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Enzyme In Blood Of Young Mice Slows Aging In Older Ones
Scientists have discovered a potential way to stave off the detrimental effects of aging, according to their research in mice. The study suggests that a protein that is abundant in the blood of young mice plays a vital role in keeping them healthy. W
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How Tropical Thunderstorms Threaten West Antarctica
Warming waters in the western tropical Pacific Ocean have significantly increased thunderstorms and rainfall, which could de-stabilize the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, a new study reports. West Antarctica—a massive ice sheet that sits on land—has been m
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Machine Learning Says ‘Sound Words’ Predict Psychosis
Frequent use of words associated with sound is one clue to the later emergence of psychosis, a machine-learning method indicates. The researchers also developed a new machine-learning method to more precisely quantify the semantic richness of people’
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Feisty Mantis Shrimp Have Amazing Tail ‘Shields’
The tough tails of mantis shrimp could solve a big manufacturing problem: creating lighter materials that absorbs lots of energy from a shape impact in limited space. What if there were a material that could prevent car ceilings from caving in on pas
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This Combo Could Make An RSV Vaccine Possible
A unique adjuvant can prevent vaccine-enhanced respiratory disease, a sickness that has posed a major hurdle in vaccine development for RSV, according to a study with mice. An adjuvant is a substance that enhances the body’s immune response to toxins
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Watch: Algorithm Lets People Walk Right Out Of Images
People moving in and out of photographs used to be reserved for the world of Harry Potter, but computer scientists have now brought that magic to real life. Their algorithm, Photo Wake-Up, can take a person from a 2D photo or a work of art and make t
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Map: Heat-related Deaths Climate Action Could Prevent
Speeding up efforts to meet the Paris Climate Agreement’s goal of limiting temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius could prevent thousands of extreme heat-related deaths in US cities, experts say. The planet will warm by about 3 degrees Celsius (
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Adversity In Early Childhood Sets Off Snowball Effect
New research clarifies how adversity early in life affects the ways children develop, including their executive function skills. Experiences such as poverty, residential instability, or parental divorce or substance abuse can lead to changes in a chi
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Silicon And Your Phone Could Lead To Home Diagnostics
Combining an iPhone with nanoscale porous silicon can offer cheap, simple home diagnostics, say researchers. The simplest home medical tests might look like a deck of various silicon chips coated in special film, one that could detect drugs in the bl
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Facebook Gets More Diversity Into Gene Studies
Researchers believe they have found a way to harness the power of Facebook to recruit a large, diverse participant pool they hope will help provide quick, reliable data for genetic studies. “The ability to study very large groups of individuals is a
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Clues From Stevia Promise Sweetness Without Aftertaste
Knowing the molecular machinery that gives stevia its intense sweetness could help engineer artificial sweeteners without a nasty aftertaste, researchers say. Although scientists know a lot about the genes and proteins in the biochemical pathway resp
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Saying This May Help Young Men Prevent Sexual Violence
Appealing to a shared sense of morality can help young men successfully intervene to prevent sexual violence against women, a new study shows. “There’s a new focus, especially on college campuses, on studying bystander intervention in preventing sexu
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5 Things To Know About The Science Of Dad
For Father’s Day, here are five surprising research findings about dads and their kids. Researchers recently asked fathers what they find most rewarding—and most challenging—about being a dad. James Rilling, a professor and chair of the Emory Univers
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How Siberian Hamsters Lose Half Their Weight Each Year
Siberian hamsters lose half their weight every winter. Scientists have now sequenced their DNA to figure out how. The Siberian hamster is a model organism for studying seasonal biological rhythms, researchers say. They breed during the spring and ear
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‘Virtual Biopsy’ Device Detects Skin Tumors In 15 Minutes
A new “virtual biopsy” device uses sound vibrations and pulses of near-infrared light instead of a scalpel to quickly determine a skin lesion’s depth and potential malignancy, a new study reports. The ability to analyze a skin tumor non-invasively co
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Discovery Could Lead To Better Maternal Vaccines
A newly identified cellular process could lead to safer and more effective vaccines that protect pregnant women and newborns from dangerous infections, researchers say. A new study in Cell describes a previously unidentified route for antibodies to t
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9 Questions And Answers About The Vasectomy
A vasectomy, or male sterilization, is a very effective, relatively simple option for permanent birth control. It requires only a minor surgical procedure and has one of the lowest failure rates across all birth control. Robert Pope, primary care phy
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Survey: Half Of Fathers Report ‘Daddy-shaming’
Half of dads in a new national poll report facing criticism and second-guessing about their parenting choices. For more than a quarter of fathers polled, criticism made them feel less confident as a parent, and 1 in 5 say it discouraged them from bei
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New Dads Who Get More Sleep Face Different Trouble
New moms and dads both need sleep and exercise, but getting them affects their relationship and stress levels in different ways, say researchers. In a study looking at the daily lives of new parents, a team finds that in general, getting more physica
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Morning Exercise Or Evening? Both Have Perks
The benefits of exercise may differ depending on the time of day when you work out, a new study in mice suggests. Too little sleep can have severe health consequences, but researchers are still making discoveries confirming that the body’s circadian
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Edit Video Like It’s Text With This Algorithm
A new algorithm allows video editors to modify talking head videos as if they were editing text—copying, pasting, or adding and deleting words. In television and film, actors often flub small bits of otherwise flawless performances. Other times they
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Clues To Side Effect May Prolong Prostate Cancer Survival
Scientists believe they’ve figured out why a common drug for late-stage prostate cancer often loses effectiveness and can even make things worse. The drug, enzalutamide, stops working after four or five months and appears to have a dual function that
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Climate’s Role In Armed Conflict Will Likely Increase
Intensifying climate change will increase the future risk of violent armed conflict within countries, according to a new study. Synthesizing views across experts, the study in Nature estimates climate has influenced between 3 percent and 20 percent o
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For Food Security, SNAP And WIC Aren’t Redundant
New research provides evidence that two food assistance programs, SNAP and WIC, are in fact complementary, not redundant. Forty million Americans, including 6.5 million children, are food insecure, according to the US Department of Agriculture, which
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Paid Parental Leave Benefits Moms And Babies
California’s paid parental leave law appears to have improved the mental health of mothers and the overall welfare of their infant children, according to new research. The study is the first to assess the impact of paid family leave on maternal well-
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Hydrothermal Vents Fuel ‘Blooms’ In Surprising Places
Hydrothermal vents in the seafloor may affect life near the surface and the global carbon cycle more than previously thought, according to a new study. The research provides the first observed evidence of iron from the Southern Ocean’s depths turning
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Inducing Seizures Can Pinpoint Their Origin
For some people with epilepsy, inducing seizures is just as effective for determining their origin in the brain as those that happen spontaneously, a new study reports. Surgery is the only way to stop seizures in 30 percent of patients with focal dru
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1 Swap Halves The Carbon Footprint Of Your Diet
If Americans changed their diets by swapping out just one item each day, they could greatly reduce their carbon footprint from food, according to a new report. “We found that making one substitution of poultry for beef resulted in an average reductio
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Rise Of E-scooters Is Busting Up A Lot Of Faces
Facial and head injuries from riding electric scooters have tripled over the past decade, a new study reports. Electric scooter use has increased in popularity as a more environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to gas vehicles. However, sta
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If Boss Shoots Down Ideas, Employees Won’t Speak Up
How a manager responds to an employee’s suggestion can influence whether they open up in the future, according to a new study. Speaking up in front of a supervisor can be stressful—but it doesn’t have to be. A new paper shows how leaders can use lang
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