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Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (9310): Best Premium Convertible
With cutting-edge components and a sleek, sturdy chassis available in multiple color options and screen resolutions, the late-2020 reboot of Dell’s XPS 13 2-in-1 sets the bar for premium convertible notebooks. Intel’s latest “Tiger Lake” CPU and grap
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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition: Delivers Great Value
Nvidia has been on an epic tear with its launch of the GeForce RTX 30 Series of graphics cards—so much so that finding one in stock has been like tracking Sasquatch. The company is looking to keep that hot streak—and those torrid sales—going with the
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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold: The Future’s Not Quite Here Yet
It’s somewhat surprising that the world’s first foldable-screen PC is a ThinkPad. When foldable screens debuted on phones last year, they were expensive gimmicks with questionable durability. ThinkPads are mostly expensive laptops, to be sure, but th
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IDX Privacy: Protecting Yourself Online
You want to protect your privacy. But that can mean a lot of different things. Preventing snooping on your conversations and online activity is one possibility, as is keeping snoops from collecting your personal information. IDX Privacy works in many
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Zoho Invoice: Excellent Service for SMBs
Zoho Invoice is a comprehensive billing and invoicing website that’s suitable for many types of businesses, but especially startups and sole proprietors. While it’s flexible and sophisticated enough that small and midsize businesses (SMBs) might cons
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Challenges & Optimism in the Year Ahead
I’m writing this before 2020 has drawn to a close, though I’m already thinking 2021 thoughts. The past year brought us down some dark tunnels, but we can finally see some glimmers of light, and it’s exhilarating. That’s not to say we should all relax
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The Ultimate Guide to Health & Fitness Tech
The whole “new year, new you” maxim is undoubtedly a cliché. But the truth is that there’s never a bad time to improve your health. So if starting a new orbit around the sun lights a fire under your butt to get moving, run with it (literally). Thanks
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Passwords and Data
We are getting sick and tired of having to type all day and create complex passwords … to log into poorly designed computer programs that take more and more of our time. A click tax might help, but in medicine, our EMR [electronic medical record] sys
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Apple’s App Store Best Of 2020 Awards
It’s hard to believe Apple’s App Store is celebrating its 15th anniversary. During those years, it’s grown from a single platform for the iPhone to one that works with nearly every Apple product, from the MacBook Air to the Apple Watch. Although the
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A Raspberry Pi–Powered Monitor That Delivers Car Engine Information
When it comes to older cars, keeping track of specific stats can be difficult. If you don’t have a Tesla with an advanced touch screen or even a newer car with a modern display, you might feel in the dark about what’s going on with your engine. That’
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Tips to Help You Get Your Work Mojo Back
Do you ever wake up on a workday and say, “I don’t want to do it”? Is there a task you just can’t find the wherewithal to finish? Are you tempted to transition from working at home to taking a nap at home? We all hit walls, procrastinate, and get dis
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What Is 6G?
The most recent round of 6G speculation was kicked off by China launching what it had billed as “the first 6G satellite” in early November. That billing is wrong. The satellite is not 6G. The 6G standard doesn’t even exist yet, and it’s still years a
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Heading Back to the Office: An Employee’s Guide
Many businesses are preparing to transition employees back to offices, either to alleviate the stress of isolation or simply to stay afloat financially. Whatever the reason, keeping employees safe means employers must overcome a variety of hurdles, i
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Steve Wozniak’s New Startup Melds Blockchain and Green Tech
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has a new company that’s promising energy industry innovation through a virtual currency called “WOZX.” We know, it sounds weird. But Wozniak is hoping the new startup, called Efforce, will help stop climate change by p
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Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life
A number of factors contribute to poor battery life on your Android phone. Thinner bodies, brighter screens, faster processors, more background software, and speedier internet connections all take their toll on phone batteries, though manufacturers a
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Qualcomm Is a Little Too Unbothered by Apple’s M1 Macs
Qualcomm executives brushed off a question about Apple’s new M1-based Macs during a question-and-answer session at the company’s Snapdragon Summit in December, where Qualcomm announced a new flagship smartphone chipset but no upgrades to its year-old
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It Would Take 17 Hours to Read the Terms & Conditions of the 13 Most Popular Apps
Can we trust the apps we download? Worldwide app revenue has reached $581.9 billion in 2020, and that number is expected to rise to $935.2 billion in just three years. Despite the vast number of apps we download—and the money we spend in the process—
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Don’t Let Anyone Shame You for Playing Cyberpunk 2077 on Weak Hardware
I’ve played the first few hours of Cyberpunk 2077 on the Xbox Series S, and so far it’s… fine! Night City, the sun-drenched and acid-bleached futuristic metropolis, looks gorgeously dystopian on my 4K TV. I’ve noticed only one performance dip, one an
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6 Reasons to Ditch Netflix Streaming
Video streaming continues to surge in 2020, and it’s easy to understand the reason: COVID-19 has seen many movie theaters close, so more people than ever before turn to the internet for their entertainment. For roughly $10 to $15 per month, you can a
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Roku Ultra (2020): Feature-Filled Media Hub
Roku’s 2020 model of the Ultra media streamer is an iterative update to the line. The previous Ultra was already a powerful, feature-filled media hub, so the fact that the new model simply adds Dolby Vision support and faster processing isn’t a letdo
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JBL Go 3: RIch Audio, Low Price
JBL makes lots of large, powerful Bluetooth speakers, but the Go 3 isn’t one of them. At $39.95, the Go 3 is about as portable (and affordable) as it gets—it’ll fit in any backpack or tote without issue. It’s also fully waterproof, making it ideal fo
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Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat ST75: Versatile and Affordable
Smart thermostats make it easy to control your home’s heating and cooling system from just about anywhere, and the Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat ST75 is no different. But in addition to phone and voice control, it offers a responsive color touch-scree
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Can This AI Help Smokers Quit?
While COVID-19 remains an occupying force in our world, and a viable vaccine is still out of reach, dealing with the pandemic comes down to mitigating health risks while coping with stress. If you’re a smoker, that’s going to be tough on both account
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Tips Every Apple Watch Owner Should Know
Though not as powerful as an Apple iPhone or iPad, the Apple Watch is quite a versatile gadget for something packed into such a small package. Depending on which model or type of Apple Watch you own and where and how you like to use it, you can perfo
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The Tech Products Hall of Fame for 2020
As this year draws to a close (and thank goodness for that!), the PCMag staff has once again taken stock of all the products we’ve reviewed this year. You’ll find the best of the best in this issue. And we’re not stinting on the number of “best” prod
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Virtual Movie Night: How to Watch Netflix With Friends Using Teleparty
Many of us are facing a long winter indoors, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. And though we have video streaming to distract us, watching shows and movies is more fun with friends. You could get everyone on Zoom and press play at the same time, but th
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Is Contact Tracing Doomed in the US?
Healthcare workers and state and local governments are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen a resurgence around the globe as we head into the winter months. But as the CDC notes, contact tracing is key to slowing the disease
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Here’s What You and Your Neighbors Have Been Watching on Netflix This Year
Have we ever, as a nation, watched as much Netflix as we have in 2020? Probably not. And like so much else that has been far more important this year, states are divided on what they want to watch. HighSpeedInternet.com decided to find out just what
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2020’s Most Common Passwords Are Laughably Insecure
Chances are that if a password is easy for you to remember, a hacker can easily crack it. And despite years (and years) of tech companies warning consumers to use hard-to-crack passwords, plus two-factor authentication, people are still using laughab
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