The Atlantic5 min de lecturePolitics
A Lesson From 1930s Germany: Beware State Control of Social Media
Regulators should think carefully about the fallout from well-intentioned new rules and avoid the mistakes of the past.
The Atlantic6 min de lecturePolitics
How Berlin Became an Unlikely Home for China’s Artists
The German capital not only offers freedom, but also invites people to provoke and challenge orthodoxy.
The Atlantic5 min de lecturePolitics
The Israeli-Palestinian Dispute Is Only Partly About Land
Is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fundamentally about land and territory? It is certainly partly about that. But when you hear the objections and grievances of both sides, the issue of who has what part of which territory doesn’t necessarily figure
The Atlantic4 min de lecture
Vida Mines the Highs and Lows of Coming Home
The Starz series by Tanya Saracho is a lovely, complex portrait of sisters confronting their past.
The Atlantic6 min de lectureWellness
Measles Can Be Contained. Anti-Semitism Cannot.
Just as the anti-vaccination movement feeds off a handful of fringe outsiders, long-standing stereotypes about Jews have found a new vector in the latest outbreak of the disease.
The Atlantic7 min de lecture
The Day the National Guard Raided a Dorm in North Carolina
Violence in the spring of 1969 marred the commencement festivities for that year’s North Carolina A&T graduates. This year, they finally got to celebrate.
The Atlantic5 min de lecture
An Imperfect SAT Adversity Score Is Better Than Just Ignoring Adversity
The College Board’s simple, straightforward indicator will make schools pay attention to the tough odds some applicants face.
The Atlantic9 min de lecture
When You’re in Command, Your Job Is to Know Better
In war, the temptation to take revenge is strong. Fighting that temptation is a commanding officer’s job.
The Atlantic11 min de lecture
The Boring Intimacy of the All-Day Group Chat
“Any little decision, I always have to consult them. There’s never a moment where I’m not considering, What would Jess and Sha tell me to do?”
The Atlantic3 min de lecture
The Family Weekly: Weekend Weddings Are Cliché. Do It on Tuesday Instead.
Plus: Sesame Street takes on cloudy days, and how to talk to your therapist about the secret you’re hiding from her.
The Atlantic5 min de lecture
Now Julian Assange Is a Martyr
Julian Assange, the Australian national who founded WikiLeaks, was indicted Thursday for soliciting classified information from an American whistle-blower in 2010 and publishing sensitive military files as well as State Department cables. Unlike his
The Atlantic3 min de lecturePolitics
The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Doublespeak
Distorted videos of Pelosi cap off a week of tensions with Iran, partisan sparring in Congress, and rollbacks of LGBTQ protections. Welcome to “Infrastructure Week.”
The Atlantic4 min de lecture
The Books Briefing: Sympathy for the Devil
Almost every story has good guys and bad guys, heroes and villains, winners and losers. Convention goes that readers are supposed to root for the former, but let’s face it: The “good guys” aren’t always the most interesting. Take J. K. Rowling’s Vold
The Atlantic3 min de lecturePolitics
The Justin Amash Test
Republicans are spreading flagrant lies and corrupting the Freedom Caucus to serve Donald Trump.
The Atlantic6 min de lecturePolitics
Tom Steyer on Impeachment: ‘We Have Won the Argument. Period.’
A conversation with the billionaire activist who has been narrowly focused on removing Donald Trump from office
The Atlantic4 min de lecture
Fleabag Has a Poignant Insight About Sisterhood
In its second and last season, the Amazon series deepens its portrayal of estranged siblings who both frustrate and protect each other.
The Atlantic5 min de lecture
The City That’s Giving People Money
Randomly selected Stockton residents are receiving $500 a month. The experiment might prove that guaranteed income works.
The Atlantic5 min de lecturePolitics
The ‘Enemy Of The People’ Is The Real Target Of The Assange Prosecution
It was treason. The conservative commentator Ann Coulter said The New York Times’ reporters had done something that “could have gotten them executed.” Bill Kristol, now known as a prominent anti–Donald Trump Republican, said the Justice Department “h
The Atlantic4 min de lectureSociety
War-Crime Pardons Dishonor Fallen Heroes
After three decades in the Marine Corps, I know how important it is to hold service members accountable.
The Atlantic6 min de lecture
The British Empire's Homophobia Lives On in Former Colonies
NAIROBI—When the Nigerian writer Unoma Azuah was growing up in the Asaba Niger Delta, she once asked her grandmother about a teenage boy in her village with an effeminate aura whom others would tease, calling him a girl. Her grandmother replied that
The Atlantic3 min de lecturePolitics
The China Problem Isn’t Going Away
America’s relationship with China has taken a turn toward the confrontational. Tariffs are rising, rhetoric is heating up, and both sides are digging in. For all the efforts at a resolution, this current phase will likely be remembered as merely the
The Atlantic4 min de lecturePolitics
For Nancy Pelosi, This Is All Just Déjà Vu
The doctored videos shared by President Trump and Rudy Giuliani are merely a new twist on a very old line of attack from Republicans.
The Atlantic4 min de lecturePolitics
I Was Wrong About Infrastructure Week
As a driver must survey the damage upon barreling into a pothole, so too must I reevaluate the jagged gaps in my reporting.
The Atlantic5 min de lecture
A Single Scandal Sums Up All of Trump’s Failures
The president has been intervening in the process of producing a border wall, on behalf of a favored firm.
The Atlantic6 min de lecture
How Hinduism Became a Political Weapon in India
As an ideology, Hindu nationalism is not even 100 years old—but it has dramatically reshaped politics in India, with Narendra Modi’s help.
The Atlantic3 min de lecture
Private Companies Are Building an Exoskeleton Around Earth
SpaceX and its competitors plan to envelop the planet with thousands of small objects in the next few years.
The Atlantic3 min de lecture
Generation Z Gets Its Coming-of-Age Classic
Refreshingly free of stereotype, Olivia Wilde’s wonderful film Booksmart should easily join the teen-movie canon.
The Atlantic5 min de lecturePolitics
Trump Wants to Leave the Middle East. He’s Not Getting His Wish.
The new deployment is a small fraction of the tens of thousands of troops already there. But it’s designed to send a signal to Iran.
The Atlantic5 min de lecture
There Is Too Much Stuff
In theory, Amazon is a site meant to serve the needs of humans. The mega-retailer’s boundless inventory gives people easy access to household supplies and other everyday products that are rarely fun to shop for. Most people probably aren’t eager to b
The Atlantic6 min de lectureTech
Why Silicon Valley Loved Uber More Than Everyone Else
Uber was the most valuable private company in history, but the public market has not been as enthusiastic. The reason explains a lot about how the tech industry works.
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