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A Mindful Approach to Restoring Your Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit
— From our first steps, each memorable moment of our lives leads us to find our balance. As parents, we watch with bated breath as our child takes their first wobbly steps and then we applaud and carry on as though they just landed on the moon. We re
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Good vs. Evil in the Workplace and Beyond…and What You Can Do
— “I could help him, but I’m not going to.” This is what a colleague said to me years ago about a coworker who was clearly spinning out of control and about to crash professionally. Let’s just think about that idea for a moment: I am able to help, bu
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7 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence
— Do you consider yourself confident? Given how self-confidence impacts how you look at things, as well as your overall mood and well-being, this is definitely an aspect of your life worth exploring. If you’re not feeling confident, it can feel diffi
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Meditation is Your Best Productivity Tool
— Ten years into my dream job as an English instructor, I started to experience the worst nightmare known to any teacher: Burnout. I can’t say when exactly it started or even why; I just know that I underwent a downward spiral of where I was lacking
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Diabetes: Why It’s Often Undiagnosed, Symptoms to Look for and What You Can Do
— Imagine having one of the most common chronic diseases in the nation without being aware of it. As it stands, that’s the reality for 1 in 5 of the 34 million Americans with diabetes. As a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S., diabetes
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A Cure For The Virus Of Racism
— The prevalence of racial prejudice has been like a viral infection in the physical structure of American society, but like with any virus, there is a cure. The time for the cure is NOW. The first step to cure any disease is the acknowledgment that
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Health-Boosting, Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors
— Staying healthy is important at any age, but it’s especially important as you get older. Fortunately, keeping fit and active doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated thanks to the variety of low-impact options to keep seniors healthy without too
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Art Is Our Teacher: Let’s Learn From Rather than Destroy the Art which Reflects Our Past
— The assailant’s aim was clear: To wipe out the old man’s existence like a besieging army sacking a city. Front to back, back to front, the old man tottered as he clung to the cool, smooth platform while his attackers tugged and thrashed at his stur
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The Rights And Responsibilities Of White Privilege In A Time Of Racism
— “Evil cracker! Evil cracker! Evil cracker!” The words came hurling at me as I was leaving a store in St. Louis Park with my dementia-cursed mother who still has enough defiance and chutzpah to refuse a cane to assist her labored walking. “Huh? Are
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How Good Are You Willing To Let Life Get? Daily Messages From A Spirit Animal
— I was seated facing the majestic Apu Pachatusan, a mountain of immense spiritual power in the sacred valley of Peru. Assisted by a local shaman, our small group worked with masterful plant medicines to heal. In the first ceremony, beneath the inten
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What Are You Really Crying About?
— “I love to cry — as long as it’s not about my life.” It was a simple statement, a line I’ve said a thousand times before. But when your dad is a shrink — like mine — you never know where a conversation might take you.  A few months ago I was visiti
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Kids, Quarantine & Devices: Managing Screen Time During COVID and Beyond
— The Hard Work of Managing Kids’ Devices During a Quarantine (and in General) One afternoon, about a year and a half ago, I was looking at my bookshelf and noticed 6 parenting books I had purchased within the previous 12 months, but never read. Out
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Soup’s On! Musings On Life & A Recipe For Summer Black Bean Soup With Cucumber Yogurt
— Here in the Catskills where I live, it’s finally warming up outside and I am filled with a vacillating mixture of hope, anxiety, joy, fear — and love all at the same time. When I find myself too far at the edge of one or all of those feelings, I do
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Tired of Just Doing? Embrace Inaction as an Opportunity to Realign Your Goals
— Monday morning, and I am dragging my feet across the floor, sluggish and resentful. This is not me! I love to work… I love nothing more than finding clarity for what needs to be done and smashing it out and feeling accomplished and proud of how eff
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Gratitude: The Gateway To Transformation
— As difficult as it may be, you have to look for things to be grateful for in the negative situation. In the winter of 2002, I was a depressed, broke, mature, fat woman, with no job and a husband who had just committed suicide. Not exactly a scenari
