Inc.6 min readSelf-Improvement
Two Facebook Alums Seek a New Corporate Zen
ASANA • PROJECT-MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE • SAN FRANCISCO • 300 EMPLOYEES A couple of years ago, Dustin Moskovitz, the co-founder and CEO of Asana, opened a meeting in a way that, at most companies, would have come across as downright passive-aggressive.
Inc.3 min readFashion & Beauty
Your (Digital) Salesperson Will Be With You in a Moment
Three years ago, I needed a new car. I’d done my research, knew exactly the make and model I wanted, and was at the dealership only for a test-drive before signing the paperwork. Then the salesman spent our entire ride explaining that this car was to
Inc.4 min readEntrepreneurship
If You Can Make It There
For a childless 20-something male programmer, fueled by caffeine and ambition and seeking millions in VC funding, the San Francisco Bay Area is North America’s startup hot spot. But if you’re looking for the most plausible contender to soon supplant
Inc.3 min read
The Post-Windfall Index Card
If you’re patient and lucky and work hard at your business, one day you may find yourself facing the ultimate privileged problem: What do you do with all this money? It’s a question I’ve been asked frequently since Inc. columnist Helaine Olen and I
Inc.2 min read
Nothing Going On but the Rent
Space for your business never comes cheap, especially if you’re slugging it out in a major city, where rents seem to rise ceaselessly. Or do they? Data from commercial real estate analyst CoStar Group shows serious fluctuations in office and retail r
Inc.3 min read
Delivering Dinner—and Keepıng the Profit
Recently, Inc.’s legendary Norm Brodsky visited Michelle Gauthier and Justin Schwartz, founders of the thriving New York City–based fast-casual chain Mulberry & Vine. Mulberry & Vine has carved out a niche in a hotly competitive market with its healt
Inc.1 min read
Popping The Question. And A Flashbulb
James Ambler had been a paparazzo for years, but when he proposed to his wife-to-be, he didn’t snap any photos. This upset her family. It also gave him the idea for his New York City–based Paparazzi Proposals, which combines his skill at stealth with
Inc.1 min readSociety
Mapping the Gender Wage Gap
Women are decades—or centuries—away from getting equal pay for equal work. In November, the World Economic Forum estimated that the global pay and employment opportunity gender gap will take 217 years to close. In the U.S., “no matter how you measure
Inc.7 min readEntrepreneurship
Reaching A New Crowd Trying To Hire Harvard MBAs And Ex-Googlers Is Great. Until You Discover Everyone’s At War Over The Same Talent.
Why aging Boomers, career pivoters, and those in other overlooked talent pools might be the best recruits you ever make.
Inc.8 min readEntrepreneurship
Beat The House
Buying a home in the digital age requires weeks of navigating the mortgage maze. These tech-savvy entrepreneurs speed things up—but should they?
Inc.3 min read
You’d Better Get Write on It
In March 2010, Foursquare was riding high, one of the coolest social startups of the day, with gobs of fresh venture capital and a million people using its mobile app to check in. And then, on March 26, the company’s website went dark. Somebody, it s
Inc.3 min read
Mind the Gender Gap
Do you pay your employees equitably, no matter their sex? Few people set out to deliberately discriminate—but the numbers tell a grim story. (See “Mapping the Gender Wage Gap,” page 58.) American women earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men, a
Inc.1 min read
Team Players These Urban Farmers Build Indoor Towers Out Of Salad Greens.
Vertical farming startup AeroFarms grows crops indoors, where it can control light, temperature, and humidity. It doesn’t use soil or 95 percent of the water usually required to produce greens; instead, AeroFarms plants its kale and arugula in a prop
Inc.2 min read
Should Co-Founders Be Married—to Each Other?
A recent column in Psychology Today put the U.S. divorce rate between 42 and 45 percent. No wonder investors can be leery of backing a company with married co-founders. They fear a failed relationship will kill the business. Should they? An investor
Inc.4 min readTech
Not-So-Human Resources
From sleuthing candidates not actively on the job market to stripping unconscious bias from your search, these new artificial intelligence tools will give your HR department a high-tech upgrade.
Inc.2 min read
Banking on It
CEO Ken Moelis, 59, co-founded investment bank Moelis & Company just as the U.S. economy tanked, and took it public in 2014 with a $163 million IPO.
Inc.3 min read
Getting Schooled in What’s Important
EvoText doesn’t seem like a textbook example of a tech startup. Granted, its 40 full-time employees enjoy great benefits, a liberal time-off policy, and many of the other perks of techdom. But what sets EvoText apart are some of the things not on the
Inc.2 min readSociety
Why This Startup Is Hiring Ex-Offenders— and Thinks You Should Too
For the founder of a hot San Francisco startup with $150 million in venture funding, Daniel Yanisse has an unusual goal: By the end of this year, he wants 5 percent of his workforce to be ex-offenders. When Yanisse launched his tech-enabled backgrou
Inc.4 min read
Finding Your Tribe
XZA HIGGINS was drowning. In five short years, her production company, Parent & Co., had grown from conducting a series of intimate, local gatherings to presenting more than 20 annual events across North America, connecting tens of thousands of paren
Inc.4 min readEntrepreneurship
Where Has All the Talent Gone?
You’re competing against deep-pocketed corporations and low unemployment. It’s time to get creative.
Inc.2 min readFood & Wine
Fishing for Profits
Four years ago, Jacqueline Claudia was working in the aquaculture industry, intending to become a fish farmer. Then she realized: No brand was cutting through the scary seafood-industry headlines and making it easy for consumers to buy responsibly fa
Inc.3 min read
A Place Where Dogging It Is the Company Policy
When Mychele Lord was looking for a new headquarters for Lord Green, her Dallas-based, sustainable-building consultancy, one determining factor was finding a spot that would accommodate seven of her most important team members. Not the 17 humans, but
Inc.3 min read
Grooming a Made-to-Order Workforce
What CEO doesn’t fantasize about creating a talent pipeline tailored to his or her specific needs? That scenario is now possible—at least on a small scale—with MissionU, a San Francisco–based startup taking a new approach to bridging the gap between,
Inc.1 min read
How to Find (or Design) a Mastermind
Focus on the Facilitator As the mastermind group’s gatekeeper and de facto leader, the often-paid facilitator acts as a sort of business therapist. Look for business coaches or larger organizations in your area, and ask whether they facilitate group
Inc.5 min readLeadership & Mentoring
Hamdi Ulukaya on Bringing Humanity to Leadership
The son of nomadic sheep farmers from the Turkish mountains, Hamdi Ulukaya was an improbable candidate to upend the ruthlessly competitive global dairy industry. After arriving in the U.S. in 1994 to study business and English, he settled in upstate
Inc.5 min read
The World Is Your Oyster
Half a dozen founders with remote workforces share their secrets for recruiting and running a staff spread across ZIP codes and countries.
Inc.1 min readSociety
How Inc. Chose the Best Workplaces
With national unemployment at a 17-year low, businesses are working overtime to recruit, engage, and retain talent. Our firm, Quantum Workplace, a leading software platform for employee engagement and performance, partners with Inc. to survey America
Inc.13 min readBusiness Biography & History
Wawa All the Way
54 years old. $10 billion in revenue. The family-owned convenience store that’s taking over the East Coast—and ditching gas and cigarettes for kale salads and nerdy coffee.
Inc.4 min readEntrepreneurship
The musical city best known for Big Health is finding its voice as an emerging tech and fashion hub.
Inc.1 min read
Side Hustle
Gay Gaddis runs one of the largest independent ad agencies in the country—when she’s not tending to her Longhorns.
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