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The Best Workplaces of 2021
More than 3,000 companies vied for the honor of being named to Inc.’s 2021 Best Workplaces list. We calculated engagement scores and benefits scores for each of them, in six size categories, based on the number of employees. Benefits and perks includ
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Screen Play
VIDEOCONFERENCING EVANGELIST In 2009, Ramakrishnan co-founded BlueJeans Network, a cloud-based videoconferencing startup. Ramakrishnan and his partner had no experience in videoconferencing, but they’d had enough successful business ventures to raise
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This Startup Will Spend $10,000 To Get Your Home Office Zoom-ready
WHEN the pandemic hit a year ago in March, Denver-based data startup Flatfile found itself in the enviable position of already having a fully remote team. Its 32 employees are scattered across the U.S., the U.K., and Argentina. Though many companies
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This Founder Learned How To Lead The Way Her Pioneering Grandmother Did
PAM Stanczewski wasn’t the least bit surprised by the dead moose on the front porch. Several years ago, she and her husband had traveled from Ohio to visit her hometown in Canada. When they arrived at her grandmother’s house, the massive moose was ly
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No Goodbyes, No Regrets
Shelly Bell knows an acquisition can be a game changer for an organization. “In the world of investment, to be valued is to be acquired,” says the founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures, a Fort Belvoir, Virginia-based funding community for Black and
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Don’t Take No For An Answer
IN 2005, FOUR BANKS told Laura Spaulding (above, center) her business plan wasn’t good enough for a loan. So she told the fifth bank she needed a home equity loan to replace her windows—and used the $15,000 to start her business. “I never got windows
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This Texas Family Brought Innovation And Fun To An HVAC Business
BRIAN Bohannan didn’t immediately notice the three new calves in the pasture outside his little white ranch house in the far northern reaches of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. When his dad, Jeff, had bought 20 acres of farmland on which to build a
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Oh, The Places You’ll Work
When I was a kid, I worked as a laborer for a carpenter. I made minimum wage: four bucks an hour. After school and on weekends, and six days a week during the summer, digging ditches, hauling cinder blocks, and running to the lumberyard. And that was
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Agency’s Leaders Bring Authenticity to Their Target Market
Creative Digital Agency grows fast with an audience-first approach to its market niche San Francisco entrepreneur Jin Kim launched Creative Digital Agency (CDA) in 2017, after leading the services team at a mobile marketing firm. Starting his agency
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Does Leadership Really Matter?
Jim Collins, author of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don’t When we were doing research for my third book, Good to Great, I was dubious of anything having to do with “lead ership.” I had long believed that if you observe
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Partnership Makes Patient Care the Priority
The endodontist-owned and led management team makes Endo1 Partners different from other dental service organizations The key for nearly every service business's success is investing time in its highest value activities. For dentists, that activity is
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The Good Places
A year ago, business leaders at companies big and small were grappling with the same question: “When will we return to the office?” Though some founders have welcomed their workers back to headquarters, many still don’t know when their offices will r
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Don’t Waste Your Equity
I’m a big fan of children’s literature. In terms of sage advice for entrepreneurs, it’s hard to top Aesop’s fable about the dog and his bone. And Dr. Seuss’s Yertle the Turtle can’t be beat for conveying an invaluable lesson about how to treat the ot
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Doing Whatever It Takes to Fuel Client and Employee Growth
Roger West Creative & Code drives results for its clients and attracts top talent to its award-winning workplace Combine hustle and talent, and good things happen. Underscore your work with a focus on service, and good becomes great. That is the form
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Technology Firm Succeeds with Strategic Partners
Black Bear Technology Solutions uses strategic partnerships for growth Rapid growth doesn't always equal success. A company too focused on winning contracts can lose sight of what initially made the company successful. Characteristics like flexibilit
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More Ally Than Agency
Product design agency Funsize wins with a partnership-driven approach After establishing product design careers in New York City during the early days of the mobile boom, husband and wife Anthony and Natalie Armendariz returned to Austin, Texas, to s
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This Startup Is A No-burnout Zone (and Will Help You Kick Your Coffee Addiction)
FREE coffee is one of the most common perks at companies around the world, but you won’t find it at Venice, California-based Mud\Wtr (pronounced “Mud Water”). The direct- to-consumer beverage brand makes a coffee alternative derived from a powdered b
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At This Company, Mental Health Comes First—and Results Follow
ORIENTATION for new hires at the software company Greenlight Guru begins with co-founder David DeRam saying the same five words: “We’re gonna get weird here.” During the next 90 minutes, DeRam, also the company’s CEO, talks about the “vibrations” the
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Digital Marketing Company Succeeds by Focusing on Specifics
Jumpem is a marketing-department-for-hire, providing strategy, design, and SEO Chris Gardner and Dennis Plunkett were using SEO and digital marketing tactics for several of their own businesses when they decided to help others. “We saw an opportunity
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You Grew It Alone. NOW CAN YOU LEAD?
Sometimes, all you need to come up with a brilliant business idea is a little peace of mind. In 2013, after 30 days of meditation and journaling, Nnenna Stella identified a gap in the fashion accessories market: stylish head wraps. The Brooklyn-based
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My Mentor Taught Me you Get One Shot
“HELLA COCKTAIL CEO AND CO-FOUNDER JOMAREE PINKARD: “Jack Belsito and I played pickup basketball together for probably a decade before either of us figured out what the other did off the court. There was never any talk about careers (hoops is the gre
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Meet a Fast-Growing Business that Reimagined Used Car Sales
Wholesale pricing and stellar customer service fueled a decade of growth for Automotive Avenues—with more expansion underway Some car dealers get a bad rap. Automotive Avenues, on the other hand, has a 4.8-star rating on Google, based on nearly 5,000
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Meet The Brand On A Mission To Change Women’s Lives
This founder and CEO overcame her health struggles with natural remedies, then started Pink Stork to help others do the same. Pink Stork Founder Amy Suzanne Upchurch did not have easy pregnancies—at least not with her first three children. While her
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Staffing Agency’s Focus on Service Leads to Growth
Ironside HR succeeded by hiring from outside the industry and supporting staff needs Sometimes getting fired can be a good thing. Doug Carter was fired a year into running a startup's staffing division. “They did me a favor,” he says. His former empl
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These’s No Hiding From The Minimum Wage
THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC and subsequent recession have brought many companies to the brink. At the same time, the fortunes of the 1 percent continue to rise, widening the racial and gender wealth gaps. Depending on which side of the issue you’re on, it’s
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Expert Advice From Inc.’s Inner Circle
Ankur Jain helps a fledgling dating app make a flight plan. p. 16 Former Snapple CEO Jack Belsito taught this CEO to keep it simple. p. 14 Jen Rubio on the future of travel. p. 18 Jim Collins on why great leadership isn’t all about personality. p. 20
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Making It In Mobile: 19 Years Of Resilience In A Competitive Industry
Wireless industry solution provider Live Wireless shows what it takes to make it in a competitive industry: nimbleness, patience, and balance No single decision or factor fueled Live Wireless's explosive growth. “It was 19 years of learning, failing,
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Navy SEALs Create the Supplement They Can’t Find in Stores
OP2 Labs optimizes collagen proteins to hasten healing for medical injuries and athletes When Alexander Kunz and Jeff Byers were Navy SEALs, they were always pushing their bodies to the limit. The commercial supplements they used to assist in healing
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Shrink To Grow
Trimming a roster of products and services can feel antithetical to entrepreneurial vision. Success is often synonymous with expansion. But downsizing could be the best way to get funding and save your brand. “Many startups are surprised to learn we
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