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Hey, That’s Mine: Naked Man’s Wild Boar Chase Immortalised In Plastic
A woman whose photograph of a naked man in pursuit of a wild boar at a Berlin lakeside went viral has said she might take legal action against a company that has immortalised the spectacle for model railway enthusiasts. Adele Landauer, an actor and c
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‘We’re So Proud Of Her’: Afghanistan’s Gutsy Female Cyclists Ready To Cheer On Ali Zada
When Masomah Ali Zada makes her Olympic debut at the women’s cycling time trial this week, speeding her way around the 22km route with Mount Fuji in the background, it won’t just be her teammates in Japan cheering her on. In Kabul, where the 25-year-
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Middle Eastern Stand-ups: ‘People Assume We Only Do Terrorist Jokes’
Every comedian expects rejection when they’re starting out. But an email mix-up convinced Jenan Younis that her jokes weren’t the problem. To research comedy nights on Facebook, Younis set up a new account, and to avoid colleagues finding it used an
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The 6 January Special Committee – Everything You Need To Know
The long-awaited investigation into the 6 January insurrection will begin on Tuesday, when a House special committee convenes to investigate the deadly attack on the US Capitol. It has been more than six months since hundreds of Donald Trump supporte
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What Did Jim Jordan Know About The Insurrection And When Did He Know It? | Sidney Blumenthal
“That fucking guy Jim Jordan. That son of a bitch,” Liz Cheney, a Republican congresswoman from Wyoming, told the chairman of the joint chiefs, Gen Mark Milley, about the Republican congressman from Ohio, according to I Alone Can Fix It, by Washingto
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‘I Advise Everyone To Get It’: Covid Patients Tell Of Regrets Over Refusing Jab
For some people, the moment the ambulance arrives is the time they start expressing regrets about not receiving a coronavirus vaccine. For others, it’s the death of a loved one. Healthcare workers and Covid patients have spoken out about growing numb
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Arizona Secretary Of State Tells Trump Before Election Lie Rally: Get Over It
Arizona’s secretary of state had a message for Donald Trump before he appeared in Phoenix on Saturday: “Take your loss and accept it and move on.” Trump was set to speak at an event organised by Turning Point Action, a conservative group, and called
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Rude Customers Are A Drag – But Can We Small Business Owners Do More? | Gene Marks
We’ve been reading about the airline industry’s troubles with unruly passengers. Most of these problems are due to frustrations with wearing masks. But unfortunately, it’s not just the airlines that are experiencing rude customers. Small businesses a
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Meet Julie K Brown, The Woman Who Brought Down Jeffrey Epstein
The town of Palm Beach in Florida, the crime writer Carl Hiaasen has observed, “is one of the few places left in America where you can still drive around in a Rolls-Royce convertible and not get laughed at.” It’s an unironic island, filled with the s
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Buried In Concrete: How The Mafia Made A Killing From The Destruction Of Italy’s South
If you ask Maurizio Carta what the mafia looks like, he will take you to the residential areas of the Sicilian capital of Palermo. There, hundreds of desolate, nondescript grey apartment blocks scar the suburbs and a vast part of the historic centre.
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Perversion Of Justice Review: How Julie K Brown Brought Jeffrey Epstein Down
In Perversion of Justice, Julie K Brown recounts the plight of the victims of the deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein and, allegedly, his sometime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, and how both avoided life-altering prosecution for a decade and more. The
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Wave Of Success: Staycations And Olympics Drive Surfing Boom
After devoting much of lockdown to cold-water swimming and doing up a camper van called Mabel, one of the first things Elinor Bishop did when restrictions were lifted this spring was to book surfing lessons. “I love it,” says the 47-year-old, laughin
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I Alone Can Fix It: Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker on their Trump bestseller
History is written by the victors but Donald Trump being Donald Trump, he was never going to go quietly. So when the Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker requested an interview about the final year of his presidency, Trump invite
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What Are The Best Debit Cards For Your Kids To Spend Safely?
