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Art Editor Matt hates spending money and is a big fan of free apps like Spark email and Silicon (p14). Production Editor Iain’s iPad has been sat in the drawer, but “New uses for your Apple gear” (p28) has given him a few ideas. Contributor Carrie sh
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Quick–fire Questions & Answers
This should settle when iOS has been brought up to date and your phone’s been running it for a while. Some do a full factory reset, but that seldom does much. Check which apps are using most power at the foot of Settings > Battery and limit wasteful
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Useful Apps For Your IPad
WHEN APPLE FIRST made the iPad, it wasn’t entirely sure what it was for. The answer turns out to be: everything. It’s a music–maker, document–creator, news–reader, sketchbook, photo–editor, and graphic–designer. And we haven’t even mentioned the huge
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Smart Stacks In IOS 14
APPLE HAS BROUGHT a long–overdue revamp to its mobile devices in the form of iOS 14. For the first time, you no longer have to put up with overflowing apps and countless sheets to flick through just to find the app you want — everything can be stored
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Customize Control Center
THE MENU BAR at the top of the Mac screen has been a fixture of the macOS for decades. It provides a convenient set of tools in the top–right corner of the screen, allowing you to quickly access and control key features on your Mac such as Wi-Fi sett
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The Shift
FOR JUST ABOUT the entire life of the iPhone, there’s been some feature that nerds on the internet consider to be essential for inclusion in the next model, otherwise it should be considered behind the times and unbuyable, except for rubes who don’t
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My Mac Is Now Unresponsive After A Silent Update
Almost certainly not. Open About This Mac at the top of the Apple menu, and click on the System Report button to open System Information. Select Installations at the left, then click twice on the header of the Install Date column. That lists installa
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One More Thing…
After last issue’s reveal of the new Apple–powered M1 Macs, this time around we’ve got reviews of all three machines, so you can see if they’re worth purchasing. Personally, I think they’re a big step forward, but I can understand that the lack of an
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Create A Beautiful Bokeh Effect
DSLR users can manually open or close their camera’s iris (or aperture) to let in more or less light. A narrow aperture value such as f/22 causes both foreground and background details to look sharp. A wider aperture value such as f/2.0 makes the bac
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Master The Photos App
BIG SUR HAS has enabled the macOS Photos app to catch up with the iOS version, especially in the area of video editing. You can now adjust a clip to fix problems with color and tone directly in the macOS version instead of having to export clips to i
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Indispensable Additions To Your IPhone
HARD TO BELIEVE, but the iPhone nearly didn’t get apps at all: the initial plan was for us to save websites as favorites on our Home Screen instead. Thankfully Apple changed its mind, the App Store was born, and today we’re running Photoshop apps on
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HOW TO Tailor Preferences And Options In Safari
The new Start page is a key part of Safari 14, but your Mac may not show it automatically as this depends on how you have Safari set up. Open Safari Prefs > General, and set “New windows open with” to the Start Page. You can customize your Start page
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Sell, Donate, Part–exchange, Recycle
If you want to part ways with your old device, there are lots of options. For one thing, Apple offers its own trade–in service, which allows you to hand over an old device and get credit towards a new one. Apple’s valuations generally are not the bes
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Benchmarks: Our Analysis Explained
This tests the capability of a single processor core. Many more common tasks on a Mac will only use a single core at a time. Geekbench 5 is universal app running on Big Sur. Index score (higher is better) We transcode a Blu–ray–quality video file int
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MacBook Air (13–inch, late–2020)
From $999 From Apple, Features 13.3–inch Retina display (2560x1600), Apple M1 chip, 8GB unified memory (16GB available), 256GB storage (512GB, 1TB, and 2TB available), 802.11ax Wi–Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, 2x Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports This is what t
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Adam Banks
BEST KNOWN FOR his editorship of MacUser magazine, Adam Banks was a hugely accomplished writer and virtuoso designer. But he was also a man with a big heart: kind, generous, witty, and always keen to offer encouragement. For those of us in the interl
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Adobe Premiere Elements 2021
$99.99 From Adobe, Needs macOS 10.14 or later Like iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 is a non–linear video editing app that’s designed to help video makers trim, fix and share their video footage as polished programs, complete with t
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New Uses For Your Apple Gear
THE MORE TECHNOLOGY we accrue, the more obsolete devices we end up with filling our drawers and cupboards. Those ancient iPhones and iPads we keep despite them being well past their sell–by date? They may come in handy one day, we reason. That old Ma
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Threading The Needle
Work on Thread started in 2018 and is gaining traction. Like Project CHIP, it works over IP, so it uses a familiar set of tools to help developers get started. The idea is that Thread can help bring internet and cloud connectivity to low–powered devi
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Anker PowerPort Atom III
2 With a total power output of 60W, the PowerPort Atom III splits this across 45W to its USB–C port and 15W to the USB–A. But it’s not able to output the full 60W if you just connect a single device to the USB–C port, so charging larger laptops is a
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HEY Email
Free (IAPs) From Basecamp, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 13.0 or later Hey is an email service with a 14–day free trial period before you decide whether you want to pay $99 per year. So is there enough in Hey to make it worth $9
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One Clipboard To Rule Them All
THE CLIPBOARD IS one of computing’s oldest time–saving tools, but it has never evolved to keep up with the times. The main shortcoming is that you can only store one item on the clipboard at any time. CopyQ is a free, open source app that bypasses th
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Hot Hubs
$99, HomeKit’s Achilles’ heel could be healing. The mini is a tidy and (crucially) cost–effective bridge which brings access to HomeKit devices outside of the home. It’s a great Siri speaker, too. Around $69, Samsung has
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Change The Default Apps
APPLE’S iOS AND iPadOS apps are great, but they’re not always the best choice for everyone. That’s why the App Store is filled with alternatives: Carrot Weather (and until Apple bought it, Dark Sky) as alternatives to Apple’s own Weather; Fantastical
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HOW TO Paste And Edit Clips
To copy a specific item to the clipboard, double–click it or select it, and press Return. The first time you do this, you will be asked to grant CopyQ control of Accessibility features. Once done, paste it as normal with Cmd+V. Ctrl–click a clip cont
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MacBook Pro (13–inch)
$1,299 From Apple, Features 13.3–inch Retina display (2560x1600 resolution), Apple M1 chip, 8GB unified memory (16GB available), 256GB storage (512GB/1TB/2TB available), 802.11ax Wi–Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, 2x Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, headphone s
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Wifi Explorer
$19.99 From Intuitibits, Needs macOS 10.13 or later WiFi Explorer is a network scanner and analysis tool for Wi–Fi. It lists the Wi–Fi networks in the vicinity, including their SSID, MAC address, device manufacturer, signal strength,
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Mac Mini
The M1-powered desktop that’s much faster than you think $699 From Apple, Features M1 chip, 8GB of memory (16GB option), 256GB SSD (512GB/1TB/2TB options), 802.11ax Wi–Fi, 2x Thunderbolt/USB 4 Apple’s third M1 Mac is the new Silver-clad Mac
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How To Move A Keychain
Until the release of macOS Sierra in 2016, your Mac’s main keychain was kept in login. keychain in the Keychains folder in your Home folder Library. macOS then changed to using an encrypted database stored in login.keychain-db instead, and that is th
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Logitech Circle View
$159.99 From Logitech, Features 1080p HD resolution, wide–angle lens, night–vision mode There are plenty of affordable security cameras available these days, but not many that support Apple’s HomeKit software. Logitech was one of the fir
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