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Social Media has a Negative Effect on Mental and Physical Health James Craven


The objective is to highlight the negative effects that social media has on the mental and physical health of people. Information has been gathered that greatly supports the arguments. Such information includes the change in behavior(Harwalkar), change in physical activity(Park), and lack of face-to-face interaction. There are so many negative consequence to health when too much time is dedicated to Social media. SOCIAL MEDIA HAS A NEGATIVE EFFECT ON MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH!!!

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Definitions of things to Come

Personality disorder- a class of personality types and behavior that are associated with significant distress or disability. Narcissist- excessive or erotic interest in oneself and ones physical appearance Maniacal- A person exhibiting extreme symptoms of wild behavior especially when violent and dangerous.

Argument #1

The lack of face-to-face interaction leads to poor mental and physical development. Research suggests that the lack of face to face interaction have negative effects on the immune system, hormones, and mental responses. Personality disorders may occur. Teens that use Facebook more frequently tends to have narcissistic, antisocial, and maniacal tendencies. Basically if teens become addicted to these social websites, they become consumed with personal image, become more aggressive and develop other poor behaviors.

Argument #2

The lack of physical activity leads to obesity and death. Being obese means to have more than average fatness. Obesity occurs because social websites tend to consume users. Users find themselves using the computer more and exercising less (Park). Death can occur from the side effects of not being active. Not working out or exercising leads to being overweight and being overweight leads to heart problems, which in turn can lead to an early death.

18.1% of all obese Americans are between 12-19 years old.

Think about it

If you sit at a computer for four hours or more interrupted (be honest, weve all done it) youre at risk for premature death. Get your lives together people!!!!

Argument #3

Its been scientifically proven that Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr contribute to lower grades in schools and bad behavior(Trapp).

Education is negatively effected by the excessive use of Facebook because students find themselves getting distracted and getting lower test grades than students who do not use social websites excessively(Trapp). Information regarding poor health behaviors such as smoking, drinking and sexual activity are linked to hypertexting and hypernetworking. Being included and creating personal identity has its perks but it also comes with a price. To feel included and involved teens practice poor behaviors to meet an image and discover what they want to be(Payne).

How does this tie into social determinants of health?

Stress is increased from social isolation due to the lack of face-to-face interaction. Social exclusion is increased because teens are seen lacking real world involvement. Excessive use of social websites is used to create an image that in the end doesnt matter. Addiction to social networks is considered a real addiction. Lives are consumed and little is accomplished when this happens. SOCIAL MEDIA HAS A NEGATIVE EFFECT ON MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH!!!

The information provides a substantial amount of evidence as to why social media has a negative effect on mental and physical health. Although information may get around quickly due to the technological advancement of social media, the health risks that come with social media are not something to be ignored.


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