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A Strategic Procurement Plan is a dynamic roadmap that navigates the Sourcing/Procurement/Purchasing organization through its fiscal periods, aligning its direction with company goals and vision. When carried out, the initiatives identified in the Plan mature the organization and prepare it to manage the internal and external factors that affect the teams progress and success.

The Five Ws (and one H)

Effective strategic procurement plans include: What we will accomplish (Primary goals) How we will achieve objectives (Key initiatives to reach primary goals) Why it is important (What organizational objectives do they align with) When it will be complete (Estimated targets allow for resource allocation and organizational communication) Who will benefit from the accomplishment (Develops buy-in to objectives from executives and business units) Where value will be achieved (ROI building further support for objectives)

Why Strategic Procurement Planning is important for STS Corporation.

To know the Five Ws (and one H) To pre determine finance, Competencies, Culture,

Technology, Process, Policies Leadership To get the best way to approach the procurement of goods or services To manage risks associated with the procurement of goods or services early To avoid from inherit restrictions from the source of funding To avoid from cost fluctuations. To complete procurement on time. To prepare precise specifications.

To encourage debating and settling of issues early in

the planning stage rather than later at contract approval stage, when it might be too late to change the course of the procurement; To ensure that a valid business case and project plan supports the proposed acquisition before the procurement cycle commences; To Gather stakeholder commitment and support at the earliest possible stage of the procurement process; To Establish direction and goals for the procurement for all parties involved in the procurement process; To ensure that a framework is established for monitoring and review of performance and application of sanctions where appropriate; To provide early advice to industry of the tender;

To provide the primary source of information for

contract management planning to ensure that the original intentions are met; To ensure that the procurement team formed has the knowledge, skills and qualifications to carry out the task. To develop precise evaluation criteria. To get impact by doing as per schedule. To optimum results. To eliminating maverick spending. To streamlining operations. To improving supplier relationships. To aligning purchasing decisions with corporate goals and objectives.

Standard Bidding Document For The Procurement of Lentils on an ICB Basis

Table of Contents PART 1 Bidding Procedures Section I. Instructions to Bidders Section II. Bid Data Sheet Section III. Evaluation and Qualification Criteria Section IV. Bidding Forms Section V. Eligible Countries PART 2 Supply Requirements Section VI. Schedule of Supply PART 3 - Contract Section VII. General Conditions of Contract Section VIII. Special Conditions of Contract Section IX. Contract Forms Section I. Instructions to Bidders Table of Clauses A. General B. Contents of Bidding Documents C. Preparation of Bids E. Evaluation and Comparison of Bids F. Award of Contract

Important Point to be included in a Standard Bidding Document for the procurement of lentils on an ICB basis
Language of Bid Bid Prices Bid Currency Payment Conditions Bid Security Performance Security Commodity Specification Packaging

Conversion to Single Currency

Taxes and Duties Insurance