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Curious About “Sober Curious”?
THE FIRST TIME I remember hearing about the concept of not drinking in January, it was with my basketball buddies after a rec game in the East Village in New York City. This was a winter night more than a decade ago, over a table of chicken sandwiche
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“I Had A Dream That DEATH WAS NEAR.”
No matter your challenge—obesity, addiction, debt—you can change your life. It all starts with taking a first step. These 14 comeback kings (and queen!) show you how. ON OCCASION, Tim Mosley will pour a glass of merlot, step through the sliding glass
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These Salsas Are
SPICE LEVEL: Our testers reported that this “chunky-smooth” salsa had a “robust, tomato-y flavor” and a “good garlic bite.” Plus there’s a hint of cilantro and lime juice in there to round things out. Beyond chip dipping, it works well atop scrambled
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“WE CLEARED $93,000 IN DEBT in 18 months.”
FIRST STEP: “We decided to commit to paying this off before we did anything else,” Paul says. “Once you know what your priorities are, it becomes pretty easy.” They created a budget—“You can’t stick to a budget if you don’t have a budget,” he says—th
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Build Your Winter Six-pack
By piling more hops into its brewing, Guinness reinforces its classic with a pleasant bitterness. At 7.5% ABV, “this is your wind-down-by-the-fire beer,” says Jon Streep, co-owner of Alidoro in N. Y. C. This 6.7% ABV dop-pelbock pours the color of a
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“SLEEP APNEA Almost Felled Me.”
BEFORE DUSTIN WORTH decided to make a change, he couldn’t remember a time in his life when he was healthy. “As a kid, I was more into playing the saxophone than playing sports, and I didn’t know anything about proper nutrition,” he says. He snacked o
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Sustainable Style
WELLEN builds this cold-weather essential with recycled nylon, which doesn’t sound comfortable, but ohh, man. The pockets are flannel-lined, so they double as mittens, and the coat’s insulation defends against all elements. In other words, the jacket
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“I Was Wearing 4XL T-SHIRTS.”
AT SIX-FOOT-FIVE, Anthony Brown had always been a “big guy,” he says, and a steady diet of fast food didn’t help. But when his sister was diagnosed with diabetes in 2010—and he was wearing 4XL T-shirts—“I knew something had to change if I wanted to s
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The Stress-Free Guide to SPECIAL OCCASION SEX
PLANNING A sexathon on an anniversary or a birthday may seem cliché—“Dick in a Box” came out, what, more than a decade ago? But that just means you have to be more creative, because a memorable sex session makes for one of the best gifts of all. (Hol
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“Our Grandmother Died Of DIABETES.”
YOU KNOW THE OLD adage: Families that shred together stay together. Okay, fine, so maybe that’s not how the saying goes, but it’s certainly true of the McGillivrays from Manchester, England. Following the death of her mother from diabetes, Sue, 51, a
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Have a Plan, Man
EVERY NOW AND THEN, someone asks you a question that causes your eye to twitch, your limbs to lock, and your loins to crawl up into your body. “Do you know how fast you were going just now?” is one of those questions. “Do you have a second to chat?”
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“Even Though I Was Taking Testosterone, I THOUGHT I LOOKED AWFUL.”
WHEN I STARTED transitioning, I thought that I’d start taking testosterone and, boom, I’d stack on muscle and look amazing. But when my appearance began to change, I thought I looked awful. Even though I believe that if you’re happy and healthy you c
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Ask The Editors
Q+A WITH THE E.I.C. WHAT’S YOUR view on Pilates for men over 40? —@brianmasefield I LOVE A simple question that really only requires a thumbs-up emoji yet still lets me riff on stuff I’ve been thinking about lately. So right off the bat: Thank you. R
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Ask Her Anything
Are there preferred words for body parts in 2020? Can I still say p***y and c*ck, or is there a new vocabulary I need to learn? —PHIL, Detroit, MI Vulva. We doubt you’ve heard it from any of your buddies, but the word is gaining traction among enligh
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EVERYONE EXPERIMENTS when they’re young, Carlos Hernandez thought. That’s what he saw his friends doing. Bad grades and a tough home life led him to drop out of middle school, and soon he filled his free time with partying. Even though, in his 20s, h
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Your New Power Move: The Fitness Snack!
