Futurity2 min de lectureChemistry
How To Align Gold Nanorods Without Losing Their Powers
A new technique uses magnetic fields to align gold nanorods while preserving their underlying optical properties, report researchers. “Gold nanorods are of interest because they can absorb and scatter specific wavelengths of light, making them attrac
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Wild Turtles Age Slowly. Some Basically Don’t Age At All
New research finds that turtles in the wild age slowly and have long lifespans, and identifies several species that essentially don’t age at all. At 190 years old, Jonathan the Seychelles giant tortoise recently made news for being the “oldest living
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Smell Of Desert Rainstorms May Have Health Benefits
Oils and other chemicals plants release after a rainstorm may explain the feelings of euphoria and the health benefits that follow a storm in the desert, research shows. “The Sonoran Desert flora is one of the richest in the world in plants that emit
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‘Exomuscle’ Boosts Upper Body Strength And Endurance
Researchers have developed a wearable textile exomuscle that serves as an extra layer of muscles. They aim to use it to increase upper body strength and endurance of people with restricted mobility. “My arms are simply getting weaker,” says Michael H
Futurity2 min de lectureAddiction
Racial Disparities Showed Up In Opioid Addiction Treatment During COVID
People from racial and ethnic minority groups were less likely to obtain prescriptions to treat opioid addiction during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study. The findings give further weight to the conclusion that the COVID-19 pandemic mor
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What’s The Best Way To Tackle Teacher Burnout?
Two education researchers have some insights on the rising rates of teacher resignation and growing concerns for the future of the field. Teachers have one of the most important roles in society, yet they have always been up against a host of challen
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Virtual Reality Trip As Sea Turtle Ups Empathy
A virtual reality simulation called Project Shell, lets people take on the body of a loggerhead sea turtle. Participants in Project Shell don a virtual reality headset and sport flippers instead of arms. During a 15-minute immersive experience, they
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New Pic Sheds Light On The Death Of ‘Hypergiant’ Stars
Astronomers have created a detailed, three-dimensional image of a dying hypergiant star. The team traced the distribution, directions, and velocities of a variety of molecules surrounding a red hypergiant star known as VY Canis Majoris. Their finding
Futurity1 min de lectureChemistry
New Sunscreen Component Would Last Longer
Researchers have created a longer-lasting version of avobenzone, a common ingredient in sunscreen. Avobenzone breaks down under sunlight, which renders it ineffective in a matter of hours. “I have two small kids, and I’m always telling them to reappl
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Women In Science Get Less Credit On Papers And Patents
Women in science are less likely than their male counterparts to receive authorship credit for their work, a study shows. Researchers used a large set of administrative data from universities that revealed exactly who was involved with and paid on va
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Breast Cancer Cells Spread During Sleep
Circulating breast cancer cells that later form metastases mainly arise during a person’s sleep phase, a new study shows. To date, cancer research has not paid much attention to the question of when tumors shed metastatic cells. Researchers previousl
Futurity4 min de lectureChemistry
To Cut Emissions, Give Microbes More Copper?
When microbes don’t get the metals they need, the result may have consequences for the environment. Microbes need some metals in their diet to stay healthy, as do we. The metals help the microbes fully “digest” food. After a good meal, the microbes t
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Forest Research Links Carbon Uptake And Water Use
New research links the amount of carbon dioxide taken in by land ecosystems, such as forests, to the availability of water, which is in short supply during droughts. Our climate is rapidly warming with rising temperatures affecting the physical envir
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Can Scientists Use Plants To Study Human Mental Illness?
