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Incoherent, Creepy And Deceptively Gorgeous: Six Leading British Artists Making Art With AI
For more than 30,000 years we have been the only art-making species on Earth, give or take the odd paint-throwing Neanderthal or chimpanzee. Art is the oldest and most spectacular triumph of human consciousness, from Lascaux to the Sistine Chapel. Bu
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Paint Him Out: Katy Hessel’s Retelling Of Art History Is Waterstones Book Of The Year
Katy Hessel’s The Story of Art Without Men, which began as an Instagram account highlighting female artists, has been named Waterstones book of the year. The book was chosen by the retailer’s booksellers, who vote each year for the books they have mo
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What Happened To The Cockney Riviera? The Botched Regeneration Of Brutalist Utopia Thamesmead
A helicopter swoops over a sun-kissed marina, where young couples stroll along a waterfront promenade, between the masts of sailing boats and the chiselled concrete ziggurats of dashing modern flats. Up above, elevated walkways carry families from th
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Cocaine Bear: The Trailer For 2023’s Wildest Film Is Everything And More
Ever since it was first announced back in April, Cocaine Bear has held a very special place in the heart of moviegoers. A film based on the real life story of a 175lb black bear who ingested a duffel bag of abandoned cocaine in northern Georgia in 19
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‘The Perfect Gateway’: Are Broadway Audiences Ready For A K-pop Musical?
With her ice blond hair, kaleidoscopic costumes and melismatic high notes, the South Korean solo artist MwE (pronounced mu-WEE) looks the part of a bona fide K-pop idol, the model of a hyper-visible cipher. Fellow girl group RTMIS (pronounced Artemis
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‘Fifteen Years Of Total Insanity’: How Robert Downey Jr Made Peace With His Maverick Father
In his father’s underground western Greaser’s Palace, a seven-year-old Robert Downey Jr plays, in his own words, “a boy who got his neck slit by God”. This, perhaps, explains a lot. Downey Jr grew up on Robert Downey Sr’s film sets in the 70s and 80s
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Breaking The Silence: Movies Grapple With The #MeToo Movement
The beginning of the #MeToo movement, as a cultural reckoning on endemic sexual misconduct and abuse, can be roughly dated by the click of a mouse. On 5 October 2017, the New York Times published an investigation into the film producer Harvey Weinste
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A Free Spotify Alternative? How US Libraries Became The Place To Stream Your New Favorite Band
“There are countless people who come in and say, ‘We just moved and this is our first stop,’” says Anna M Zook, reference and digital services librarian at the LE Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. “I always emphasize the fact
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‘Those Nuns!’: Why Martin Scorsese Must Be A Devout Derry Girls Fan
The Economic Club of Chicago isn’t necessarily known for its social media heft. So when Martin Scorsese appeared at its black tie dinner event in October, for a 46-minute discussion about his life and career, it barely made a ripple. Six weeks have p
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Health, Humour, Harry: Five Points From Brandreth’s Queen Biography
She found the Duke of York’s account of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein “intriguing”, worried that the Duke of Sussex might be a little “over in love” with Meghan, and found some solace in the gritty police drama Line of Duty after the death of t
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Casablanca At 80: A Golden Age Classic That Remains Impossible To Resist
Many of the greatest films of all time have some triumph-over-adversity story to buffer their mythology: a chaotic production, weak box office, critics that didn’t get it at the time, a loss to some forgettable film during awards season. Their greatn
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The Power Of Women: Acclaimed Italian Author Elena Ferrante On Patriarchy And Protest In Iran
Shiva Akhavan Rad is an Iranian freelance journalist. She worked as a psychologist before starting to write about film and culture in local Iranian newspapers and magazines. Elena Ferrante is the pseudonymous author of many books, including the four
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Tarot Cards Reveal Hidden Thoughts Of Surrealist Genius Leonora Carrington
A male figure – the Fool – floats almost in space, etched in white on to a shimmering blue background, a dog pawing at his leg. In a second painting, Death strides across a field wielding his scythe, two heads sitting on the ground. The images, both
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Goncharov: Why Has The Internet Invented A Fake Martin Scorsese Film?
Sian, I’m seeing a lot of talk about a Martin Scorsese film called Goncharov. But I’ve never heard of a Martin Scorsese film called Goncharov. What’s going on? Ah yes, there’s been a lot of talk on Tumblr about the greatest mafia movie ever made. Rel
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Celebrities? They’re All A Bit Weird … Hadley Freeman On 22 Years Interviewing Stars
I started working at the Guardian in the summer of 2000 – not to write, but to look after a key. The key to the fashion cupboard, to be precise, ensuring no clothes for the fashion shoots were stolen. This was my primary role as the fashion assistant
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Devotion: The True Story Behind A Film About The Navy’s First Black Aviator
Jesse Brown was the original top gun – a navy fighter pilot whose heroism in the Korean war earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross, the loftiest award the US military pins on high fliers. That he was also the first Black pilot to pass navy flight
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World Cup Goal Celebration Songs – Ranked!
