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Outboard Maintenance
1. A popular topic today is ethanol fuel. What’s wrong with using ethanol fuel, and what can you do as part of a regular maintenance schedule to mitigate any effects? A. Nothing’s wrong with ethanol fuel; today’s fuels are clean enough and won’t go s
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Garboardstyle Drains
Garboard drains are available for transom holes ranging from ¾ to 1½ inches in diameter. The most common for today’s recreational boat is one that fits a 1-inch-diameter hole. Make sure there is enough surface around the hole to accommodate the size
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Sylvan L-3 Dlz
Sylvan rigged the L-3 DLZ with performance in mind, and boy, does it fly. With the 250 hp Evinrude G2 for power, it leaped from a standing start to 30 mph in just 6 seconds. Top speed was nearly 45 mph at just under 6,000 rpm. Sound levels, however,
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Insect Repellents
PLANT-BASED LEMON-EUCALYPTUS INSECT REPELLENT THE BUZZ: Repel’s active ingredient is all-natural oil-of-lemon eucalyptus, and it can repel insects for up to six hours. With a 30percent eucalyptus concentration, it has a strong citrus scent and is pop
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Self-draining Cockpits
A hot segment with fishing families, hybrid bay boats deliver more amenities than many hardcore bay boats. When testing several of these hybrids earlier this year, we got to thinking about the importance self-draining cockpits, especially on low-side
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Starcraft Cx 25 Dl Bar
This Starcraft CX 25 DL Bar provides an excellent example of what a triple-tube package can do for you. With a Yamaha F250 outboard bolted to the stout transom bracket, it rockets to 30 mph in a cat-quick 6.7 seconds, and tops out just under 44 mph.
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What To Look For
Need help checking out the latest PWC, pontoon boat or deck boat? We’ve got videos and articles that help show you what to look for in anything from a jet-powered boat, to boat brushes and grab handles, to barbecue grills. For expert information on t
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Break It In Right
For example, if the manual said to run the engine in gear at idle for the first 15 minutes, I’d run it at idle for an hour. And if it said to run at less than half-throttle for the next two hours, I extended that to three hours. That might have been
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Marine electronics brands continually advance “state of the art” in multifunction displays, often leapfrogging each other with new functionality and improved features. The latest brand to hit the market with new MFD technology is Raymarine with its A
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First Impression
Cutwater Boats dubs this lively vessel a “center walkaround.” A trailerable 8 feet, 6 inches wide, Cutwater’s C-24 CW boasts a double-stepped hull that planes readily, and helps deliver speed and efficiency. Integrating the builder’s proprietary lami
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Amazing Electric Marine Motors
You might be surprised to learn that electric boats have been around since 1838. Inventors from Prussia, England and America began making vessels with lead-acid batteries—tons of lead-acid batteries per vessel—to move passengers quietly and efficient
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Lighthouse Charts
In addition to offering the upgraded Axiom+ line, Raymarine is unveiling a new electronic catalog of LightHouse Charts, which are derived from official hydrographic sources, the data used by maritime professionals. LightHouse Charts offer Raymarine u
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Gear Head
This relaxed-fit hoodie is made of a lightweight merino wool blend, so it keeps you cool and protected from the sun, or warms you up if there’s a little chill in the air. It has thumb loops to pull the sleeves down a bit and protect your hands, as we
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Formula 380 Ssc Ob
When Formula set out to add a 38-foot model to its Super Sport Crossover (SSC) line of “full-cabin bowriders,” it knew inland customers would want the boat with sterndrive power, while those on coastal waters would prefer outboards. The Formula 380 S
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+ Passcode Protection
Over the past few years, the theft of MFDs and other electronics from boats has grown significantly, particularly in Florida and along the I-95 corridor. A 16-inch MFD can retail for as much as $7,000. The trend toward flush-mounted electronics is a
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The Bar Is Closed!
The early-November morning in Morro Bay, California, was near perfect: light overcast skies and dead-calm. Reports from earlier in the week had late-season albacore within 6 miles of the harbor, and we jumped at the chance to put a few of these covet
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Regal 36 Grande Coupe
In a world where boat companies come and go, or ownership and leadership changes at bankruptcy and the whim of the economy, Regal Boats is one of the few companies that can boast 50 years of continuous, family-owned leadership. While it’s always a ni
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The Covid Circle
The Lake View Inn is surviving the COVID-19 thing, as are its loyal customers. Wally has the business advantage of owning the building and living in the apartment upstairs, and after the first month of closure, he was allowed to sell takeout food. Th
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Slow Plane
My buddies and I often clear the inlet well before daylight en route to offshore tuna grounds. On nights as black as the coffee in my thermal cup, where you can’t tell the water from the sky, we keep the speed in check. We call it a slow plane—enough
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Boston Whaler 280 Vantage
Whether built of plywood or fiberglass, big family boats of my past ran on a shallow-deadrise V-bottom, which pounded hard in choppy seas, and featured a small-block inboard for power. Though its family would have referred to it as a cabin cruiser, t
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In Too Deep
Q: Doc, I have a 2018 27-foot Sea Ray. Every time I trailer it, I get the boat snugged against the bow stop, and as I pull the trailer from the water, the winch strap seems to stretch, and the boat slides back a few inches from the bow stop and leave
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Bennington 23 Sccttx
Pontoons have always been a natural fit for fishing. Even without dedicated fishing packages—optional groupings that typically come in the form of fishing chairs and livewells grouped on the bow or stern—their spacious, open decks allow anglers plent
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Hole In One
When using a hole saw on gelcoated fiberglass, first cover the area with masking tape and mark the area to be cut. Once the pilot hole is drilled, run the power drill with the hole-saw bit in reverse briefly to gently score the perimeter of the hole
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Caymas 341 CC
Champion boat racer and accomplished boatbuilder Earl Bentz reunited his Triton team to bring an allnew series of fishing boats to American anglers. The 341 CC is Caymas’ latest and largest, and it boasts a Michael Peters-designed Stepped-Vee Ventila
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Pulley Problems
Q: I’m having recurrent problems with my MerCruiser 350 Mag MPI idler pulleys. In February, I changed the idler pulleys because the bearings became rusty. Now after only about 10 hours, a clicking noise developed, and a marine mechanic confirmed it w
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Reinventing The Wheel
The Sharrow propeller originated in an unlikely setting—a symphony music hall. This is where film producer Greg Sharrow was trying to capture overhead video footage of an orchestra’s performance using a drone. But there was a big problem: The buzzing
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Problematic Pulpit
Actually, my title is misleading. It’s an anchor roller, not a pulpit, and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, most of the shown assembly is top-notch: The hatch swings on through-bolted hinges and is finished on both sides; the hatch is also sup
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Bahamas Bound
The Bahamas. The name alone conjures up images of brilliantly white sand, endlessly turquoise waters, and one famous song by the Beach Boys. Consisting of nearly 700 islands, several of which conveniently border the southeast coast of Florida, the Ba
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Parkit 360 Trailer Dolly
The approach to the parking spot for my trailer boat offers only about 6 inches of clearance on each side, and I will admit to scuffing the walls a few times while backing up. The Parkit 360 electric trailer dolly made things easier. The Force 10K B3
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Triple Threats
Of all the things people love about pontoon boats—like how they’re great for entertaining and packed with creature comforts—performance is not often mentioned at the top of the list. But a modern pontoon boat equipped with a triple-tube package can a
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