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The laziness Lie
When I was young, primary schoolaged, the worst thing you could be was lazy. You didn’t have to succeed at everything, but you did have to try really hard at everything. Even through my languorous teen years, the fear of being labelled as lazy kept m
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Growing Fruit & Vegetables In Small Spaces
Many of us grow food for sheer pleasure. Today, cultivating our own edibles has another worthwhile aspect. At the time this article was written, iceberg lettuce was hovering at about $10 each while broccoli fetched $7 a kilo at the checkout. Stats re
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Like nature, over time humans have shifted and changed from our natural state of being. Our lives and health have been altered by endless advertisements, content overload and devices that help us work more and think less. While we often strive to rew
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Valerie Khoo—the Art Of Making Things Happen
Valerie Khoo is many things. She is a businesswoman, a curator, an entrepreneur, a writer and an artist. The thread that connects all these aspects of Khoo’s life is her innate fascination with the mechanisms of how the world works and how you can wo
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The Home Lighting Guide
Patterns of daylight have governed humans for millennia, but the discovery of electricity, followed by the invention of light globes and domestic lighting, shifted that relationship with light. Fast forward to the 21st century and brightly backlit sc
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Ways To Deal With Chronic Pain
As someone who has suffered from chronic pain for around 10 years, I’ve almost forgotten what life is like without some form of pain. I was a keen runner and managed to complete a marathon before the pain forced me to quit running, despite several at
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Email Me
If you haven’t said it today, then you will probably have written it, “Can you just email me.” Social media may dominate communication among certain portions of the population, but email continues to thrive. More than 100 million new email accounts a
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Recent Medical Findings For A Healthier Body
This new study included patients with metabolic syndrome and also healthy adults. For 28 days the subjects consumed gummy chews that contained either a green tea extract or a placebo. The green tea dose equalled five cups daily. All participants foll
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In a world as big and complex as ours, it’s easy to think you’re too small to make change. Will recycling one plastic bottle save our oceans? Will one signature affect the outcome of a petition? Can one lone voice be heard in a cacophony of many? Per
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Looking Within
As I walk through the flourishing gardens that surround the Byron Yoga Centre, I take a deep breath. It’s perhaps my first conscious breath for the day, maybe even for the week. I exhale and let it linger, noticing that my lungs feel full and healthy
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Secrets Of The Sea
Tell us about Sea Amour Wellness. Sea Amour Wellness began on a trip to Iceland and Norway back in 2019. I fell in love with the country and the purity of the environment. We talked to the locals in Iceland about what they loved most about their coun
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First Nations Food Companion
First Nations Food Companion by Damien Coulthard and Rebecca Sullivan, photography by Josh Geelen. Murdoch Books, RRP $49.99 The average Australian knows more about kale than warrigal greens, or pine nuts than bunya nuts, but there’s an edible pantry
WellBeing3 min de lectureChemistry
How Safe Is Your Sunscreen?
I love a sunburnt country, but not a sunburnt body. While we are so fortunate to live in Australia, vigilance is required to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Most of us have been taught from a young age to “slip, slop, slap”, but what abo
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Using Friends To Repel Pests
This is not an article about roping in your mates to pick the caterpillars off your cabbages. A gentler way, using plants to repel pests from other plants, is also known as a form of companion planting. Plants can protect their companions from pests
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Communicating With Empathy
“No” might be a small word, but it’s often loaded with complexity. It’s not easy hearing No and at times even harder to say No. If you’re regularly saying Yes when you want to say No, it’s easy for resentment and frustration to build and to end up fe
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Camellia sinensis is a species of shrub in the flowering tea plant family. The leaves and buds of the plant are harvested and processed in a variety of ways, producing a range of different teas, including white tea, yellow tea, green tea, oolong tea,
WellBeing3 min de lecturePopular Culture & Media Studies
Interesting Slices Of Life
Research has shown that only about 51 per cent of people read an article before sharing it online. In a new study researchers wanted to examine the psychology of this social media phenomenon. After a series of four studies, they concluded that social
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Raising The next Generation
It began with a deafening silence. Like any parent with young children, Shaun knew that’s often not good news. He legged it outside, and there they were, his three little girls, stripped down to their undies, drawing over each other with coloured mar
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Counter Culture
JORDANNA LEVIN, AFFIRM PRESS I’m a sucker for a self-help book, but much as Jordanna Levin writes in her opening chapter, I tend to finish the final chapter full of motivation, only to see it wither and die just weeks afterwards. Make You Happen foll
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All The Latest In Environmental Issues
The formation of alliances and cooperation with those allies is one of the things that has allowed humans to succeed as a species. This ally cooperation was once thought to be unique to humans, but now we know that other species do it. Researchers ha
WellBeing2 min de lecture
The Original Hollywood Smile
Tell us, when did White Glo begin and why? White Glo was established in 1995 by Barros Laboratories in Sydney, Australia. Originally, Barros’ aim was to develop highly effective teeth-whitening products for models and actors in the film industry who
WellBeing8 min de lecture
For The Love Of Animals
What is it about cuddling up to a furry friend that many of us find so enjoyable? For some, spending time with their pet is more meaningful than spending time with a person. Losing a pet may even be more devastating than losing a loved one. Most of u
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Belly Bodywork
The umbilicus is our original source of energy from our mother. As babies, we’re nourished through our navel, which is also a purification portal. This central core of our body is a pivotal point of biological balance and an entrance to holistic heal
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Pains Of Ageing
A 70-year-old otherwise healthy woman limped into the clinic. She was reasonably fit, exercised regularly, ate mainly organic food and generally made an effort to look after her health. However, the cumulative effect of various injuries was starting
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Yoga For Non-toxic Positivity
Toxic positivity is the belief that no matter how negative our feelings or dire our situation, we must maintain a positive mindset. This involves denying feelings like anger, fear, disappointment and any other emotions we consider “bad”. By pushing a
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Mitch Wallis
How do you start your day? There’s a lot to be said for discipline, sacrifice and hustle, especially in business and for your mental health. But understanding balance and sustainability is just as important. I’m not a morning person, so I usually wak
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Radical Hope
Right now, we need to reimagine our future. We need to deeply reconnect, reflect and reinvent ourselves and the way we inhabit the Earth. What we have seen since the start of the pandemic and during the subsequent countless natural disasters is that
WellBeing7 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
Be one of the first to enjoy The Herb Farm’s new Refining Hand & Décolletage Cream. Its nutrient-rich formula includes a blend of actives such as Hemp Seed and Native Black Fern to tone, smooth, and hydrate these vulnerable areas. W: theherbfarm.com.
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The Power Of Açaí
What was your initial vision for Amazon Power and when did it all begin? It was back in 2001 while on a business trip when I realised the distinct lack of açaí and açaí products in the Australian market. I saw the passion that Australians had for hea
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