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Missouri Precinct Project Training Saturday, June 25, 2011 Pillar in the Valley

Who started the Missouri Precinct Project and why

Frieda Keough, St.Louis County Coordinator Anita Foelsch, St.Charles County Coordinator Judy Sofka, State Coordinator

What is the goal of MOPP

Increase conservative Voter turnout in order to get conservative candidates elected to public boards/office. To support and encourage neighbors to run for various boards/offices in our our local communities and statewide

Precincts Lowest level and smallest political voting division in the state Precinct Captain is a non-elective position in Missouri; any registered voter may volunteer for this position
In most States across the country, a Precinct Captain is an elected position.

There are approximately 600 Precincts in St.Louis County There are approximately 225 Precincts in St.Charles County

Lowest Elected political division within the State Townships are made up of Precincts Counties are divided into Townships, depending on population St.Louis County has 28 Townships
Each Township has approximately 30-35,000 registered voters and is subdivided into precincts

- St.Charles County has 14 Townships


Townships (contd)
Each Political Party has one elected Chairman and Chairwomen per Township St.Louis County Chairman/women are elected every 4 years during the Presidential Primary election (in August of Presidential election year) St.Charles County and the rest of the Counties statewide elect Chairman/women every 2 years during the State primary election in August. Each Political Partys elected Chairmen/Chairwomen in each County form the County Central Committee (plus a Treasurer and a Secretary) There is a separate Central Committees for each political party (Republican, Democrat, Independent, Constitution)

How MOPP is organized

Neighborhood volunteers Precinct Captains County Coordinators State Regional Coordinators State Coordinator

Talking Point for your first visit

- take along a friend if it makes you more comfortable

One of the most important things we think you need to have before you start is to have some current and relevant Talking Points When someone answers the door you might want to ask a question that lets you identify/recognize the political orientation of the person you are talking to.

Talking Points (contd)

It could be a question about a federal issue, or it could be a question about a local issue. For instance: - How do you feel about the price of gasoline
- What do you think about the requirement of a Voter ID - How do you feel about Obamacare - How do you feel about the current Real Estate Assessment process in St.Louis County

Things to do after you determine political affiliation

Find out if the person is registered to vote, and if other individuals living at this residence are registered to vote and is there anybody that will be 18 by the election that needs to register to vote If there is anybody that should be registered, offer them a voter registration card, help them complete the card and offer to take it back with you to mail to the Board of Election. If the person does not want to return the completed voter registration to you, remind them that it has to be returned to the Board of Elections. Use this as an opportunity to call them back or remind them at your next visit

Things to do (contd)
Thank the person for their time Offer them your Business Card and ask them to call you if they have questions Let them know that you will be back to distribute informational material periodically


Things not to Do
Do not get angry Do not argue Do not preach or try to convince them of the right way to think


Items you should have with you

MOPP Flyers Your Business Cards (and use as a Name Tag) Door Hangers Walking Lists and maps Clipboard to note information you find out from your conversation Pen or pencil Rubberbands or Scotch Tape to attach your door hanger or MOPP Flyers to the door if nobody is home It is against the law to put political material in a mailbox

Another Focus of MOPP Education & Engagement

We want our neighbors to be more engaged in local governance by Attending meetings of their local government entities and pay attention to what these various councils/boards are doing Consider running for those positions


Another Focus of MOPP (contd)

Click on COUNTY COORDINATOR button on our website and you will find useful information about meetings of the various local entities Our plan is to have this information available for each County in Missouri


Frieda Keough, St Louis County Coordinator Email: missouriprecinctproject@gmail.com

Enter Subject Line: St. Louis County

Tel: 314.966.8724 St Louis County Townships St Louis County Volunteers Grass Roots Info St Louis County Municipal Calendar St Louis County Fire Districts St Louis County School Districts

Lets talk about Elections

As we get closer to an election cycle, we will provide information about it and you can use this information as Talking Points. We will provide information about Candidates Ballot Initiatives Judges Municipal Elections

Elections (contd)
Provide information for statewide deadlines for Voter Registration Absentee Ballots Absentee Early Voting Training schedule for Poll Workers


One more Appeal

It is in everyones interest to elect conservatives to various positions, starting with Townships/Committee people City Councils/Alderman/Mayors/School Boards County Council and other county wide offices Statewide offices Congressional Representatives State Senators


One more Appeal (contd) We need to stop complaining about our state of affairs and start doing something about it by participating in the governing process and to regain our civic pride.


Information and Material that is available to you now: Website: www.moprecinctproject.org Gmail to MOPP Leadership:missouriprecinctproject@gmail.com Gmail: moppvolunteers@gmail.com Password: moppemup There you will also find various documents Go to: documents Business Cards Door Hanger MOPP Flyer Training Manual Duties of Precinct Captain/Volunteer Duties of County Coordinator


Other information you might find useful:

Maps for Townships can be accessed in each county through the Board of Elections or your County Republican Central Committe Stlcountygop.org/townships (St.Louis County) Sccmo.org/gis_gos_ims (St.Charles County)


And one more thing

Do not forget to return to us the information from your door-to-door efforts so we can update our records. We are actually adding the data to a statewide voter database that could be used for specific voter targeting during the election cycle or for specific mail/phone campaigns during the legislative session in Jefferson City

Thank you All for coming