, processes, and procedures, as well as the IT staffs collective experience.

Authorete express this knowledge as sentences that are

managed in a knowledge repository.

In effect, these sentences specify how IT specialists currently analyze software installations and prepare installation scripts.
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The system guides users through a series of meaningful statements in pull-down menus to help KPN developers and refine knowledge Users can dictate sentences through the speech recognition component.

Authorete uses Natural language processing

to understand the precise meaning of such sentences, stores their structure in knowledge base, and automatically generates software code that supports installation script construction.
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it automates processes that previously performed `manually.'

it manages the logic used to perform the analysis, so that IT doesn't have to reprogram the system every time something is modified or added. decrease in maintenance staffa reduction from 30 to 5 employees. The quality of services and ability to maintain a consistent computing environment have also been improved.
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Describe the motivation for KPN Telecom to develop its intelligent system.

Explain the role of the intelligent system at KPN Telecom and its potential benefits.
What are the major difficulties in developing intelligent systems? How is the KPN Telecom system different from traditional DSS ? What managerial lessons Powerpoint Templates can be learned from the KPN Free Telecom system?

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Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) are computer-based systems that can help the user learn knowledge in a particular domain in a more flexible way. - ability to analyze learners behavior and adjust the learning path accordingly. a cost-effective approach to deliver training to trainees. programs can be customized, and instructors can monitor students progress from a distance.
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course developers can easily maintain and update training materials provide for customized training and for remediation. ITS use different intelligent systems, ranging from expert systems (ES) to case-based reasoning.

The case base of examples and exercises captures realistic problem-solving situations and presents them to the student as virtual simulations
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ITS includes
A multimedia description of the problem, which may evolve over time A description of the correct actions to take, including order-independent, optional, and alternative steps A multimedia explanation of why these steps are correct

A list of methods for determining whether students have correctly performed the steps
A list of principles that must be learned to take the correct Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 action

Learning or understanding from experience Responding quickly and successfully to new situation.

Using reasoning in solving problems

Dealing with confusing situations Applying knowledge to manipulate the environment Thinking , Recognizing and judging the relative importance of different elements in a situation
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Artificial Intelligence
AI is a branch of computer science which aims at building machines that can think, feel and take decisions just like humans do.

AI is the area of computer science focusing on creating

machines that can engage on behaviors that humans consider intelligent.

AI is a human endeavor (effort) to create a non-organic

machine-based entity, that has all the above abilities of natural organic intelligence.
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AI is concerned with two basic ideas: 1. Study of human thought process 2. the representation and duplication of those processes in machines. It is the ultimate challenge for an intelligence, to create an equal, another intelligent being.
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How will one recognize

Artificial Intelligence?
According to Alan Turing, if you question a human and an artificially intelligent being and if by their answers, you can't recognize which is the artificial one, then you have succeeded in creating artificial intelligence.
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Artificial Intelligence
more permanent Offers ease of duplication Consistent and thorough Can be documented

Natural Intelligence
Perishable Lengthy process Erratic Difficult to document

Much faster , better

Less faster, better

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Disadvantages of AI
Intelligent machines cannot be human. AI is uninspired, creative.

Replacing human beings with intelligent machines in every field may not be a right decision to make.
ethics and moral values

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Approaches to AI (the bottom up and the top down approach )

Neural Networks:
aims at mimicking the structure and functioning of the human brain, to create intelligent behavior. Researchers are attempting to build a silicon-based electronic network that is modeled on the working and form of the human brain! Our brain is a network of billions of neurons, each connected with the other. This approach has its limitations due to the scale and Free Powerpoint Templates complexity of developing an exact replica of a humanPage 18 brain

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Expert Systems:
are designing intelligent machines that solve problems by deductive logic these are machines devoted to solving problems in very specific areas. They have total expertise in a specific domain of human thought. They are programmed to use statistical analysis and data mining to solve problems. Ex: IBM Deep Blue
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Characteristics of


AI emphasis on manipulation of symbols. AI deals with non algorithmic methods.

AI deals with ways of representing knowledge using

heuristics method for processing information.

AI includes inferencing or reasoning capabilities AI have machine learning capabilities.

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Machine learning Capability:

- It is scientific discipline that is concerned with design and development of algorithms that allow computers to learn based on data coming from sensors or databases.

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Applications of AI
Heavy Industries and Space

Computer Science Aviation Weather Forecast Powerpoint Templates Free

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Application Areas of AI
Natural language processing
Allows user to use native language instead of English

Speech recognition
Computer understanding spoken language

Sensory systems
Vision, tactile, and signal processing systems

Sensory systems combine with programmable electromechanical device to perform manual labor
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Application Areas of AI
Vision and scene recognition
Computer intelligence applied to digital information from machine

Neural computing
Mathematical models simulating functional human brain

Intelligent computer-aided instruction

Machines used to tutor humans
Intelligent tutoring systems

Game playing

Investigation of new strategies combined with heuristics

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Application Areas of AI
Language translation
Programs that translate sentences from one language to another without human interaction

Fuzzy logic
Extends logic from Boolean true/false to allow for partial truths Imprecise reasoning Inexact knowledge

Genetic algorithms
Computers simulate natural evolution to identify patterns in sets of data

Intelligent agents
Computer programs that automatically conduct tasks
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