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Shivendu Tomar

What is Simputer?
The Simputer is a self-contained, open hardware Linux-based handheld computer

Simputer ?
The word "Simputer" is an acronym for "simple,

inexpensive and multilingual people's computer.

Simputer Design
The device was designed by the Simputer Trust, a non-

profit organization formed in November 1999 By seven Indian scientists and engineers led by Dr. Swami Manohar.

Type Media Handheld computer Smart card USB storage devices Lithium ion battery StrongARM SA-1110 206 MHz <0.4 W 64 MB 3.8" 320 x 240 LCD screen (B&W/STN/TFT) displaying greyscale/4096/65536 cols 320 x 240px touchscreen USB keyboard Entire screen Infra-red USB devices 142mm x 72mm x 20mm 206 gm

CPU Memory

Display Input
Touchpad Connectivity Dimensions

Simputer Software
Operating system Linux Alchemy Window Manager
Software packages include: Scheduling, Calendar, Voice Recording and Playback, simple spreadsheet application, Internet and network connectivity, Web browsing and email, an e-Library, games,and support for Java ME, DotGNU (a free software implementation of .NET), and Flash.

Device Tools
Smart Card to meet authentication

Monochrom and Colour with touch screen.

Microphon and spekar

Device Tools

Audio Jack

USB Host. Multiple USB devices supported

Multi- I/P Port USB connection to PC VGA connection to Display or Projector

Cost Effective Energy

Four to six hour Battery Back.up
2 AA NiMH rechargeable cell Solar Power Battery charger available for NiMH


Multiple Option for Wireless Connectivity


Wireless LAN



Multiple Factor to meet Different needs

Table version for eLearning, Hospitality, Health care
8 Screen

Purpose to make this device

Poor-man's computer' to educate young Indians A cheep Computer for Poor-man, Rural Students

Applications in a Simputer
Smart cards are used to personalize applications in a

Simputer. These detachable credit-card-like devices will function as blackboards, Notebooks and report cards in the Bastar education project. Each student's own smart card will enable him or her, as well as teachers and the course designer, to monitor the progress of lessons studied

Simputer in India
First released in 2002. Developed in, and primarily distributed within India, the product was envisioned as a lowcost alternative to personal computers

Commercial Production
Production of the Simputer started in September 2002
In 2004, the Amida Simputer became commercially

available for 12450 and up (approximately $240 USD) The prices for Amida Simputer vary depending on the screen type (monochrome or colour ).

Simputer Features
include touchscreen,
Smart-card, Serial port,

USB connections,
and an Infrared Data Association (IrDA) port. It was released in both greyscale and color versions

Simputer Supportive Devices

Ease of Use
Images and sound primary output
Touch is the primary input Multilingual text output and input possible for literate

users Not restricted only to the English educated and elite

BBC News, 10 September 2001 Computer deal for

India's poor Wikipedia- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simputer BBC News, 1 August 2005 - Woe for traffic offenders in Sim city Simputer Organization- http:// ww.simputer.org

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