Mother Jones10 min de lecture
Dance Dance Revolution
Calvin Royal III sensed that Touché, the first homoerotic male pas de deux produced by American Ballet Theatre, would elicit an unusual reaction even before he finished dancing. Audience members generally rustle their programs and shift in their seat
Mother Jones1 min de lecture
Private equity’s new robber barons have gutted hospitals, nursing homes, newspapers, restaurants, furniture stores, factories, pensions, apartments, major-league sports, the music biz, and your 401(k). And that’s just for starters. When did you reali
Mother Jones8 min de lecture
Pipe Dreams
For most of his 30-year career, Iowa farmer Dan Wahl never knocked heads with his state’s agribusiness goliaths. He was too busy tending his crops and cattle on 640 acres of land. But then, in September 2021, a subsidiary of a private equity firm cal
Mother Jones6 min de lecture
Tiny's House
In East Oakland, home to what the San Francisco Chronicle calls the “Bay Area’s hottest housing market,” a row of stucco townhomes sprung up along a blighted stretch of MacArthur Boulevard in 2021. Tan-colored and not outwardly remarkable, they were
Mother Jones3 min de lecture
Last fall, the end of the pandemic seemed tantalizingly close. After the Delta wave subsided, businesses began to relax their mask policies. Most Americans had received at least one vaccine. People bought plane tickets for holiday travel. Writing in
Mother Jones2 min de lecture
Wild Goose Chase
For years, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has railed against the excesses of private equity firms, including megadeals that leave companies bankrupt and their workers jobless as fund managers line their pockets with fees and performance bonuses. In 2013, for
Mother Jones4 min de lecture
Once Upon a Planet
When author Katherine Applegate was touring schools for her book Wishtree—a novel on prejudice for tweens, told through an oak tree’s perspective—students kept wanting to talk about the climate crisis. They were stressed about whether polar bears wou
Mother Jones4 min de lectureHome & Garden
Mobilizing Homes
In September 2018, Peggy Kuhn returned from a four-day mountain biking trip to her home in Sans Souci park, a 62-plot stretch of land south of Boulder, Colorado, where mobile homes have been set up since at least the 1950s, only to find her neighbors
Mother Jones3 min de lecture
Welcome to Private Equity City
With more than $4.5 trillion in investments in thousands of companies across dozens of industries around the globe, private equity is everywhere—from the stores you shop at and the companies you work for to the food you eat and the music you listen t
Mother Jones6 min de lecture
Lessons Not Learned
When a 15-year-old sophomore opened fire at Oxford High School last fall, terrified students and teachers fled for safety or barricaded classroom doors. Within three minutes of arriving at the building, police apprehended the shooter, but not before
Mother Jones1 min de lecture
Happy Birthday to Me
In 2021, Bloomberg reported that the average total compensation at KKR, Blackstone, and Carlyle Group hit more than $2 million per employee, but managing partners can bring home tens of millions more in carried interest. What to do with all of that l
Mother Jones9 min de lecture
Capitol Gains
If you were to sit down with a focus group and a whiteboard, you would have a hard time coming up with a policy with less populist appeal than the nearly three-decades-old loophole that cuts private equity billionaires’ tax rate almost in half. The c
Mother Jones10 min de lecture
Sold Out
We had maybe 25 to 30 people on the editorial staff when I started at the Mercury in ’97. Ten reporters. Lots of copy editors. Weekend editors. Features editors. It was a bustling place. I was very surprised at how much news there was in Pottstown, P
Mother Jones3 min de lecture
Door Dashed
When Grubhub came to Iowa City in 2017, Jon Sewell got what he describes as a “call to action.” He owns a D.P. Dough franchise there and had been using a delivery service called OrderUp to get his calzones to college students. But then Grubhub bought
Mother Jones4 min de lectureInternational Relations
Their Fight is Our Fight
I grew up learning to speak Russian. The Cold War was at its height in the early ’80s, and my school in Germany offered English as a second language in fifth grade and Russian in ninth. Just in case, you know? We were caught—though I didn’t fully rea
Mother Jones4 min de lecture
No Quick Fix
