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Using EnglishCentral At Your School

Dive Into An Ocean Of Video

The EnglishCentral Solution

350K registered users, and over 100M lines spoken Used by thousands of schools and businesses Customized curriculum design for your program Complete customer service and teacher training Lowest cost, highly effective

The EnglishCentral Approach

Exposure to thousands of authentic videos

Every word is tracked using time interval learning

Speaking practice proven to increase spoken English ability

Our Philosophy
I think about ninety percent of the problem in teaching, or maybe ninety-eight percent, is just to help the students get interested.
Noam Chomsky

Stephen Krashen

The best methods are therefore those that supply comprehensible input in low anxiety situations, containing messages that students really want to hear.

Learning from context is so important that some studies suggest that first language learners learn most of their vocabulary in this way.

Paul Nation

Why Use EnglishCentral?

Our Patented Video Player

Our Video Vocabulary System

Were Pronunciation Experts

Curriculum Design
The largest library of authentic, leveled language learning video content Over 30 structured courses covering Business, Travel, Social, Media, Academic and YL English Precise speech and pronunciation feedback. Structured vocabulary building system

Professionally designed courses


A Custom Class Page


Our Teacher Tools LMS

Manage your School, Classes and Groups

Buy Premium access for your students at large discounts

Create Video, Word and Sound assignments

Track individual student activity and performance


Set Goals for your students


Assign and design curriculum


Student Tracking and Reports


Listen to student recordings


Enterprise Pricing

Purchase Options: Schools purchase bulk seats Students purchase individual seats

Schools purchase and resell access cards

Regular invoicing by arrangement


Teacher Testimonials
In my opinion, EnglishCentral was far and away the best new EFL / ESL site this year.
Jeffrey Hill The English Blog

I personally think its the best site period for English Language Learners. It provides listening, speaking, and reading practice all in an extremely engaging way
Larry Ferlazzo Websites of the Day


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