Global Voices3 min de lectureGender Studies
#NiUnaMenos Six Years On: Triumphs And New Demands Of Argentina's Feminist Movement
Since the first protest in 2015 under the Ni Una Menos slogan, more than 200 feminist organisations have achieved major successes and put forward a new set of demands.
Global Voices5 min de lecture
Naomi Osaka's French Open And Wimbledon Withdrawals Highlights Athletes’ Mental Health
The pandemic exacerbated concerns around mental health among sports personalities. A number of high-profile athletes have been open about their pressures and mental health challenges associates with their sports.
Global Voices5 min de lecturePolitics
To Save Its Economy, Can Tunisia Reform Its Oversized Public Sector?
“These past 10 post-revolution years, romanticised by the West, have solidified for us as more misery and living with the failing of state’s institutions."
Global Voices4 min de lecturePolitics
‘Night Of Long Knives’ Escalates In Nicaragua As Ortega Kidnaps Opposition
For many, the recent detentions prove President Daniel Ortega is not willing to face open presidential elections this November.
Global Voices3 min de lecturePolitics
Some Thai Students Reject Uniforms And Standing For National Flag During Online Classes
Some students refused to stand while others used a camera filter to make it appear like they were wearing a school uniform.
Global Voices6 min de lectureWorld
Balloons, Graffiti, Sports And Economic Power Are The Latest Tools Of Palestinian Resistance
These latest acts of resistance reflect the energy brought to the movement by young people seeking their right to self-determination and to claim the spaces in which they live.
Global Voices4 min de lecture
Zagor: Legendary Italian Comics Series That Captured Balkan Hearts Turns 60
"It's because of Zagor that I started reading comics and my life would be very different without him."
Global Voices3 min de lectureCrime & Violence
Arrests Of More Mother Nature Environmentalists In Cambodia Labeled A Witch Hunt
Officials called the group "rebellious" and claimed they were using foreign funding in efforts to topple the government.
Global Voices3 min de lectureNature
Japanese Brown Bear Runs Amok In Hokkaido Island's Largest City
Originally published on Global Voices The Ussuri bear, also known as the Ezo brown bear, or black grizzly, at Noboribetsu Bear Park, in Hokkaido, Japan. The Ussuri brown bear is not in the same subspecies as the grizzly bear. These bears were not inv
Global Voices3 min de lecturePolitics
Pro-democracy Apple Daily Continues Its Operations Despite Raid, Seizures And Arrests
Among the five senior executives arrested, two were officially charged with with conspiracy to collude with external elements on June 18
Global Voices5 min de lecture
Roland Watson-Grant, Caribbean Regional Winner Of The 2021 Commonwealth Short Story Prize, Tells A Tale Of Rural Jamaica
"I think the collective Jamaican experience can be summed up in the words of Paulo Coelho: ‘We all have one foot in a fairytale, and the other in the abyss.’"
Global Voices3 min de lectureWorld
War Journalists Grieve Execution Of Spanish Reporters In Burkina Faso
Originally published on Global Voices David Beriain. Photo from TEDx UniversidaddeNavarra through Flickr. (CC BY 2.0) Spanish war journalism is in mourning over the killing of war reporters David Beriain and Roberto Fraile in Burkina Faso on April 27
Global Voices4 min de lecture
Chile's New Constitution Offers Unique Opportunity To Rethink Workers’ Rights In The Digital Age
When technological solutions are implemented in unchecked environments, as has become an issue in Chile, they also threaten to bring about over-automation, and unhappiness in workers
Global Voices4 min de lecturePopular Culture & Media Studies
Trinidad & Tobago Marks World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Even As Some Seniors Struggle At Vaccine Centres
The country's president advocated for the protection of the elderly, saying that their recent treatment at health centres is a "less than subtle form of elder abuse."
Global Voices1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
WATCH/LISTEN: “Beyond The Protest Square,” A Conversation With Tanya Lokot
Missed the livestream of the June 17 Global Voices Insights webinar featuring media scholar Tanya Lokot on her new book "Beyond the Protest Square"? Here are the video and audio replays.
Global Voices4 min de lecture
Nepal’s Wild Elephants Are Also On The Move
This year, because of the lack of human movement caused by COVID-19 restrictions, elephant herds shifted the path of annual migration from India into Nepal, marching right through villages.
Global Voices5 min de lectureWorld
Yemeni Artist Hakim Al-Akel: ‘War Imposed Itself, But Art Will Remain’
Al-Akel's work, which has been exhibited in over 80 countries and sold at Sotheby's, depicts vibrant scenes of a Yemeni daily life that preceded the ongoing war.  
Global Voices8 min de lecturePolitical Ideologies
How Will Armenians With COVID-19 Vote On Election Day?
On March 18, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that he had come to an agreement with the parliamentary opposition parties to hold an early election on June 20.
Global Voices5 min de lecturePopular Culture & Media Studies
Privacy And IP Concerns As Kenyans Find New Ways To Cash In On Their Internet Fame
However, concerns are arising regarding the right to privacy, copyright legalities, value to content creators, and the unintended consequences of such overnight fame and success
Global Voices5 min de lectureMathematics
L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women In Science Winner Argentine Mathematician Dr. Dickenstein: “Follow Your Passion”
Alicia Dickenstein explains her path to studying math and encourages other girls and women to do the same.
Global Voices4 min de lectureWorld
China's Wandering Elephant Herd Show. Not As ‘Lovable’ As It Looks.
"Finally an expert has provided an explanation about the herd’s northbound journey. Local officials avoided addressing the truth."
Global Voices4 min de lectureWorld
‘Lying Down Flat’ As Passive Resistance In China
Originally published on Global Voices Viral internet meme screen capture from a 1994 Chinese TV drama “I love my family”. A new viral term promoting slow living has taken China’s cyberspace by storm, and authorities are moving quickly to stamp it out
Global Voices2 min de lectureGender Studies
Spate Of Attacks Against LGBTQ+ People In Azerbaijan
"When he called the police, the officer told him, 'If I could, I would burn homosexuals myself'."
Global Voices2 min de lectureInternational Relations
Armenia And Azerbaijan Exchange Detainees And Critical Information In Breakthrough Diplomatic Deal
The deal was brokered by the US, Europe and Georgia was hailed as a "first step towards renewing confidence."
Global Voices3 min de lectureCrime & Violence
More Internet Security For Many, Not For Central Asians
"Apple has clearly been forced to comply with legal regulations in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan."
Global Voices5 min de lecture
Cash Or Bitcoin? El Salvador’s Small Business Owners Speak
In a country with a large informal economy, small business owners are skeptical of a new plan to make bitcoin a legal currency.
Global Voices4 min de lectureGender Studies
Pro-Beijing Lawmakers In Hong Kong Slam Gay Games As ‘Disgraceful’
"It's civil society’s business if they want to do it, but it’s wrong [for government] to throw money at this."
Global Voices4 min de lectureGender Studies
Remembering Asia’s First Pride March In Manila
Two organizers of the historic 1994 Manila Pride shared their reflections about the legacy of the protest and the continuing struggle to fight for LGBT+ rights
Global Voices5 min de lecture
‘Nothing Is Braver Than A Trans Woman Unafraid To Die In Order To Live’
"The lack of respect within patriarchal societies has internalized through its media the view that certain lives are not worth living."
Global Voices5 min de lecturePopular Culture & Media Studies
Tokyo Olympics: A Symbol Of The Divide In Japanese Society
Using Twitter's public API, Global Voices analyzed more than 2.5 million Japanese-language tweets to gauge public sentiment around the Tokyo Olympic Games.
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