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Find the Right Balance Between Humans and Bots
Way back in the 1960s, Joseph Weizenbaum of MIT decided to have a little fun. To demonstrate the artificiality of computers—how soulless and very unlike humans they were—Weizenbaum created a little program called Eliza, which he designed to behave li
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Telemedicine Finds That The Future Is Suddenly Here
Telemedicine as a business model has been hampered by the reluctance of practitioners to move from hospital or office-based medicine, and insurance companies that offered only cursory virtual-care coverage. In two months, everything changed, says Sar
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Selling Ain’t Telling
A former editor and founding CEO of the ad agency Droga5, Andrew Essex is currently the CEO of Plan A, a marketing services holding company, the author of The End of Advertising, and a recognized authority on branding and brand storytelling. In this
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The Metrics
The winners were those that met a minimum engagement score and a minimum benefits score in each size category—micro, small, medium, medium large, large, or extra large—based on the number of employees. Minimum Engagement Score/Minimum Benefits Score
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Reworking Our Workplaces
HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU Members of Inc.’s editorial staff at one of our daily Zoom confabs. It’s been a struggle to write this note, which is supposed to celebrate Inc.’s annual Best Workplaces awards. BWP, as we call it internally, is long planned, an
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Whom Are You Not Serving? Diversify Your Customer Base
Scott Shigeoka is GoDaddy’s entrepreneur-in-residence, providing guidance to the everyday entrepreneur. Through his creative studio, he tells stories across different media and is working on his first book, which will focus on the role of curiosity i
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Brand & Purpose
By the time I got to This Old House, it wasn’t exactly Victorian, but it was definitely vintage. And I had to renovate it. TOH was the original home-improvement brand—the PBS television shows, a couple of websites, a magazine, and other businesses. W
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The Ice Cream Flavor Maker
The sign on the door says “Chief Creative Officer,” but for Tyler Malek, co-founder of cult ice creamery Salt & Straw, work means sampling 15 to 20 varieties of each new ice cream at the company’s R&D kitchen, where such flavors as Arbequina Olive Oi
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When Plan B Is A Beauty
Podcasting is white-hot. But 15 years ago, when Ev Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass started Odeo as a podcasting platform, they were ahead of the curve. Way too far ahead. In 2005, Odeo had 14 employees banging away when, suddenly, the earth buckl
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Surging Forward, Giving Back
FOUNDER OF MADISON REED If anyone could claim to be too busy to be a mentor, it’s Amy Errett, the CEO of 250-person hair-color company Madison Reed, which she founded in 2013. She’s also a partner at VC firm True Ventures and, to add to the crazy, ra
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How Amazon Reshaped the World
I was amazed at how deeply A.I. is embedded in the company’s activities. Amazon was an early adopter of artificial intelligence, and has injected it into almost every aspect of its business. For example, the company used to conduct weekly retail revi
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Lead With Purpose
STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL, FOUR-STAR GENERAL; FORMER COMMANDER, JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND; FOUNDER, MCCHRYSTAL GROUP As the Covid-19 pandemic intensified its assault at home and abroad, retired four-star general Stanley McChrystal found himself in pr
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Will You Be My Mentor?
When Sallie Krawcheck was raising money for Ellevest, her investment platform for women, there was one venture capitalist she just couldn’t get to commit. She told another woman entrepreneur how much she wanted that VC on board. “Actually, you don’t,
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Build a Better Bottle—From Paper
Julie Corbett, a California financial adviser, was wandering the aisles of her local supermarket in 2007, looking for liquid laundry soap in an environmentally friendly container. Her elementary school daughters were learning about recycling and had
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Be a Better Leader Create a Better Workplace Build a Brand With Purpose
Question: Why did you become an entrepreneur? Answer: I wanted to gain control over my life. [Cue the laugh track.] Starting a business is an act of agency. Growing one, founders soon learn, is like juggling wet soap. (Antibacterial, of course.) If a
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How I Got Covid-19 Tests To Market In Two Weeks
“I went outside for the first time in six days,” said Everlywell founder and CEO Julia Cheek, via Zoom from her living room in Austin in late March. “I’ve been working 20 hours a day.” Cheek, 36, was three weeks removed from a decision she’d made for
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May I Ask Who’s Calling?
