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Universal Healthcare

Presented by: Craig Colburn, Patrick Cuff, Juli Molecavage, Bill Perkins, Cleon Sellers, Alisia Simon Course: SOCI-4080-18, Social Responsibility Instructor: Corey Vigdor Date: May 19, 2012

Obama Care
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Substantial Target

A bridge too far

No limit Federal/Local Government

Basic Fear

Many other products may plausibly serve the public health, and so people could be compelled, perhaps, to purchase broccoli or electric cars. - Arkes, H. (2011)

Physician Payments Sunshine Act

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Legislation

Requires all manufacturers of drugs, biological, and medical devices Cause more expenditures

Healthcare Costs
Cost for private sector has increased Affordable Care Act of 2010

Recession & National Debt

Clear choices for consumers Provide greater access

Medicaid and Medicare

Pay-per-service system Hospitals cut corners

Public mistrust of government healthcare

Sustainable runaway spending on Medicaid and Medicare

Final Thoughts on Healthcare Reform Package

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H.R. 4872 (111th): Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 -for-medicare/

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