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Cop Show Confidential
NO ONE HAS done more to propagate the myth of the hero cop than the writers of network-television police procedurals. On Law & Order and its many, many offspring, you might occasionally see a stray bad apple, but they never spoil the barrel, and cops
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AS OUTSPOKEN AS Thandie Newton has been throughout her career, there are still stories she’s been holding off on telling. Not because she’s shy, but because she’s waiting for the right moment. “So careful what you do, everybody,” she says. “Because y
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1 Newton auditioned for what would be her debut role after a back injury derailed her plans for a career in dance. She was 16 when she landed the female romantic lead in John Duigan’s Flirting (1991) alongside Noah Taylor, Nicole Kidman, and Naomi Wa
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THE PANDEMIC abruptly shut down all television production in March, as it did pretty much everything else, but so far there has still been plenty to watch. Late-night shows quickly regrouped, shooting from remote, undisclosed locations or their hosts
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Easier-to-Install Air Conditioners Have Arrived
THE RESIDENTIAL AIR-CONDITIONING industry has long been dominated by appliance bigwigs like Frigidaire, GE, and LG. Their window units, recognizable to most any city dweller, are bulky (often weighing close to 100 pounds) and have sharp edges capable
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And Other Stuff to Keep Temperatures Down
IN ORDER TO UNEARTH slightly more unexpected ways to cool down an apartment, we asked 11 experts, from interior designers to smart-appliance installers, for their most effective alternative techniques. $15 at “Without knowing it, y
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1 For New York’s latest cover story, David Freedlander chronicled how quickly Bill de Blasio lost the city in “Everybody Hates Bill” (June 22–July 5). To capture people’s feelings about the mayor, the magazine pasted portraits of him across all five
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The Social Club for People of Color That Began Offering Free Grieving Sessions
Basics LOCATION 315 Meserole Street FOUNDER Naj Austin OPENED IN November 2019 PAST EVENTS Listening session with violinist Sudan Archives; writing workshop with Najya Williams; yoga class with Rachael Junard INVESTORS Roxane Gay, Hannibal Buress, fo
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Vision 2020 : Gabriel Debenedetti
LATE IN THE AFTERNOON on the last Monday in June, 430 Democrats, who had paid up to $100,000 each, clicked into a private, Texas-themed Zoom call organized by Joe Biden’s campaign. They were greeted by former Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards,
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An Apartment Inside a Former Church in Jersey City
PAUL MELO HAD HIS DOUBTS when he heard about this condo for sale in the deconsecrated St. Boniface Church in Jersey City. “I already go to church. I’m not going to live in one,” Melo remembers thinking. This was 2016, and Melo and his partner, Tom Wa
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Remembrance: Milton Glaser,1929–2020
IF THEY’RE TALENTED AND THEY’RE LUCKY, designer-artist-creators get to lob an icon out into the larger culture—the ultrafamiliar shape of Leo Fender’s Stratocaster guitar, say, or Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster. If they’re great, maybe they create two
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Alternate-Side Dining
ONE OF THE LAST TIMES the Underground Gourmet ate at a sidewalk café was at lunch last summer at Bar Pitti. It was a lovely June afternoon. The sky was a bright periwinkle blue, the sun was shining, the birds were tweeting, and although the intellige
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Rachel Noerdlinger
IT WAS EARLY JUNE when I first spoke to Rachel Noerdlinger, and she was worrying about the casket. George Floyd’s memorial service in Minneapolis was to be held in 48 hours, and she was considering how images of the coffin, conspicuously placed at th
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The Last Days of Napkin Fluffing
Predatory seat coveters who want to expedite the move onto your bar-stool perch by anxiously hovering so close behind you that you can feel their hot breath on your neck. Especially pestiferous while eating something unwieldy like spaghetti carbonara
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Cityscape : Justin Davidson
WITH LUCK, either you will grow old or you already have. That is my ambition and probably yours, yet with each year we survive, we face a crescendo of mockery, disdain, and neglect. Ageism is the most paradoxical form of bigotry. Rather than expressi