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Swimming for Strength, Injury Recovery, Positivity and Overall Health
— An increasing number of Americans are immersing themselves in the wonderful world of swimming. Current data suggests over 27.5 million people enjoy swimming as their form of fitness. Is it time for you to stop watching from the edge of the pool?  I
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Green Smoothie Recipes To Strengthen Your Immune System
— While we’re all isolating at home this year, it can be all too easy to overeat out of boredom or to subsist on a diet of microwaved dinners. But if you want to stay healthy, you still need your fruits, vegetables and antioxidants. Green smoothies h
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Prepare For Your Future With Mindfulness Practices and Positive Habits
— As the world around us seems to be changing by the second, it can feel challenging to remain present and active in our day-to-day lives. Our sense of self is deeply rooted in our actions, beliefs, and patterns which might be a bit altered at this t
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Finding Solace in Silence
— We live in a world of constant noise. From young children to the elderly, if it is not the TV or music, we are listening to a podcast or watching a video. I used to convince myself that I needed ‘white noise’ to be productive. I told myself that I
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Why and How to Balance Your Hormones for Better Health
— Hormones are very important to the health and well-being for both women and men, but even though they are responsible for how we function on a moment to moment basis, they are often misunderstood and overlooked. When one hormone is out of balance,
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Pandemic Paradox: The Crisis Is A Blessing
— A crisis, like a global pandemic, arises because Nature is trying to teach us a lesson. A crisis is a situation created through an inability to live in accordance with natural law — the laws of Nature governing the Universe. The crisis is the signa
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The Art of Receiving: The Greatest Act of Generosity
— When I recently offered to help a friend struggling with money during the pandemic, I realized just how tough it can be for some of us to receive from others. Not only did my friend politely decline my offer, but she also made sure I got the messag
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The Mental and Emotional Causes of COVID-19
— There seems to be no end to news of horrific suffering around the world as the corona pandemic hits us hard. Our nervous and immune systems are impacted as we worry about contracting COVID-19 and possibly dying from it. Feeling trapped and disconne
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A Letter To My Younger Self: I Couldn’t Have Gotten Here Without You
— Dear Chris (circa 1994),  I have just finished watching episode 2 of Kelly Turner’s Radical Remission docuseries produced by Hay House. And I have found myself cheering, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” These are the types of healing stories that your pioneering w
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Living What Matters: Reflections, Prose and 52 Prompts for Self-Inquiry
— Since books arrive like children, after months of labor, the timing of their arrival is well beyond us. And so, in the midst of this profound, painful, and transformative time, my new book, The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters is arriv
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Following The Doodle: An Artist’s Journey Of Reclaiming A Long-Forgotten Passion
— As far back as I can remember, I have been obsessed with doodling. In fact, I doodled all the time. Any blank surface was an open invitation to scribble, create and daydream — unchartered territory. Paper napkins were a big favorite, and a paper re
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Breaking Free From The Debt Cycle
— Have you ever felt absolutely overwhelmed by the burden of debt? You are not alone.  Debt is a pervasively significant stressor with household debt in the U.S. recently reaching record levels surpassing $14 trillion.  And while managing and reducin
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Dancing With Life In A Time Of Global Challenge
— As we move more deeply into this time of global quarantine, many people are feeling out of control, frustrated, trapped and unsure about the future. We are all being faced with situations none of us have learned to navigate in our lifetimes. With a
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Recipe: Pistachio Sugar Cookies
— I love pistachios, not just the beautiful green hue they impart to dishes, but their buttery flavor is amazing. A simple sauce for over your tofu or polenta takes only a handful of pistachios, a pinch of salt and just enough water (about ¼ cup of w
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5 Self-Care Essentials While Grieving the Death of a Pet
— Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet can be for some just as devastating as dealing with the loss of a family member, or a close friend. The grieving process is inevitably painful; however, you can help yourself move on by following simple but ef
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