The various lockdowns have meant many youngsters have had less opportunity to go out and spend their pocket money. This week it was claimed that children in the UK have “squirrelled away” £38m during the pandemic, which is waiting to be spent. The st
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Voting Curbs Enacted In 18 US States This Year Despite None Finding Widespread Fraud
At least 18 US states have enacted more than two dozen laws this year that restrict voting access, according to a new report from the Brennan Center for Justice. The report found that the 30 laws that have been passed since 1 January “make mail votin
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Stonehenge May Be Next UK Site To Lose World Heritage Status
The UK is eroding its global reputation for conserving its “unparalleled” historic assets, culture bodies have warned, with Stonehenge expected to be next in line to lose its coveted World Heritage status after Liverpool. The UN’s heritage body has t
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All That Glitters: Why Lab-made Gems Might Not Be An Ethical Alternative
Diamonds have long been in the debt of marketing genius. Until the 1940s they were not a popular choice for engagement rings. Then, in 1947, a stroke of brilliance: De Beers’ “A Diamond is Forever” campaign. The slogan was a hit. The market transform
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Ancient Roman Road And Dock Discovered In Venice Lagoon
The discovery of the remains of a Roman road and dock submerged in the Venice lagoon could prove there were permanent human settlements in the area centuries before Venice was founded, researchers say. Scuba divers discovered what appeared to be pavi
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The Hidden World Of Cats: What Our Feline Friends Are Doing When We’re Not Looking
As I prepared to write this piece, my three-year-old cat, Larry, had been missing for 24 hours. I had checked under the bins, posted in a community Facebook group and Googled variations of “Lost cat how long normal before come home?” all day. Larry
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Men Cause More Climate Emissions Than Women, Study Finds
Men’s spending on goods causes 16% more climate-heating emissions than women’s, despite the sum of money being very similar, a study has found. The biggest difference was men’s spending on petrol and diesel for their cars. The gender differences in e
The Guardian3 min de lectureCrime & Violence
Britney Spears: US House Of Representatives Introduces Bill To End Conservatorship Abuse
Britney Spears’ fight to end her conservatorship has inspired a new bipartisan proposal in the US House of Representatives. The Freedom and Right to Emancipate from Exploitation (Free) Act would allow a person bound by a conservatorship to petition
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‘Fashion Can Be Very Exploitative’ – Halima Aden On Why She Quit Modelling
Halima Aden, the Muslim model who became a trailblazer for wearing her hijab on the catwalk and in photoshoots, has hit out at the fashion industry and its exploitation of young models. Aden quit the industry in November 2020, citing compromised beli
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Guns, Gangs And Foreign Meddling: How Life In Haiti Went From Bad To Worse
The Haitian political activist Marie Antoinette Duclair appears to have been unaware that two men on a motorbike were following her car through the badly lit streets of Port-au-Prince. Her passenger on the night of 29 June was a journalist, Diego Cha
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Michael Wolff: Murdoch Hates Trump But Loves Fox News Money More
Michael Wolff, the author of Landslide and two other bestselling books about the Trump administration, has claimed Rupert Murdoch “hates” Donald Trump. “Rupert hates Donald Trump,” the author told CNN’s Reliable Sources. “Hates him – but Rupert loves
The Guardian4 min de lectureAmerican Government
Hatchet Man Review: Bill Barr As Trump Loyalist – And Fairly Typical AG
In his 22 months as attorney general under Donald Trump, Bill Barr played blocking back and spear-catcher for the 45th president. Only when Trump tried to steal the election did Barr grow a conscience. Otherwise, he was a close approximation to Roy C
The Guardian4 min de lectureInternational Relations
From Cuba To Palestine, When Revolutionaries End Up As Dictators, The People Pay The Price
Who betrayed the revolution? It’s a question exercising Cubans after last week’s harsh regime crackdown on street protesters marching for freedom. It’s also a conundrum for other erstwhile liberation movements now wielding power in places as far apar
The Guardian6 min de lectureAmerican Government
‘A Madman With Millions Of Followers’: What The New Trump Books Tell Us
This week, the Guardian reported that what are assessed to be leaked Kremlin documents describe Donald Trump as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual”. Vladimir Putin, the documents say, therefore decided to assist Trump’s rise t
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The Space Race Is Back On – But Who Will Win?
Liu Boming took in the dizzy view. Around him lay the inky vastness of space. Below was the Earth. “Wow,” he said, laughing. “It’s too beautiful out here.” Over the next seven hours Liu and his colleague Tang Hongbo carried out China’s second spacewa
The Guardian4 min de lectureAmerican Government
I Alone Can Fix It Review: Donald Trump As Wannabe Führer – In Another Riveting Read
Cocooned at his resorts, the Trump Organization indicted, Donald Trump has come to embrace the insurrection. “Personally, what I wanted is what they wanted,” he tells Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post. Five people died after a mo
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Exhibition Reveals How Shakespeare’s Hal Has Excused Royal Heirs For Centuries
From Frederick in the early 18th century to Charles in our own, a series of princes of Wales have associated themselves with Shakespeare’s Prince Hal as a way to excuse youthful excesses and promise strong future leadership, according to a new exhibi
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