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My Quarantine Obsession: Last Suppers
TRIBULATION, SHOCK, gravitas, confusion, silent states of being, psyches agape—it is perhaps the most dramatic moment in Western history. This is the cosmic hour of despair in which Jesus announces that one of the 12 disciples gathered for the Last S
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IN LATE JUNE, it was reported that Hulu would remove an episode of Golden Girls from its service. It was the latest in a growing list of sitcoms, including Community, Scrubs, and 30 Rock, that in recent weeks have had blackface scenes scrubbed from d
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HAROLD RAMIS DIDN’T set out to make a religious parable when he directed 1993’s Groundhog Day. Viewers from Buddhists to Jesuit priests, however, have claimed to see aspects of their faiths reflected in its story of a man doomed to live the same day
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Michaela the DESTROYER
MICHAELA COEL IS NOT A Christian anymore, but the spirit has never left her. The Bible is the reason she started writing. Her first poem, “Beautiful,” was inspired by Psalm 139, and it’s still as clear as crystal. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made
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Very Well Then I Contradict Myself
1968 WAS A BRAINBUSTER, an election year in which the choices were Richard Nixon, a “law and order” Republican who appealed to a “silent majority,” and Hubert Humphrey, an Establishment Democrat appealing to America’s sense of decency. An economic cr
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ONE OF THE BEST NEW TV SHOWS I’ve seen lately is the Netflix adaptation of the beloved YA book series The Baby-Sitters Club. I like the show for lots of reasons, but chief among them is how genuine it is about the things that matter to its group of y
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David Duke Used to Be a Contender
WHITE SUPREMACY still finds purchase in these United States, and given enough oxygen, it will always come roaring back. This is the most pronounced idea in the fourth season of Slow Burn, which centers on David Duke’s rise in the late ’80s and early
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IS ANYONE Watching Quibi?
LAST YEAR, Scott Gairdner, a comedy writer and director who had worked on Conan and created the animated series Moonbeam City, went to the Hollywood offices of the new streaming platform Quibi for a pitch meeting. He is also the co-creator of a viral
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To Do
A new trilogy begins. Doubleday. Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan’s latest novel is an homage to E.M. Forster’s A Room With a View. It follows Lucie Churchill, a half-Chinese woman, amid an identity crisis. Infectious tunes. Netflix; Arista Re
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In Search of Alia SHAWKAT
4 TELEVISION IN CRISIS ONE MORNING LAST FALL, happily stoned and painting alone in her art studio, Alia Shawkat realized her name was trending on Twitter. Photos of the actress walking out of a Los Angeles theater alongside Brad Pitt had just been pu
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You Have A Great Teaching Voice
IN MY OFFICE, while on the phone with my best friend, she pauses and softly laughs. “Is that C?” she asks, referring to the voice floating through the half-open door. “He sounds like such a teacher.” My husband has, as of this spring, been a high-sch
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Navigating Hollywood’s Creative Police State
I’VE BEEN PERFORMING live comedy since 2010. I’m a comedian, TV and film writer, Sundance Fellow, DJ, Mauritanian, and Muslim. I have a bachelor’s in behavioral neuroscience because I was interested in prejudice, how it manifested physiologically and
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We Really Never Should Have Been Roommates
In the span of 48 hours, my roommates—acquaintances I moved in with when my best friend, their former roommate, moved out—and I have all been sent home from our jobs to our 950-square-foot apartment in Bed-Stuy. Inherited Roommate No. 1 is a bartende
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The ( FAKE ) Songs of Summer
EUROVISION SONG CONTEST premieres on Netflix June 26. EVERY YEAR SINCE 1956, usually in May, the nations of Europe have gathered to determine which of them has the most exuberantly kitschy, delightfully overproduced infectious pop song. In 2019, 41
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You Spent Five Years Hiding That You Can Actually Cook
MICHAEL ROVNER: She came to the relationship with zero kitchen appliances, pots, pans, knives, cookbooks, kitchen tools, dishes, or even cutlery. Never did she mention family recipes from her childhood that she couldn’t wait for me to try. Before qua
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