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Consumer Satisfaction of

375 millions Subscribers in India 2nd in India Over 100 million subscribers Current share price is 72.80


1. To study customer satisfaction level on Reliance services. 2. To find out consumer preferences. 3. To analyze the level of awareness about Reliance products. 4. To make suggestions in the light of the findings of the study.

Q1. Which of the following Reliance products are you aware of? Product No. of respondents Reliance India Mobile 92 Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) 60 Broadband 74 HSDC 47
Net connect 19% brodband 23%

Mobile 40% landline 18%

Q2. How did you come to know about the products? Television 52 Print 34 Sales Executives 5 Friends and Existing Users 9
Telivision Print 5% 9% 52% Sales executive Friends


Q3. Which of the following products are you using?

Product Reliance India Mobile Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) Broadband HSDC
Net Connect 25%

No. of respondents 35 18 22 25
Mobile 35%


Brodband 22%

Landline 18%

Q4. Are you satisfied with the service provided by the subscriber? Level Consumers Fully Satisfied 30 Partially Satisfied 40 Not Satisfied 30
Not satisfied 30% Fully Satisfied 30%

Partially Satisfied 40%

Q5. If your response to the above is partially satisfied or not satisfied, then what are the reasons for your dissatisfaction? Poor Quality of Signals/Network Poor Voice Quality Higher Cost Slow Speed Billing Errors Poor Customer Care Service
Poor Quality service poor voice quality low spped


28 5 3 32 10

Q6. When a sales executive comes to you, which of the following products does he tells about you ?

Products Reliance India Mobile Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) Broadband High Speed Data Card (HSDC)
net connect 19% Mobile 31% landline 32%

73 75 41 45

brodband 18%

Q.7 Which of the following service you look before choosing the product?
Service Price Connectivity Speed Value Added Services After Sales Service
Price connectivity speed
23% 9% 16% 20%

84 54 41 23 62
Value added services after sales service


Q10. Would you like to recommend reliance services to others?

Opinion Yes No

62 38

38% 62% YES NO

Emphasize more on the spreading the awareness for their products because the level of awareness of their FWP, Broadband, HSDC is very low. The sales executives should play a major part in spreading awareness because only 5% of the people came to know about the products through sales executives.

The RIM post paid has seen a major decline. Hence the company should now focus more on the internet services as there is a huge market for them to cover.
A majority of the customers look for the price and after sales services before choosing the products. So the company should plan accordingly to increase their sales.

The company should emphasize more on reducing the call rates and introducing attractive value added services which would help them improve their sales.