Paralyzed from the waist down after being struck by a truck in 2012, Douglas Howey is one of hundreds of thousands of Americans who rely on what is known as “complex rehabilitation technology.” In Howey’s case: a Permobil F5 Corpus motorized wheelcha
Mother Jones6 min de lecture
The Copper Rush
The sun has already dipped behind southeast Arizona’s dusty blue Mescal Mountains, but for sisters Naelyn and Nizhoni Pike, huddled by a fire shooting sparks into the darkening desert, excitement lies ahead. In a few minutes, they will join a dozen r
Mother Jones23 min de lecture
A Few Good Men
On a chilly evening in September 2020, Jordan Schumacher solemnly patrolled the grounds of Valley Forge Military Academy, near his wit’s end. Weeks earlier, the school’s top brass had elevated the 20-year-old college sophomore to the highest rank ava
Mother Jones17 min de lecture
Flipped Off
Early in March of 2021, Anh-Thu Nguyen called her Brooklyn landlord to add a new housemate to her lease. It was a mundane request, one that the 39-year-old labor organizer had made a handful of times since moving into her three-bedroom apartment in P
Mother Jones10 min de lecture
The Smash-and-Grab-Economy
After 16 years at the helm of Houdaille Industries, CEO Jerry Saltarelli wanted out. Since 1941, he’d poured his heart and soul into the company, starting out as a young lawyer and moving up the executive ranks. As CEO, he’d helped the company transf
Mother Jones2 min de lectureCrime & Violence
Leon's No Good, Very Bad Year
On January 20, 2020, the day the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first Covid-19 case in the United States, private equity billionaire Leon Black appeared on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. He smiled wide in black and whi
Mother Jones1 min de lecture
Hey Mr. DJ, Play That PE Song
All I Want for Christmas Is You … Mariah Carey (Hipgnosis Song Fund) Shake It Off … Taylor Swift (Shamrock Holdings) Hips Don’t Lie … Shakira (Hipgnosis Song Fund) Landslide … Fleetwood Mac (Primary Wave) Total Eclipse of the Heart … Bonnie Tyler (Ro
Mother Jones2 min de lectureAmerican Government
Congress' Biggest Private Equity Investors
$16.4M Congress’ PE poster child, the fourth-richest senator (estimated net worth: $85 million) co-founded Bain Capital in 1984. In 2012, Romney’s dismissal of 47% of Americans as freeloaders helped sink his presidential campaign. 30ft. In a devastat
Mother Jones2 min de lecturePolitical Ideologies
States of Denial
ARIZONA: Republicans stripped Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of the power to defend state election laws and transferred that authority to the Republican attorney general—but only through the 2022 election, in case the partisan composition
Mother Jones7 min de lecture
Looks Don't Kill
Starting in 2017, Thai media published a series of articles on the country’s growing class of “new poor people,” former incarcerees who were finding it almost impossible to get hired and often returning to prison as a result. Criminal records were an
Mother Jones6 min de lecture
Purchasing Power
Arianna Anderson had just gone into labor with her fifth child in March 2021 when a bathroom pipe burst. She scrambled to pack for the hospital and, with her husband working out of state, shuttle her young children off to a sitter. Water rushed from
Mother Jones3 min de lecturePoverty & Homelessness
Housing Crisis
For many, America is unlivable. Across the country, homeownership seems like a mirage from another era. In many blue cities and states, even renting is tough. In California, the median price for a home has broken past $800,000. The rate of homelessne
Mother Jones4 min de lectureAmerican Government
Break the Glass
For decades now, many of our leading newsrooms have covered American politics like it’s sports. There are two opposing teams; there are players on the field; there are people with money jockeying for power and acclaim behind the scenes. There are win
Mother Jones20 min de lecture
The Pushback
It was a clear spring morning on the Greek island of Chios, and the waves pummeled the shoreline, whipping the Aegean into a froth. Antonis Bourmas’ house clung to the edge of a rocky point that faced eastward to Turkey, some 6 miles across the sea.
Mother Jones22 min de lecture
Table Scraps
For nearly 30 years, the Reel M Inn has occupied a squat, stucco building on a corner along Southeast Division Street in Portland, Oregon. Sleek condos and coffee shops have erased most of the neighborhood’s blue-collar grit, but the Reel, as locals
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