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PhySIc s FoRm 4

Learning Objectives
To know the exactly definition of inertia. To analyze the relationship between inertia and mass. To understand the effects of inertia in daily life experience.

Definition of inertia Relationship between inertia and mass. Applications of inertia Quiz

INERTIA. At glance!
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Magic or trick???


Vocabulary: Resist: Menentang/melawan

Inertia is the property of matter that cause it to resist any change in its motion
or state of rest


How could this happen???


If the object is moving

INERTIA makes the moving object continue to move at a constant speed in the same direction unless some external force changes the objects motion


If an object is at rest

It tends to stay in that position unless some force puts that object into motion

Inertia is not physical quantity and thus it does not have units The property of inertia is found from the Newtons first law of motion

Newtons First Law of Motion

"An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion the same speed and in the same direction tends to stay in motion with unless acted upon by an unbalanced force"


Hard working.




Constant wherever it is measured Base quantity Scalar quantity The SI unit of mass is kilogram (kg)

Mass can influence the effects of inertia.

An object with a larger mass has a larger inertia.


If the motorcycle were to abruptly stop, then the rider in motion would continue in motion. The rider would likely be propelled from the motorcycle and be hurled into the air. Once they leave the motorcycle, the rider becomes a projectile and continues in projectile-like motion. It is because of inertia.



The looses head of a hammer To tighten the loose head of a hammer, knock one end of the handle held vertically, on a hard surface. The hammer head will continue on its downward motion when the handle has been stopped, the top end of the handle is slotted deeper into the hammer head.


To dislodge sticking chili sauce

Chili sauce in a bottle is poured out by a quick downward movement of the bottle followed by a sudden stop. The sauce in the bottle moves with the bottle during the downward movement. When bottle is stopped, the inertia of the sauce causes it to continue on its downward movement and thus the sauce is forced out of the bottle.

Applications of Inertia 3. Passengers in a bus

Passenger in a bus will lurch backward when a stationary bus starts to move with forward acceleration. The passenger were originally stationary. When the bus started to move forward with an acceleration, the inertia in the passenger made them maintain their original position.


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Question 3



When the cardboard covering the glass is pulled out quickly, what will happens to the coin?


When the cardboard covering the. glass is pulled out quickly, the coin resting on the cardboard drops into the glass

What will happen to the rest of the coins when one of the coin is moved out quickly?


The inertia of the coins maintains it in its original position (at horizontal/rest) even when one of the coin is moved out quickly

When a student is riding a bicycle and runs over a stone, he is thrown forward. Why does this happen?

The inertia of the student maintains his forward motion so that he is thrown forward when his bicycle is momentarily stopped by the stone