Co-founder and creative director of Tempaper, a Brick, New Jersey-based maker of temporary wallpaper. Co-founder and CEO of &Pizza, a Washington, D.C.-based purveyor of ultra-customizable pizza. Customers still want to talk to people. As reported by
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Advice From The Top
Whatever anybody says or does, assume positive intent. You will be amazed at how your whole approach to a person or problem becomes very different. Indra Nooyi, former chair and CEO, PepsiCo People getting under your skin is a luxury. I don’t operate
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Take It From The Son Of A Holocaust Survivor—a Sense Of Humor Goes A Long Way In Hard Times
In September 2019, when Daniel Lubetzky stepped down as the CEO of Kind to become executive chairman, he never imagined that within six months, the company would face a historic challenge. In February, concern over the coronavirus pandemic led consum
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Place of Business RENO, NEVADA
▶ Breadware To cut operating costs, cofounders Daniel Price and Danny deLaveaga relocated their startup from California in 2017. It’s a move that many other companies have made in recent years. Breadware, which helps companies build and launch produc
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Your Team Can Thrive In A Crisis
It’s late in the afternoon on March 24, 2020. By this time, Covid-19 has disrupted, oh, just about everything. Many people are dying. Raj Kumar and his team are unfazed. They’d been planning for Covid-19 since January—and for pandemics since forever.
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Sure, You Lead. But The Right Hire Leads To Success.
It started with a cookbook. When pastry chef Fany Gerson couldn’t find a book on treats from her native Mexico, she decided to write one herself. “Most of the sweets in Mexico are part of an oral culture passed down from generation to generation,” Ge
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Andy Dunn
Dunn co-founded menswear retailer Bonobos with Brian Spaly in 2007. (He is seen here at the Madison Avenue store in New York City.) The company landed $127 million in venture funding before Walmart acquired it for $310 million in 2017. Dunn stayed at
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Are You A Better Manager Than The Average Kindergartner?
1) In The Culture Code, Coyle uses which phrase to describe the method, concept, or quality that allowed four-person teams of kindergartners to outperform four-person teams of business school students in a contest? A__The power of play B__Iterative d
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Hustle and Heart
An Inc. series about entrepreneurs who refocus their talents to do right by others. If you were to pluck co-founders from a crowd, Monica Peraza O’Quigley and Sydney Sherman would not make an obvious duo. But when O’Quigley, a mother of four who was
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Is Your Customer Service Human Enough?
In the fall of 2016, Rahul Vohra was testing a powerful email service called Superhuman. Between meeting potential customers, he would demo his $30-a-month service and spend nearly an hour training buyers. After 200 or so of those one-on-one calls, h
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Place & Purpose
There is never a bad time to celebrate wonderful workplaces—businesses that make employees feel challenged, valued, and respected, where leaders are trust worthy, generous, and humane. And yet … We started assembling our annual Best Workplaces packag
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Hauling Ass
What do donkeys, beer, and jogging have in common? Burro racing. Legend has it that inebriated miners in Colorado began racing alongside their pack animals in the 19th century. The sport continues today, and Caitlin Landesberg, 37, decided to give it
Inc.1 min de lectureSociety
The Germinator
Xenex Disinfection Services has one goal: to wipe out hospital-acquired infections, which claim some 100,000 American lives annually. The company’s $125,000 LightStrike “germ-zapping robot” uses UV technology developed by two Johns Hopkins epidemiolo
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Don’t Start A Business Unless You Have A Mission To Build It On
Brian Cruver was a cocky, 29-year-old, freshly minted MBA who thought he had landed in the big leagues when he took a job in 2001 — at Enron. Within months, he witnessed the energy company once regarded as an innovative dynamo implode amid fraud alle
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