THIS IS SUPPOSED to be your moment. January, start of the new year and the new, fitter you. The only problem: It’s harder to find 30 minutes to get your sweat on than you thought. The solution: Learn to “snack” on your fitness. Instead of devouring a
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How To Stay Sane In A Crazy Election Year
EVERY ELECTION SEASON, our merciless news cycle starts taking people hostage. I’ve been a therapist for about ten years, and many sessions that would normally revolve around my patients’ personal struggles suddenly acquire a political flavor—an argum
Men's Health2 min de lectureNutrition
MH: WAS THERE EVER A POINT IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU REALIZED THAT YOU WERE NOT PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACHED? OLIVER: When I wrote my Everyday Super Food book [in 2015], it was because I’d gotten to a point where I was physically and mentally exhausted.
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Welcome To The Fitness Snack Bar
Fitness snacks are great for gym vets—and even better for those who don’t exercise at all. If you’re going from a sedentary lifestyle to fitness snacking, expect to see major changes. Rip through this 3-move workout with no rest 3 times a day. Get in
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The Right (and Left) Way To Disagree
COLIN ALLRED AND VAN Taylor have a lot in common. They’re both freshman lawmakers in the U. S. House of Representatives. They’re both from Texas. They’re both used to being part of a team: Allred spent four seasons in the NFL with the Tennessee Titan
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30 Days Of 30/10
If there’s one thing that unites all diets, it’s can’t. Diets tell you what foods you can’t eat, how much food you can’t eat, and now, with the rise of intermittent fasting, even when you can’t eat. Yes, depriving yourself of food can lead to tempora
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The Fitness-Tracking Cyclo-Cross Fanatic
THERE’S NOT really another word for it. Jonah Becker is playing on his bike this morning, bunny-hopping logs alongside a trail in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, executing borderline-balletic dismounts and remounts and hucking up his back wheel, a
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The Savvy Guy’s Guide to Changing the Topic
UNLESS AN UNFORESEEN tragedy befalls Randall on This Is Us, the presidential election will be the most important thing to happen on a Tuesday all year long. But that doesn’t mean you have to talk about it. Why would you want to? At this stage, very l
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New Ways To See The Doctor
ANY DOCTOR will tell you that every guy needs a primary-care provider—a trusted physician who knows you, knows that your dad had a heart attack at age 40, helps you figure out how to tweak your life according to your health history… and heck, knows y
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The 2020 Jump Start
Start with 30 seconds of jumping jacks, then do 30 seconds of high knees, running in place while driving your knees upward. Then do 1 Spider-Man T-spine stretch (see below) on each side. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat twice. Start in pushup position (a). St
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Chaos Management, According to the Pros
Jonathan Capehart, 52, is a Pulitzer Prize–winning editorial writer for The Washington Post, an MSNBC contributor and substitute anchor, and host of the podcast Cape Up. THE CHAOS: Capehart’s days are planned… until they’re not. “Ever since 2016, we’
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YOU GET to talk to or videoconference with a real doctor without making an appointment or even leaving your living room/car/office/campsite. Some big insurance companies have partnered with big telehealth start-ups, including Teladoc, Doctor On Deman
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Are Gut Boosters BS?
They’re soluble fibers, so they attract water during digestion. They also contain oligosaccharides, sugars eaten by gut bacteria, says Bethany Doer-fler, R.D., a clinical research dietitian at Northwestern University. After your gut bacteria feast up
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Your 2020 Election Media Diet
BACK WHEN YOU couldn’t get CNN in your cave, you were always on high alert for some crumb of news that would tell you it was safe to go out and score some dinner. You’d scan. You’d consume. Same with food. It was scarce; you stayed vigilant. Scarfed
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Promise Us YOU’LL CHECK IN WITH A DOC for These Issues
IF YOU’RE OPTING for convenience over a PCP, you still need some regular screenings. These can spot trouble and help you keep things from getting too serious, just as you get much more out of your car for less money with regular maintenance. You shou
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