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United States show that each year, almost 1 million

teenage women10 percent of all women aged 15-19 and 19 percent of those who have had sexual intercourse In the Philippines, 26 percent of our Filipino youth nationwide from ages 15 to 25 admitted to having a premarital sex experience. Whats worse is that 38 percent of our youth are already in a live-in arrangement

Risk for malnutrition

Risk for inadequate prenatal care

Risk for abortion Risk for fetal deaths

Risk for acquiring cervical cancer


Patient Name: MM Address: Caypombo Date of Birth: March 11, 1994 Place of Birth: in their house, Brgy. Caypombo Occupation: housewife Source of Health Assistance: Brgy. Health center at Caypombo B. Reason for seeking health care: Prenatal check up

C. History of present illness: Few days prior to prenatal check up the patient experienced difficulty urination and it was frequent during at night so her sleeping pattern was disturbed.

D. Past History Illness: Surgical History- She doesnt have any history of surgical operation. Medications- The patient was taking Multivitamins and ferrous sulfate. Allergies- The patient states she dont have any allergies. Injuries and accidents- The patient states she dont have any history of injuries and accidents. Childhood illness The patient tells when she was a child she has an asthma and in her teen age years the patient also has a urinary tract infection. E. Family Health History a. Spouse- The patient states that she didnt know any health history of her husband. b. Patients Parents- The patient states that her parents dont have any illness but her grandmother have a hypertension but she didnt know the health history of her grandfather. F. Social History a. The patient does not take drug, alcohol and tobacco. b. Sexual Practice- she only have a one partner. Since she got pregnant they are not often having sex.

c. Home environment- Her home environment is clean, but the neighbors have animals f. Physical Environment- The patient tells that their house was semi concrete. g. Psychosocial environment- She lives near her parents so she often stays in their house whenever her husband is at work. h. Hobbies and leisure act- The patient states that she loves watching TV and sometimes hang out with her friends. i. Stress- She get stress when his husband does not have a work and when they are having an argument sometimes. j. Education- She wasnt be able to continue her secondary education due to early pregnancy. k. Economic Status-The patient states that her live in partner dont have an stable job. l. Religion- Their religion is Roman Catholic m. Role and Relationship- Plain housewife. IV.Immunization- In his childhood the patient completes all the vaccines. In her pregnancy she get only one tetanus toxoid. V. Home Medication/Alternative Medicine: Biogesic and other over the counter drugs to manage her health during mild sickness. VI.Development Level: Identity vs. Role Confusion


Menarche: 13 years old Coitarche: 15 years old OB Score: G1P0F0P0A0L0 LMP: March 5, 2010 EDC: December 12, 2010 AOG: 19 weeks and 6 days