Does it matter what music is played around the stadium when a goal is scored? To answer that question let me revisit a particularly grim time during the pandemic when Liverpool FC were playing in empty stadiums and their goals were followed not by th
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‘A Small Victory Against Erasure’: The Three Minutes That Bring An Exterminated Jewish Past To Life
Like anyone else, every now and again I come across old photos of family holidays. There are quite a few from the mid-1970s, mostly taken on Bournemouth beach. Obviously, I look at the faces of my parents, now gone, or of me and my sisters – but some
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Britain Is A ‘Bifurcated Place Nowadays’, Says Julian Barnes
Julian Barnes has said Britain is a “bifurcated place nowadays” and accused politicians of encouraging “mean-spiritedness”. Barnes, who won the Booker prize in 2011 with The Sense of an Ending, has been a patron of Freedom from Torture – a charity wh
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Sullivan’s Travels: 1940s Screwball Comedy Pre-empted Debate About ‘Poverty Porn’
No film has contemplated the divide between “high” and “low” art with as much flair, gusto and flat-out fun as Preston Sturges’s 1941 magnum opus Sullivan’s Travels. The writer-director elevated screwball comedies, making irresistibly entertaining pi
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‘He Started Breakdancing. I Couldn’t Believe It!’ Your Verdicts On The Crown
The series left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The praise of Charles, contrasted with the criticism of Diana, felt almost like the result of a negotiation between our new king and the showrunners. I found myself laughing out loud at several moments
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Bob Iger: Disney’s Mr Fixit Returns As It Faces Big Challenges
Bob Iger is Disney’s Mr Fixit. From the visionary purchases of Marvel and Star Wars to the takeover of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox that helped arm Disney for a global streaming showdown with Netflix, Iger has proved to be the executive with the Midas touch.
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Andor: How A Star Wars Deep Cut Became One Of The Best TV Shows Of The Year
Of all the made-for-streaming Star Wars and Marvel spin-offs to shuffle off the Disney+ production line, few have arrived with less anticipation and lower stakes than Andor. A prequel to a prequel, the series explores the origins of Cassian Andor (Di
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Bret McKenzie Review – Flight Of The Conchords Comic Goes Beyond Funny
As one half of New Zealand’s self-proclaimed “fourth-most-popular guitar-based digi-bongo a cappella-rap-funk-comedy duo” and a composer of tunes from the likes of the Muppets and the Simpsons, Flight of the Conchords’ Bret McKenzie is best known for
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The Swiss Mountain With A Racist Name – And The Artist Fighting To Rechristen It
In August 2008, Sasha Huber landed by helicopter near the peak of the Agassizhorn mountain in Switzerland. She was carrying a metal plaque which she hammered into the ice, symbolically renaming the mountain Rentyhorn in honour of a Congolese-born sla
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‘You Might As Well Be On The Moon’: The Authors Taking Residence In Derek Jarman’s Home
Out on the shingled plains of Dungeness, Prospect Cottage is easily spotted: the black clapboard, the yellow paintwork, the John Donne lines written on the gable end. There is the garden, planted with sea kale and driftwood, and in the near distance,
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Bruce Springsteen Cover Reignites Row Over Lost Northern Soul Classic
When Bruce Springsteen performed his new single on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on 14 November, it was to rapturous applause and the ecstatic US talkshow host leaping from his seat to declare that the Boss had “crushed it!” But 3,300 miles
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Melvin Burgess: ‘The Norse Myths Are Full Of Sex And Violence’
Melvin Burgess, 68, was born in Twickenham and lives in Todmorden, west Yorkshire. The author of more than 20 novels for teenagers and children, he won the Carnegie medal in 1996 for Junk, in which two 14-year-old runaways fall into heroin addiction;
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Tom Felton Looks Back: ‘I Had A Nice Car, A House In LA. You’re Told They Make You Happy – They Don’t’
Born in Surrey in 1987, actor Tom Felton is best known for his role as peroxide-blond baddie Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. Before scoring his major role in the fantasy franchise at the age of 12, he appeared in The Borrowers and Anna and th
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From Bowie To Beyoncé: The Gateway Albums To Get Into The Greatest Artists
We exist in a once unimaginable world of musical abundance. The internet means that more or less the entirety of pop history is available to anyone at the touch of a button; more than 100,000 new tracks are uploaded to just one streaming service ever
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