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Fr Enel Almeus Holds A Certificate In Counseling

Fr Enel Almeus Holds A Certificate In Counseling

Fr Enel Almeus, a Roman Catholic Priest, has always been taught to be obedient and respectful to all the elders in his family, neighborhood, as well as to the society at large. He holds the experience of working with the youth in the remote area of Haiti, the Caribbean, as well as the Latinos in the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Manhattan.

Fr Enel Almeus pursued his primary education in Haiti and thereafter completed his six year High School in Haiti. Upon graduation, he went to the Seminary to become a Religious Priest. He received a certificate in philosophy (2 years: 1995-1997) and a Baccalaureate in theology (4 years: 1998-2002) at the Seminary of Notre Dame of Cazeau and CIFOR in Haiti. Apartfrom this, in 2002, he studied English at ESL in Houston in Texas, and also holds a certificate in Counseling from the University of the West Indies in Trinidad). At present, he is pursuing his Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at St. Johns University in New York.

Believes In Setting Boundaries In A NonManipulative Way

Fr Enel Almeus has always been taught to set boundaries when dealing with peers or his siblings. He believes that it is not only his right, but his duty to take the responsibility for how he would allow others to treat him. Furthermore, he is also of the view that it is necessary to let people know about ones core principles, and values. Fr Enel has learnt to set personal boundaries, which helps him to learn being in contact with himself and being friends with his own self.

Hobbies And Interests

Apart from studying, Fr Enel Almeus loves playing soccer and tennis during his free time. In addition to this, he also loves spending time with people and is always ready to help the underprivileged. He has a positive outlook towards people and the community, and is committed to cooperating and contributing towards the community, so as to build a bright and meaningful future.

Contribution Towards Social Welfare

Fr Enel Almeus strongly believes in working for the welfare of the society. When he was young, he along with his friends sacrificed his little pocket money to help paying tuition fees for children whose parents could not send them to school, in Haiti. He is presently associated with a non-profit organization called TADI (Work Together for the Development of Irois), and contributes financially and morally to this organization.