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How To Hug In Lockdown: Plan Ahead And Wash Your Hands
Lack of touch has impacted mental health during the pandemic, so experts suggest ways to embrace as safely as possible Coronavirus – latest updates
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Why Are Indoor Settings Higher Risk For Covid – And Are Restaurants Safe?
Experts say poor airflow, reduced distancing and prolonged exposure are key factors in the spread of coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates
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The Covid Novels Are Arriving. And They'll Be A Warning To Future Generations | Laura Spinney
We remember the horrors of the first world war but not the 1918 Spanish flu, which was mostly ignored by literature
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'To My Last Breath': Survivors Fight For Memory Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki
As they mark 75 years since their cities were destroyed in an instant, the ageing men and women who bore witness to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are struggling to remind the world of the horror of nuclear weapons. Keiko Ogura was eig
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The Last Of The Zoroastrians
My grandfather had never been a tall man, and now he looked absurdly small, no bigger than a child. Swaddled in off-white sheets like a newborn, with just his head and the soles of his feet visible, his eyes were open and mouth disconcertingly agape,
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Beirut Blast Timeline: What We Know And What We Don't
What happened in the months and years leading up to the explosion at the Lebanese capital’s port?
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Beyoncé's Black Is King Is A Breathtaking Celebration Of Black Empowerment | Candice Frederick
The visual album is a reminder that Black power comes from within – not as something that is granted to us by someone else
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A New Study Shows More Americans Are Dropping Acid. Why? | John Semley
One expert said people might be using psychedelics as a therapeutic mechanism amid abounding bleakness
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Meet The White, Middle-class Pinterest Moms Who Believe Plandemic | Debra Winter
This is not a group of people forwarding videos without thought – these are women who (correctly or incorrectly) believe they have done their research
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Secret Footage Shows Uighur Man’s Detention Inside Chinese Prison
Rare footage and text messages secretly sent by a detained Uighur man show chilling evidence of human rights violations by China, as global scrutiny of the situation in Xinjiang grows. According to reports by the BBC and the Globe and Mail, Merdan Gh
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Beirut Explosion: Anger At Officials Grows After Missed Warnings
Released paper trail reveals ignored warnings over stash that has killed at least 135 people
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Beirut's Ground Zero: A Rip Through The Heart Of An Already Dying City
‘Do you really think Hiroshima could have been worse than this?’ asked one man on an agonising Lebanese day
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Brain Fog, Phantom Smells And Tinnitus: My 4 Months (and Counting) Of Covid-19 | Hannah Davis
I fell sick on 25 March. Four months later, I’m still dealing with fever, cognitive dysfunction, memory issues and much more
The Guardian5 min de lecturePolitics
Hiroshima At 75: Bitter Row Persists Over US Decision To Drop The Bomb
Historians and military differ on whether 1945 bombing ended the war and saved countless lives – or was an unconscionable act of brutality
The Guardian4 min de lectureSociety
'I Had To Hide Myself Again': Young LGBT People On Their Life In UK Lockdown
Many of the more than 200 respondents to the Guardian’s callout tell of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia
The Guardian6 min de lecture
'He Felt He Had To Do It': Truman's Grandson On Bombing Hiroshima
Seventy-five years after the US president’s decision opened the nuclear age, Clifton Daniel is still grappling with his legacy
The Guardian4 min de lecturePolitics
'Ghetto Presidents': Musicians Risk All To Take On Authoritarian Rule In Africa
Artists taking on political roles from Algeria to Zambia have been beaten, detained and killed
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Many Doctors Have Colleagues They Wouldn't Want To Treat Their Own Family | Ranjana Srivastava
Those in the know can at least sidestep the problem of the unprofessional or unsafe doctor, but our patients can’t
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Books Pulled From The Library Shelves, Songs’s The New Normal In Hong Kong | Louisa Lim
Beijing has lost its patience with the former colony. Its repression may ignite fresh civil society fury
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On My Radar: Andy Bell's Cultural Highlights
The Erasure singer on Catherine Deneuve, lockdown news consumption, and why he’s in love with a shop that sells neon signs
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Untold Stories Of Jewish Resistance Revealed In London Holocaust Exhibition
From quiet acts of bravery, to overt acts of rebellion, Jewish resistance to the Holocaust took many forms, yet research shows they remain largely unacknowledged in traditional UK teachings about the genocide. A new exhibition, drawing on thousands o
The Guardian7 min de lecture
‘The Kremlin Wants Me Dead’: Russia's Sports Doping Whistleblower Speaks Out
Grigory Rodchenkov was head of Russia’s ‘anti-doping’ centre but, in 2015, he fled to the US. He talks to the Observer’s former Moscow correspondent about the lies, the truth and life on the run
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You’re Already Wearing A Mask – Now Consider A Face Shield And Goggles | Adrienne Matei
At first, wearing a face mask felt a bit strange. Now, over five months into North America’s battle with Covid-19, I feel naked in public without one. Will goggles – previously the purview of steampunks and snowboarders – become the next article of p
The Guardian4 min de lecture
Celebrity Train Wrecks Fascinate And Appal. But Could They Be Our Fault?
From Charlie Sheen to Kanye West, watching a star in meltdown shouldn’t be a spectator sport
The Guardian6 min de lecture
Politicians And Face Masks: The Winners And Losers
Even Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro have accepted that wearing a face covering in return for saving thousands of lives works. But who nailed the look – and who was left with egg on their face?
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Madonna Leads Celebrity Vogue For Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories
Singer’s claim vaccine is being concealed is latest example of stars spreading falsehoods during pandemic Coronavirus – latest updates
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Trump Badly Miscalculated In Portland – And Even He Knows It | Cas Mudde
Trump overestimated how much voters fear ‘antifa’ - and underestimated how terrible his ham-fisted authoritarianism would look
The Guardian6 min de lectureSociety
Football's First Fa’afafine: Trans Rights Trailblazer Jaiyah Saelua On Stardom And Sisterhood
Fa’afafine athlete and advocate Jaiyah Saelua, and Kaimana, the fa’afafine actor who will play her in Taika Waititi’s latest film, find shared celebration in a uniquely Polynesian story
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Thessaloniki’s Jews: 'We Can’t Let This Be Forgotten; If It’s Forgotten, It Will Die'
New centre in Greek city will be lifeline for small community, mostly descendants of Iberian exiles
The Guardian4 min de lecture
The Four Types Of Climate Denier, And Why You Should Ignore Them All | Damian Carrington
The shill, the grifter, the egomaniac and the ideological fool: each distorts the urgent global debate in their own way
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