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When Big Data Runs Into a Little Reality
IN 2013, WHEN MY CO-FOUNDER AND I started Iodine, we—like pretty much any startup—suffered from certain delusions of grandeur. Our slick slide deck touted our esteemed pedigrees, our unfair advantages, and our uniquely brilliant business idea. We wer
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The Icemen Cometh
Two former lawyers have turned the multibillion-dollar ice cream industry upside down. Inside the low-cal, high-drama saga of Halo Top’s freezer domination
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Into the Unknown
IT’S NOT SURPRISING that insurance startups employ actuaries. What’s more unusual: for them to deploy their scenario-crunching risk experts on what’s effectively a business-development exercise. Earlier this year, that’s what happened at Clover Healt
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Balance Spending Now With Saving for Later
WHEN IT COMES TO RETIREMENT PLANNING, timing is everything. You have to do some things as early as possible—like starting to put money away for retirement—but you also have to consider when to take on big pre-retirement expenses. Those can include s
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Leap Year
SOMEWHERE IN THIS AUDIENCE is the founder of the next Facebook, the next Google, the next Apple.” So said Steve Blank, Stanford professor and one of the brains behind the Lean Startup technique, to an auditorium full of young founders at the Web Summ
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Doubts, Fears, and Two Very Bad Years
The untold story of how massive success made GoPro’s Nick Woodman lose his way—and how he plans to bring his company back from the brink
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Forget Your Smartphone. What’s Next Is Even Bigger
WHAT IF I WERE TO TELL YOU that this is the beginning of the end of smartphones? That might seem bold, given the recent launch of Apple’s latest and greatest iPhones. But there’s already evidence of the next wave of computers, which we’ll wear and co
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Want to Be More Productive? Step Back, Take a Deep Breath, and Get Stuff Done
IN 2006, AFTER I’D WRITTEN an article about outsourcing R&D, I received a reader email seeking sources for a book on mobile lifestyles. My correspondent, a guest lecturer at Princeton, wanted to know whether I was aware of any “employees who have ‘ou
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The Art of Knowing Where to Launch
IN 2012, DINESH SEEMAKURTY was studying biomedical engineering as a prelude to medical school when his career plans jackknifed. Seemakurty, then a student at USC, was visiting relatives in India when his grandfather fell ill and checked into the hosp
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Immigration Anxiety
Despite the political rhetoric, our economy needs foreign workers. You need to know how to protect yours
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The Bird’s-Eye View
IN LATE 2016, MICHAEL E. JORDAN wanted to boost holiday sales for his fledgling athletic-wear company, UNRL, which is based in St. Paul. So he hired a drone operator to shoot some sweeping aerial footage of the city—his hometown—and created a video i
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Five Things to Do Now That Will Save You Tons Later
DAVID S. ROSE, ENTREPRENEUR, INVESTOR, mentor, and author of The Startup Checklist: 25 Steps to a Scalable, High-Growth Business, has been present at the birth of businesses for decades. He knows what makes them grow—or not. Rose shares the simple, p
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Why I Can’t Stop Starting New Enterprises
I’M AT AN INCREDIBLY INTERESTING point in my life. I’ve built multiple businesses from the ground up, starting in the late ’90s with one of the first e-commerce platforms for wine. That helped me grow my family’s business from $3 million to $60 milli
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The Long Road to Electric Cars
AS TESLA STRUGGLES to build enough cars to fill orders, other, independently funded companies, such as Karma, are gaining traction; and the revived Volvo is committed to producing only electric vehicles and hybrids beginning in 2019. BMW, Nissan, GM,
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The First 90 Days
The dreaming is over. The launching begins. The decisions you make in the first months of your startup can make the difference between profit and loss, joy and heartbreak. We have what you need to start right, including a plan for the first 90 days,
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Alberto Perlman
The co-founder of Zumba Fitness discovered a massive exercise craze—now practiced by 15 million people around the world—where no one else thought to look
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Attack of the Gurus
There has never been more free business advice. What’s worth listening to—and what should you ignore?
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Where Can You Afford to Live and Work?
THE EIGHT-YEAR economic recovery has been unevenly spread. Rising housing costs can be a drag on growth, because they deter worker mobility. And housing supply lags demand. To make sense of it all, Mark Fleming, chief economist for title insurer Firs
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How to Keep Them Coming Back for More
ONE CURRENT DEBATE in technology circles concerns whether mobile apps are still a must-have or on their way out. The correct answer, of course, is that’s the wrong question to ask. To understand why, let’s talk about Texas hold ’em. What makes playi
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The Temptation to Lie
Sooner or later, most of us get into difficult situations. And that’s when character is tested
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The Nomadic Talent Show
How two techie matchmakers built a high-end freelancer network—without ever opening a single office
Inc.3 min readBusiness Biography & History
Diving Into the Deep End
MATT LANE, CO-FOUNDER of SafeSplash Swim School, knows that some dip toes into the water while others plunge in. But when it comes to international expansion, only one approach works. “If you are going to go for it,” says Lane, “you have to go for it
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The Upside of a Tradeoff
FOR THREE YEARS, my company wrote, produced, recorded, and published a podcast called The Distance. Over nearly 60 episodes, we told stories about small private companies that had been in business for 25 years or more. The premise was that there’s a
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Learning to Love What I Don’t Know
LIKE MANY WHO HAVE made the leap into Startupland, I guessed from the outset that I had a lot to learn. I was right. Indeed, I jumped into the wormhole of blind spots and unknown unknowns. This has been especially true on matters technological. At Io
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Making It Your Mission
THREE YEARS AGO, Emily Lonigro Boylan feared her business was circling the drain. She’d started her user-experience design firm, LimeRed Studio, with the intention of working with socially minded startups and nonprofits. “I wasn’t selling aircraft to
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Office Politics
The U.S. is deeply polarized and emotions are running high. But it’s possible to encourage discussion while deterring discord
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Can She Make It Gel?
Saundra Pelletier’s company, Evofem, is developing a contraceptive gel that could be the biggest breakthrough in birth control since the pill. All she has to do is survive its getting approved by the FDA
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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
New rules limit what you can ask about a job candidate’s prior salary. These tips will help you hire legally and stay competitive
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Meat Without Animals
UMA VALETI REMEMBERS the first time he really thought about where meat comes from. A cardiologist turned founder, Valeti grew up in Vijayawada, India, where his father was a veterinarian and his mother taught physics. When he was 12, he attended a ne
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