A team of researchers thinks it’s possible to study human psychiatric illness in plants and have taken the first step toward this goal. In a study in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, they report investigating a gene very similar in both plants a
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New Shelter Designs Boost Firefighters’ Survival Chances
Four new designs for shelters to protect firefighters trapped in wildfires could increase survival time compared with the current industry standard, according to a new study. In lab simulations of wildfire burn-overs—where a wildfire sweeps over a gr
Futurity3 min de lecture
Depression Symptoms Spike For Teen Boys After Grandma’s Death
Losing a beloved family member is never easy, but a new study suggests the loss of a grandmother may have repercussions for the loved ones she leaves behind. The study finds that for up to seven years after the death of their grandmother, adolescent
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‘Tattoo’ Continuously Monitors Blood Pressure
A new electronic tattoo can be worn comfortably on the wrist for hours to deliver continuous blood pressure measurements, a new study shows. The measurements exceed accuracy levels of nearly all available options on the market today. Blood pressure i
Futurity4 min de lectureRobotics
Watch A Robot Paint Graffiti Just Like A Person
Graduate students at the Georgia Institute of Technology have built the first graffiti-painting robot system that mimics the fluidity of human movement. Aptly named GTGraffiti, the system uses motion capture technology to record human painting motion
Futurity3 min de lectureChemistry
How Cell ‘Machinery’ Incorporates Selenium
New research shows how the body incorporates selenium. Selenium is an essential trace mineral found in soil, water, and some foods that increases antioxidant effects in the body. The research, published in the journal Science, includes the most in-de
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Emissions From Agriculture Threaten Health And Climate
A new study analyzes the cost of reactive nitrogen emissions from fertilized agriculture and their risks to populations and climate. The study quantifies emissions of nitrogen oxides, ammonia, and nitrous oxide from fertilized soils over three years
Futurity3 min de lectureChemistry
What Makes Rechargeable Batteries Decay?
The factors behind battery decay actually change over time, according to a new study. Early on, decay seems to be driven by the properties of individual electrode particles, but after several dozen charging cycles, it’s how those particles are put to
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These Homebody Polar Bears Don’t Need Sea Ice To Survive
Researchers have documented a previously unknown subpopulation of polar bears living in Southeast Greenland. The polar bears survive with limited access to sea ice by hunting from freshwater ice that pours into the ocean from Greenland’s glaciers. Be
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What You Should Know About The COVID Vax For Young Kids
Children aged 6 months to 5 years are now eligible to receive the Pfizer and BioNTech SE and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) unanimously authorized its use, after extensive review of safety and efficacy
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Some People Do Better On Cognitive Tasks While Walking
Some young and healthy people improve performance on cognitive tasks while walking by changing the use of neural resources, according to a new study. It has long been thought that when walking is combined with a task—both suffer. The new research fin
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Spray-on Coating Could Replace Plastic Wrap
A new biodegradable, plant-based, spray-on coating may offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic food wrap and containers, researchers say. The coating can guard food against pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms and transportation da
Futurity3 min de lectureIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
Internet Data Produce A Racist, Sexist Robot
A robot operating with a popular internet-based artificial intelligence system consistently gravitates to men over women, white people over people of color, and jumps to conclusions about peoples’ jobs after a glance at their face. The work is believ
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Watch: Tiny Frogs Can’t Stick The Landing
A group of frogs alternately called pumpkin toadlets and flea toads have become so small they’re no longer able to maintain balance during quick maneuvers, like jumping, researchers report. “They’re not great jumpers, and they’re not particularly goo
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New Star Systems Are Young And Blue, Not ‘Red And Dead’
Astronomers have identified five examples of a new class of stellar system. They’re not quite galaxies and only exist in isolation. The new stellar systems contain only young, blue stars, which are distributed in an irregular pattern and seem to exis
Futurity3 min de lectureRobotics
See A Tiny Robot Suck Up Cargo As Prep For Drug Delivery
Magnetic fields power the tiny crawling robots that scientists are creating to improve drug delivery. If you’ve ever swallowed the same round tablet in hopes of curing everything from stomach cramps to headaches, you already know that medicines aren’
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3 Systems Develop Together For Baby’s Respiratory Health
The co-development of three systems—the gut microbiome, respiratory system, and immune system—is correlated with a baby’s respiratory health, research shows. The finding also indicates that an infant can have negative respiratory outcomes if the deve
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