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Haitians On Texas Border Are Undeterred By U.S. Plan To Expel Them
Thousands of Haitians are gathered in a Texas border city after crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. The U.S. plans to speed up its efforts to put the migrants on flights to their Caribbean homeland.
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Your Questions On Spanking, Siblings and Sleep Training, Answered
Should I sleep train? What's the best spacing between siblings? What about spanking? Economist Emily Oster answers these anonymous parenting questions with data.
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A New Housing Regulator Could Make The American Dream More Accessible For Millions
Sources tell NPR the Biden administration is close to announcing its pick to run the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees the $11 trillion mortgage market.
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Afghan Health Minister: Health Care Is 'On The Verge Of Collapse' But 'I'm Optimistic'
Dr. Wahid Majrooh tells NPR that "If I am hesitant and doubtful now it won't help anyone, and people in need of care will be the first to be affected."
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In The Fight Against COVID, Health Workers Aren't Immune To Vaccine Misinformation
About a quarter of U.S. health care workers have refused the COVID vaccine as of July. They share demographic traits with other unvaccinated people, and are putting hospitals in a tough spot.
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How A Summer Of 'Yes' Is Ending In A Cloud Of Uncertainty For Businesses
Signs of slowdown are everywhere after huge increases in vacation bookings, traveling and eating out earlier this year. Southwest Airlines, Airbnb and restaurants are starting to see a pullback.
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Why Working Out Should Be About More Than What You See In The Mirror
Exercise is important, but balancing exercise with mental health and your own body confidence can be a tricky thing to pull off. These tips can help you along your fitness journey.
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Before The Emmys, Our TV Critic Picks Which Shows Should Win. Here Are The Deggys
Days before the Emmy winners are announced, NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans hands out his own awards — The Deggys — for shows that should be recognized.
NPR8 min de lectureAmerican Government
Should The Lewinsky Affair Define Bill Clinton? Ask The Writer Of FX's 'Impeachment'
Screenwriter Sarah Burgess focused the new series on three of the women at the center of the scandal. And in the process, she gives people a story different from what they think they know.
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Opinion: Automatic Pay Raises Haven't Stopped Chicago's Corruption
Scott Simon questions the automatic aldermanic pay raises in Chicago even as three aldermen face criminal charges in federal court.
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A Chess Trailblazer Is Suing Netflix Over Her Portrayal In 'The Queen's Gambit'
Georgian chess legend Nona Gaprindashvili is suing Netflix for defamation. At issue is a line in the show's final episode that falsely says she hadn't played against male opponents.
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Biden Administration Plans Mass Deportation Of Haitian Migrants In Del Rio, Texas
The Department of Homeland Security plans to expel thousands of Haitian migrants from a small Texas border city starting Sunday.
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Another Flight Has Left Kabul's Airport, This Time With 28 U.S. Citizens On Board
The Qatar Airways charter flight, which was the latest departure from the country now under Taliban control, also included seven U.S. permanent residents.
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Inspiration4 Crew Returns To Earth, Splashing Down In The Atlantic Off Florida Coast
The Inspiration4 crew safely returned to Earth Saturday evening after three days of orbiting the planet. It is the first all-civilian mission to orbit.
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Celebrate The End Of Summer With Monday's Harvest Moon
The harvest moon is the last full moon of the summer. This year it will appear to be full for three days with peak illumination occurring at 7:54 p.m. ET Monday.
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Fred Dakota, Native American Gambling Pioneer, Dies At 84
Dakota, a former leader of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community whose garage casino in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in 1983 was a milestone for Native American gambling, died on Monday.
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California Wildfires Make A Run Toward A Giant Sequoia Grove
A shift in the weather accelerated the fires in the Sequoia National Park on Friday. The flames scorched a grouping of sequoias that mark the entrance to a grove of 2,000 sequoias.
NPR12 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
PHOTOS: They Could Put Food On The Table — Until The Pandemic Struck
A single mom with HIV. A grandmother who thought she had enough money to get by. A lawyer who lost her job. They're among the millions around the world pushed into food insecurity by the pandemic.
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We Know Students Are Struggling With Their Mental Health. Here's How You Can Help
Experts say taking care of your own wellbeing first will allow you to help your kids and students. You should also listen to their concerns and teach them tools to manage their anxieties.
NPR1 min de lectureCrime & Violence
A Chaotic Showdown With A Crossbow-Wielding Man Leaves 2 People Dead
Police were initially called to an apartment building in the Dutch city of Almelo for a reported stabbing incident Friday morning. There, they confronted a man standing with a crossbow on his balcony.
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Children And Teens Gained Weight At An Alarming Rate During The Pandemic, The CDC Says
A new CDC study found that the percentage of obese children and teens increased to 22%, compared to 19% before the pandemic. It also found that expected annual weight gain ranged from 5 to 15 pounds.
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He Was An Interpreter For U.S. Forces In Afghanistan And Now He's Driving For Uber
Many Afghans who worked for the U.S. government in Afghanistan end up doing gig work or other low wage jobs in America, even when they come with language and professional skills.
NPR2 min de lectureCrime & Violence
Justice Clarence Thomas Says The Supreme Court Is Flawed But Still Works
Justice Thomas defended the Supreme Court's independence, arguing that despite disagreements about the court's role, "it works. It may work sort of like a car with three wheels, but it still works."
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'Ted Lasso' Recap, Season 2, Episode 9: It's A Beard, Beard, Beard, Beard World
Coach Beard goes out on his own after the Manchester City game, and he winds up spending a long night just trying to find his way back to where he started.
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9 Lions And Tigers At The National Zoo Are Being Treated For COVID
Zookeepers noticed something was amiss when the animals began eating less and were seen coughing and sneezing. Visitors are not at risk because the public doesn't have access to the enclosures.
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Diamante Eléctrico: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
The Colombian indie rock band performs a colorful and funky four-song set from their home country's capital, Bogotá.
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Here's Why The Arc De Triomphe Was Just Wrapped In Fabric
It is "a sensual, popular and monumental gesture," says Carine Rolland, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of culture. The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude came up with the idea before they died.
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Yes, We're Calling It Hispanic Heritage Month And We Know It Makes Some Of You Cringe
Opinions around the word Hispanic versus Latino or the newer Latinx are rooted in personal experiences. Here's a look at how more than 62 million people in the U.S. fall under the Hispanic umbrella.
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What's Making Us Happy: A Guide For Your Weekend Watching, Listening And Reading
Each week, the guests and hosts on Pop Culture Happy Hour share what's bringing them joy. Today it's Run the World, the card game Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and coverage of the Theranos trial.
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Their Dad Transformed Video Games In The 1970s — And Passed On His Pioneering Spirit
The late Jerry Lawson helped invent the first video game console with interchangeable games. His children say he brought the fun and games home and showed them they could create their own path.
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