NPR4 min de lecturePolitics
Pay Raises, More Staff, Earmarks: Lawmakers Propose Ways To Overhaul Congress
A newly created bipartisan House committee is examining ways to change both the culture and the law-making structure on Capitol Hill.
NPR1 min de lecture
First Listen: Mdou Moctar, 'Ilana (The Creator)'
The Tuareg musician may have just made the most insane psychedelic guitar album of the 21st century.
NPR1 min de lecture
First Listen: Grupo Fantasma, 'American Music Vol. VII'
The nine-piece Latin funk band's new album is a perfectly executed bi-cultural statement, made for the millions of people who love mariachi as much as James Brown.
NPR4 min de lecturePolitics
Oklahoma Sheriff And Deputies Resign Over 'Dangerous' Jail
"The condition of the jail is such that it does not comply with constitutional standards," Nowata County Sheriff Terry Sue Barnett told reporters after tendering her resignation.
NPR2 min de lectureScience
Nebraska Faces Over $1.3 Billion In Flood Losses
Historic flooding in the Midwest has caused unprecedented damages and led to at least three deaths.
NPR3 min de lectureSociety
Harvard Profits From Photos Of Slaves, Lawsuit Claims
Tamara Lanier, the descendant of an enslaved man known as Renty, is suing Harvard for damages. She wants the university to return the photos of her ancestor.
NPR7 min de lectureRelationships & Parenting
Can Inuit Moms Help Me Tame My 3-Year-Old's Anger?
After learning how parents in the Canadian Arctic address a child's misbehavior, I changed my tactics when my toddler would slap my face in anger.
NPR3 min de lecture
A Summer Of Second Chances In 'Small Town Hearts'
Lillie Vale's new young adult novel follows Babe Vogel, who's perfectly happy in her small town life, even though her friends have mostly moved on — until a "summer boy" arrives to complicate things.
NPR3 min de lecture
Radovan Karadžić Gets Life As Hague Court Upholds Genocide Conviction
Judges in The Hague upheld the Bosnian Serb leader's conviction in connection with the 1995 Srebrenica massacre that claimed the lives of 8,000 Muslim men and boys.
NPR3 min de lectureSociety
On The Brink Of Brexit, PM Theresa May Pushes For Extension With EU Support
The European Council President said a delay of three months is possible. But U.K. lawmakers would have to approve terms of separation that May has already unsuccessfully proposed to them.
NPR5 min de lecturePolitics
'Hear Me By Any Means Necessary': Charlottesville Is Forced To Redefine Civility
After a deadly white supremacist rally in 2017, once-marginalized voices in Charlottesville, Va., are demanding to be heard by the City Council. That has led to a debate over civility.
NPR7 min de lectureHappiness
Looking For Happiness In The 3rd Least Happy Country In The World
Afghanistan ranks extremely low on the World Happiness Report, released for World Happiness Day on March 20. But that doesn't mean it is a place devoid of happiness.
NPR5 min de lecturePolitics
Trump Carries On Criticism Of McCain, As A Republican Calls His Words 'Deplorable'
The president again complained about the late Arizona senator during an Ohio speech, even criticizing the McCain family for not showing gratitude to the president over the late senator's funeral.
NPR3 min de lecture
A Lost 'Little Boy' Nears 100: Poet And Publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti
The Beat Generation icon and owner of City Lights bookstore and press in San Francisco is still writing. He celebrates his centennial March 24, and his new autobiographical novel is out now.
NPR3 min de lecture
'The Lost Gutenberg' Traces One Bible's 500-Year Journey
The depth of Margaret Leslie Davis' research on the tome's history cannot be understated — her writing is straightforward and, at times, heartbreaking, but outstanding reporting lies at the core.
NPR3 min de lecture
'The Future Of Literature': Whiting Awards Celebrate 10 Emerging Writers
The novelists, poets and playwrights won Wednesday partly for their work so far, but also for the promise they've shown. If previous winners are an indication, it's a promise they're likely to keep.
NPR5 min de lecture
Surrounded By Military Barracks, Skiers Shred The Himalayan Slopes Of Indian Kashmir
Kashmir, disputed between India and Pakistan, is the site of a decades-long insurgency. It is also a winter sports haven. During recent airstrikes and shelling, a ski station remained open.
NPR4 min de lecture
Statisticians' Call To Arms: Reject Significance And Embrace Uncertainty!
Scientists and statisticians are putting forth a bold idea: ban the very concept of "statistical significance." A bit more humility would be in order to account for the ambiguity in the world.
NPR4 min de lecturePolitics
Border Patrol Starts Releasing Asylum-Seeking Migrants To South Texas Streets
The move is an apparent return by the government to the practice President Trump has called "catch and release" and promised to end when he was a presidential candidate.
NPR5 min de lecture
D.C.'s Female Judges Are Central To The Russia Imbroglio, Often Behind The Scenes
Some of the least-known but most important figures in the Russia investigation and its aftermath are the women who preside over its headline-grabbing cases.
NPR5 min de lectureSociety
Plight Of Survivors After Cyclone Idai: No Power, No Homes, No Roads
Charities are trying to help with what a Red Cross staffer calls "the worst humanitarian crisis in Mozambique's history." Zimbabwe and Malawi were also struck.
NPR2 min de lecturePolitics
New Zealand Banning Weapons Like Those Used In Mosque Attacks In Christchurch
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Thursday that the government will ban "military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles," to avert "the kind of horror and attack that we saw on Friday."
NPR3 min de lecture
Disney Officially Owns 21st Century Fox
The $71 billion deal strengthens Disney's portfolio and gives it even more leverage to compete against other streaming powerhouses.
NPR4 min de lecturePolitics
Democratic Candidates Embrace The Risk Of Radical Ideas
Increasing the size of the Supreme Court and scrapping the Electoral College are two of the latest provocative proposals sweeping the 2020 Democratic field.
NPR3 min de lecturePolitics
Donald Trump Jr.: U.K.'s Prime Minister Should Have Listened To My Father
The political chaos surrounding Brexit could have been avoided had Theresa May simply followed President Trump's advice, his son wrote in an op-ed.
NPR2 min de lecture
FDA Approves First Drug To Treat Postpartum Depression
Postpartum depression affects nearly one in nine mothers after childbirth. Zulresso would be the first drug dedicated to treating the mental illness.
NPR3 min de lecturePolitics
Despite U.S. Pressure, Germany Refuses To Exclude Huawei's 5G Technology
The U.S. says it may stop sharing intelligence with Germany if it adopts Chinese firm Huawei's 5G technology. But the threats haven't swayed Germany, which says it can set its own security standards.
NPR3 min de lecture
EU Fines Google $1.7 Billion Over 'Abusive' Online Ad Strategies
For years, AdSense contracts gave Google a wide range of control, including how its rivals' search ads would appear — and their size, color and font, the EU says.
NPR2 min de lectureSociety
San Francisco To Pay $13.1 Million To Man Framed By Police For Murder
Jamal Trulove spent more than six years in prison before being acquitted in 2015. A jury found police deliberately fabricated evidence and withheld exculpatory material.
NPR3 min de lecture
Supreme Court Justices Seem Incredulous At Repeated Racial Bias In Jury Selection
In a Mississippi death penalty case, the justices were skeptical of the way the state picked and dismissed black jurors and appeared ready not to uphold the conviction.
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