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AutoCAD .

NET Developing a User Interface

Gopinath Taget
Developer Consultant, Autodesk Developer Network

About the Presenter

Gopinath Taget Developer Technical Services Americas Autodesk, Inc

Gopinath Taget is a member of the Autodesk Developer Technical Services Team. He has more than 5 years of experience developing and supporting AutoCAD APIs, including ObjectARX, .NET, VBA and LISP.

Gopinath also has several years of experience in software development on other CAD platforms, including Microstation, Solidworks, and CATIA -- mainly using C++ and technologies such as MFC and COM. Gopinath was also involved in the development of Web-based applications for MapGuide and AutoCAD Map. Gopinath has Master degrees in Civil Engineering and Software Systems.


.NET Forms and its Usage in AutoCAD AutoCAD .NET UI Classes and Controls Palettes Accessing .NET UI controls from other applications

.NET Forms

API for Rapid UI Development Highly Object Oriented and Interoperable Based on Win32 Seamless integration between desktop and web

AutoCAD .NET for UI - Advantages

Ease of use Automatic position, size persistence Automatic icon support Seamless integration with command prompt

.NET Forms and its Usage in AutoCAD

ShowModalDialog ShowModelessDialog EditorUserInteraction and StartUserInteraction Updating the drawing Updating the commandline Locking the document Drag and Drop

AutoCAD .NET UI Classes and Controls

ColorDialog LinetypeDialog LineWeightDialog OpenFileDialog SaveFileDialog PlotStyleDialog


.NET UserControl Modeless behaviour Custom information storage ObjectARX\samples\dotNet\DockingPalette

Extend AutoCAD dialogs

Options Dialog Draft Settings Dialog Customization Dialog ObjectARX\samples\dotNet\TabExtension

Important Help Resources

ObjectARX for AutoCAD 2010: Managed Class Reference Guide (arxmgd.chm) http://www.adskconsulting.com/adn/cs/api_course_sched.php DevTV and training resources at http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?id=1911627&siteID =123112 AutoCAD: Creating a UI using WPF (from http://www.adskconsulting.com/adn/cs/api_course_sched.php)

ObjectARX and AutoCAD.NET Resources

AutoCAD Developer Center - download training labs http://www.autodesk.com/developautocad AutoCAD .NET Training (classroom) http://www.autodesk.com/apitraining Through the Interface blog - Site focuses on .NET http://blogs.autodesk.com/through-the-interface Whitepapers and Training Videos ADN members http://adn.autodesk.com/adn/servlet/index?siteID=4814862&id=5475217 &linkID=4900509

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Email: gopinath.taget@autodesk.com