Guernica Magazine31 min de lectureWicca / Witchcraft
The After Birth
This whole idea, combined with the world “nuchal”—it made me hate Kay even more. I imagined her as this hunchbacked, creeping thing with a big bag of fluid on the back of her neck like a goiter.
Guernica Magazine14 min de lectureGender Studies
Embracing Butch
It’s early April of 2020 and I’m in my in-laws’ garage—a week after my partner and I spontaneously downloaded hours of children’s shows for our then three-year-old, packed up the Honda, and fled pandemic Brooklyn for the relative safety (and childcar
Guernica Magazine12 min de lecture
The Language of Women
Ten This is the beginning of my body. My mother tells me it’s time to go on a diet, and I believe her. I begin to act accordingly. Her words are borne from love, but they are powerful, they take root, they last longer than the pounds do, than my chil
Guernica Magazine11 min de lecture
Back Draft: Clint Smith
The writer and poet talks about novelistic nonfiction and why he thinks of his grandparents as monuments.
Guernica Magazine20 min de lecture
Absolute Best
But it took three months before she was ready to block Graham. She trembled as she prepared to do it, too, because she had just discovered she was pregnant.
Guernica Magazine9 min de lecture
S. Kirk Walsh: The Blitz of Grief
In the spring of 1941, four German bombing attacks devastated the densely-populated city of Belfast. Government officials, who feared that a hit to the city’s zoo might lead to the accidental release of dangerous animals, ordered a number of animals
Guernica Magazine14 min de lecture
Elissa Washuta: “Living Inside This Empire Is All That I Will Ever Have.”
Elissa Washuta’s White Magic, her third book, a collection of exquisitely crafted lyric essays, is shaped like a visitation. Washuta is the protagonist and also something like an apparition bound by unfinished business, retracing her own pain and des
Guernica Magazine10 min de lectureReligion & Spirituality
Thirteen Ways Of Looking At The Rapture
1. That morning, I woke up to an empty bed. My parents, who slept on a mattress on the floor, were gone. My sister, who slept on the other side of the queen-sized bed we shared, was also missing. My mother’s Left Behind book lay face down by my feet.
Guernica Magazine15 min de lecture
Coming Home to Somewhere Unfamiliar
In an excerpt from her memoir Negative Space, Lilly Dancyger writes about moving back to New York City as a teenager and grappling with her father's death.
Guernica Magazine13 min de lecture
Caleb Azumah Nelson: “The Confrontation With Myself Enabled Me To Find A Brief Freedom.”
The author guides us through the tapestry of Black art, music, cinema, and literature that animates his debut novel, Open Water.
Guernica Magazine10 min de lecture
Mapping The History Of Slavery In New York
A group of activists is calling attention to the legacy of slavery encoded in the names of New York City’s streets and neighborhoods through archival research and small-scale interventions.
Guernica Magazine12 min de lectureFashion
Decolonize Hipsters
“Hipness,” Robin James tells us, “is a practice grounded, both historically and structurally, in racism.” Worse yet: “discourses of taste and hipness produce individual bodies as white, and maintain Whiteness as a socio-political norm.” There are of
Guernica Magazine13 min de lecture
Gina Frangello: Truth and Consequences
The author of the memoir Blow Your House Down talks about secrecy, accountability, and resisting happy endings.
Guernica Magazine20 min de lecture
Flat Stanley & the Praying Mantis
I knew I was middle-aged when I started to like smooth jazz. I hum along, slide $100 into a Caveman Keno machine, and sit with my legs crossed, exposing my hairy thighs like an embarrassing dad. I’m just 35, and childless, but aging parents and grand
Guernica Magazine12 min de lecture
Tucked along Interstate 5 in California are thirty-five prisons, a captive Pacific coast made intentionally invisible to passersby.
Guernica Magazine9 min de lectureWorld
The Secret Spies Keeping Baghdad Safe
The paradox of counterintelligence is that the best work remains invisible. The Spymaster of Baghdad shines a spotlight on the Iraqis whose espionage saved their city again and again.
Guernica Magazine18 min de lecture
Charting the Land of Great Loneliness
At your wedding, you set out on a two-person expedition toward a place you try to envision but have never seen. Later, you may wake one morning alone under an alien sky and wonder how you ever came to be here.
Guernica Magazine6 min de lecturePsychology
Estranged Modernisms
Drawing out the personal, historical, and the philosophical, a new translation of Yi Sang’s work edited by Don Mee Choi offers an original look at a classic writer.
Guernica Magazine5 min de lecture
You tunneled into reason: that many earthlings you had observed had enjoyed ecstatic many moments already where they had relaxed into the comfort of being invisible.
Guernica Magazine6 min de lecture
Cat Dreams
The first time I read On Cats, I was in a sentimental mood. I had just returned home after seven months in Germany, where I’d left behind two cats belonging to my host family, two small piebalds to whom I’d grown rather attached and whom I was missin
Guernica Magazine16 min de lecture
Lineal Gaps
Every Christmas while she was still alive, my mother’s mother would leave a single unwrapped toy among the other presents under the tree for each of her children. My mother and her sister would always get a baby doll, their faces uncovered and waitin
Guernica Magazine8 min de lecture
The Water Defenders
In 2009, an environmental activist was murdered in El Salvador. What happened next challenges conventional wisdom about activism, "the poor," and where real power really lies.
Guernica Magazine13 min de lecture
When Housing Was a Human Right
Two former classmates reconnect to talk about growing up in New York City cooperative housing in the 1970s.
Guernica Magazine14 min de lecture
There’s No Simple Way to Make it OK
I was enamored with the notion that all I had to do to drive the sadness away, to have something to look forward to, was open a can of meadows.
Guernica Magazine16 min de lecture
Loving Lebanon is one thing; living there is another. Generation after generation, surviving in the homeland sometimes costs too much.
Guernica Magazine5 min de lecture
Life In The Bush Of Borscht
Red Wave explores one American woman’s journey in the underground world of Soviet rock 'n' roll.
Guernica Magazine10 min de lecture
Behold A Pale Rider
It is customary in cases such as these to express regret and plead for mercy. You will hear no such words from me.
Guernica Magazine5 min de lectureLGBTQIA+ Studies
Hot for Epistolary Poetry
The editors of We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics on imagination, abundance, and what keep them up at night
Guernica Magazine12 min de lectureGender Studies
Melissa Febos: Trailheads of Discomfort
The author of Girlhood talks about patriarchy, empty consent, and being aware of her feral qualities.
Guernica Magazine6 min de lecture
Te-Ping Chen: “Every Story Unfolded As A Series Of Surprises In The Writing.”
The author of Land of Big Numbers talks about interweaving real life with the fantastic to write about today’s China.
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