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Tracee Ellis Ross
“May I be easy, gentle, and joyful.” I have a lot of mantras. Most of them come out of my biggest fears or anxieties. Right now, my mantra is Easy, gentle, and joyful. Usually, I have so much to get done, and time seems to be in such limited supply.
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Save Your ’Ship
When COVID-19 came to town (okay, the world), *everything* changed, especially our relationships and interactions with loved ones. For some, the crisis meant closeness as they cozied up under quarantine, baking banana bread and streaming Netflix. But
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Beauty Closet MVPs
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If Your S.O. Is Low…
SYMPTOM Depression can bring anger with it—more common in men, experts say—and it’s hard not to take these outbursts personally. SOLUTION: Step away for a sec. “Anger triggers the brain’s ‘fight’ region,” LaSov says, “telling us a threat is fast-appr
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Liz’s Letter
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF @lizplosser We’ve been big fans since forever, but season 17 was extra special to us as we traveled with the contestants to L.A. restaurants, watched the judges eat meals together, and then saw it all culminate in the mountains of Ita
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After Every. Single. Workout.
Go for a quick scroll on Instagram and you’ll see everyone from pro athletes to fitfluencers blasting their muscles with massage guns or demo’ing the foam-rolling techniques they absolutely swear by. Yes, it’s partly because many people just have mor
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When Your New Relationship Is On the Fast Track
My now-boyfriend and I met on a dating app, and there were sparks from the start. We were weeks into our relationship when COVID-19 hit New York City, and he asked me if I wanted to shelter-in-place at his apartment. This is my first relationship in
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Advisory Board
Jennifer H. Mieres, MD Professor of cardiology, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell; senior vice president, Center for Equity of Care, Northwell Health Mona Gohara, MD Associate clinical professor, department of dermatology, Yale School of
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When Your Body Needs A Little Extra TLC
About those massage guns everyone on your feed is pounding their muscles with: They’re totally legit. While tools like vibrating foam rollers “shake,” these devices “punch” your muscles, delivering rapid pulses known as percussion, says Richey. (Thin
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Full Speed Ahead
How are you? Seriously, check in with yourself. What was the answer? “Fine”? “Not great, but I don’t want to complain because people have it worse”? “Ready to blast off to space”? It’s no secret that 2020 has felt like an active volcano, in which spe
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Women's Health
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No Pain, No Gain
Just so you know: The time to push your limits is during that last all-out treadmill sprint or the close-to-final burpee in a body-weight workout, not in the middle of your recovery routine. “There’s some discomfort you’ll have to work with when you
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All About Body
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The Reset
My name is Keesha Jean-Baptiste. I am a soulful, spiritual, and joyous human. I am also a 46-year-old woman, a wife (I’ve been married for 19 years to a wonderful man), and a mother (my daughter is 11 and my son is 5). My children fill my life with s
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Home Sweat Home
No track? No prob. Try this tip from celebrity trainer David Higgins: Use streetlamps or signs as markers and alternate going fast/slow between. Longer pauses let you give 100 percent to each move. A one-to-four workto-rest ratio can improve oxygen c
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Top Of Her Game
TO HEAR PADMA LAKSHMI recount the last restaurant meal she ate before lockdown is an almost spiritual experience. It was lunch at the French café La Mercerie in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. Padma’s a creature of habit, she tells me, so she ordered t
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Warm Up
The celery-juice hype may have fizzled a bit on the food front, but it’s just hitting the beauty scene. Yep, the green elixir is now popping up in your topicals, and experts say it’s more than a passing fad: Celery oil is rich in vitamin A (clutch fo
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Arm Candy
If skull crushers have always seemed… intimidating (seriously, that name, tho), don’t be scared. They’re actually a sweet exercise for making the muscles in your upper arms pop. “I add them to the beginning or end of workouts because they’re pretty c
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Self reflection
is a question that runs through my mind almost every time I use Instagram (that is, up to 24 hours a week). The truth is, the natural pout I was born with is one of my favorite features. But if I spend long enough scrolling through filtered-to-perfec
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Earth to Runners
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Out Of The Shadows
It started with my mom missing a few bus stop pickups because of doctor’s appointments. Other times, she was too tired to hold a conversation with me. And by the time I hit 4 years old, she had been temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, seeming
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Your Brain On Filters
As more people embrace the no-makeup life (hello, #StayHome), there’s likely a big difference between the way we appear IRL and our polished digital alter egos (see: that #TBT of you in lipstick living on your grid). That’s dangerous: “A widening gap
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Better Beans
Not only for hummus and curries, chickpeas have a rich texture that makes them a banging base—with a dough-like consistency when crushed—for plenty of desserts. The fiber will offset that sugar high (and ever-impending crash). HOW Blend with maple sy
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Read the Signs
CLUE Joint pain SPOT IT This usually appears as stiffness or trouble moving, especially in the a.m. It can last for a few minutes or a few hours, Dr. Bayard says. Joints may also be swollen, warm to the touch, or painful even without swelling. CLUE F
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Mind Over Matter
Myla Bennett Powell, MD, a plastic surgeon in the Atlanta area, has a frontrow seat on the magnification of body issues. Despite the interest in cosmetic procedures (in 2019, 18.1 million people in the U.S. had non-invasive treatments and surgery), s
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Catch Up
Primal Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Ketchup Made with no added sugars of any kind, this will be your new go-to if you’re saving the sweet stuff for dessert (or, ahem, that coffee on the previous page). $6, primalkitchen.com Annie’s Organic Ketchup If
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Plot Twist
Brittany Healy planned for a drug-free water birth when pregnant with her first child in 2015. But after 40 agonizing hours of labor—the first half at home, the second at the hospital nearby in Greensboro, North Carolina—she stopped progressing. Her
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Insecurity… or Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
WH: Could using appearancechanging filters and apps contribute to developing BDD? DR. PHILLIPS: Well, using the word contribute here is important because Instagram filters alone won’t cause BDD. But for some people who are already at risk of developi
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Burn Bright
What if you could exhale or take a saliva swab, then know exactly what to eat—and when!—to keep your metabolism hyped up? That day might not be so far away, thanks to the latest batch of at-home testing devices. Lumen works (and looks) kinda like a B
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Flip Your Perspective
Every expectant mama should plan a follow-up appointment shortly after birth (even if it’s just a call) and before the six-week postpartum visit. “It’s important to intervene early, posttrauma, but it’s almost impossible to predict these events,” say
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