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Cadillac’s Final Petrol Vehicles Unveiled
General Motors has rowed back on its commitment to get rid of all of its petrol vehicles by 2035, claiming that this was merely a goal, not a declaration of intent. However, it appears that Cadillac will continue to aim for an all-electric future. Wh
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Classic American Reviews
Author: Mike Mavrigian Published by: Car Tech ISBN: 978-1-61325-283-3 Here’s a book for the more technically inclined readers. Many engines require machining at some point in their existence, whether to recover lost performance, increase power
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Other than them both being a product of General Motors, you might struggle to find a connection between a 1931 Buick Sedan and a 1972 Chevrolet C30 truck, but for Stuart ‘Chubby’ Checksfield, his owning one of those vehicles is a direct consequence o
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Perfect Dad’s Day Out!
How about taking your dad – or the whole family – for a day out at just about the only car show that bills itself as a ‘Father’s Day out’? The Beaulieu Hot Rod and Custom Show takes place on June 20 at Beaulieu in Hampshire and features rods, customs
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A King among Giants
When you’re the events organiser of the Pre-’50 American Auto Club, it doesn’t really do to turn up at the Rally of the Giants in a Clio or a Mondeo. That’s why David Radcliffe-Watts now owns three American classics, among which the ‘jewel’, as he pu
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Mean Green Machine
1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet When you first lay eyes upon Les Sales’ Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet, you can’t help but become intoxicated by the deep rich lustrous shine of that Black Jade with Green and Gold Pearl and Gold Metalflake, added to base/c
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Scale Autos
I’ve never been a particular follower of the classic Marvel and DC comics; however, I’ve always been curious about the way die-cast vehicle manufacturers periodically collaborate with comic publishers to produce comic-themed versions of their existin
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American Car Shows And Events 2021
Classic American’s first Events listings/ Blues pages in more than 14 months takes pride of place on page 82 in this issue. If you have an American car show, event or cruise you would like listing, or more information adding, please email the details
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Father’s Day Special
Father’s Day is just around the corner and while those responsible for buying Father’s Day gifts might not be reading this magazine (although they might!) you could always leave this magazine strategically left open on these pages, with your chosen g
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E10 Petrol – The Facts
The amount of ethanol in the UK’s pump petrol could soon double to 10%. A government consultation on E10 fuel has concluded and may pave the way for widespread introduction of the new blend. But this could be bad news for owners of older cars, which
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STAR Letter
Dear Classic American, While looking on eBay I came across a copy of Exchange and Mart from May 1980. This reminded me of running around to the paper shop on a Thursday morning to see what was on offer that week. I had just turned 20 at the time and
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Auction Watch
Gooding’s Geared online was just getting under way as we went to print, taking place from May 3 to May 7. There were some very tasty classic American morsels going under the hammer, including this very original-looking 1956 Chrysler 300B which had an
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Ghia Chrysler 400 Superdart
One of the great Fifties show queens, the Chrysler-financed, Ghia-crafted Dart was a stylistic tour de force. The name was appropriate given that this 5664mm (223in) projectile was honed in a wind tunnel, its dart-shaped outline boasting massive rear
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Good News!
I went to my first car show of the year last weekend and it was great – the distant sound of the V8s and the outline of American cars on the approach to the venue was something familiar and welcome, yet long absent, coming as it did after almost a ye
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Show Report
Stonham Barns Park, Suffolk April 25 The Knucklebusters car club and Stonham Barns Park Holiday Park collaborated to put on what was effectively the first custom/ hot rod/American car show of the year – and for many, literally the first event of any
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Meet The Contributor
The latest victim in our series introducing the writers and photographers behind the pages of Classic American is Nigel Boothman, who jumped in at the American automotive deep end with a mid-Sixties American limousine! My love of American cars was s
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1971-1974 AMC Javelin
American Motors for 1971 launched their second generation and last design for the Javelin. The car would cease production in 1974, being replaced by the Matador. These ‘later’ models have never captured the car collector’s imagination and been somewh
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A Shortage Of Chips
One of the most vital items in our world today is the humble microchip. It’s used in everything from kitchen items like toasters, fridges and dishwashers to smartphones, tablets, TVs, cable and satellite recorders – and of course our cars. Since the
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It’s Dead Good! Meet The Ford/ Lincoln Explorer/Nautilus Hearse
Confused? Well, we were a bit at this rather interesting creation from MK Coach/Parks Superior. It uses a Ford Explorer fitted with a Lincoln Nautilus grille for the basis of this hearse/combination vehicle. The switching of the grilles is presumably
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Ring Hand-held Tyre Inflator RTC2000
Cost: SRP £44.99-£49.99 Available from: A1 Motor Stores, Screwfix, Wilko, Halfords, Argos, Amazon, Motorpart Direct and online at: Rating: 4/5 Now here is a nifty bit of kit that would make a great Father’s Day gift! It’s
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Finale-the End Of An Era?
As the saying goes: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” and no one could accuse Lincoln of messing up a successful formula, as the Continental Mark III gave way to the restyled Mark IV (1972-1976) and the equally successful Continental Mark V (1977-19
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First Show Of The Year!
Yep, if finally looks as if we’re coming out of hibernation/lockdown, whatever you want to call it and that meant the first American/custom/rod show of the year was able to take place at Stonham Barns Holiday Park near Ipswich in Suffolk. Classic Ame
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Blue Pages
An informal weekly meeting of all kinds of classic cars, usually a good number of Americans. Held at the Scotch Piper Inn, Lydiate which is the oldest pub in Lancashire, with plenty of parking on the field to the rear. Hot and cold food available alo
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Classic American
Ben Klemenzson Fran Lovely Paul Bussey, Gary Chapman, Richard Coney, Huw Evans, Richard Heseltine, Mike Renaut, Matt Richardson,Geoff Saunders, Max Du Sautoy, Will Shiers, Zack Stiling Pauline Hawkins Tim Hartley Sue Keily T
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Tech: Lubrication Keep Your Motor Running
Proper lubrication is essential to the functioning of your engine. A dead battery will stop it temporarily, but a lack of lubrication will rapidly become terminal. As with all technological advances, modern oils are very different from what your engi
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On This Day
The Mustang launched 57 years ago, becoming the legend that we know and love today. Ford expected to sell only 100,000 cars in its first year, but went on to sell quadruple that, a feat yet to be beaten by any manufacturer to this day… and to think i
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Readers’ Rides
“I’ve had this car for a while and gone through some interesting times with it. While waiting for delivery of a crate engine built by Jim Wiese – who is the world expert on Buick 455s – the car was locked inside the workshop of the mechanic who, unbe
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Fine '49
Martin Skipper of Sandbach in Cheshire is getting to be such a regular in Classic American, he’ll soon have his own office with his name on the door! Regular readers will recall our feature on his stealthy sleeper ’52 Mercury recently and, as we ment
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Scale Autos
I’ve been a fan of Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth for many years and his cartoon rodent, the nemesis of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Rat Fink. It appears that Round 2, under its AMT banner, now produces a sheet of Rat Fink waterslide decals. Round 2 has been clever i
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Cousins Reunited
In 2012, I persuaded a good friend of mine with long-term ownership of a Regal Deluxe Starlight Coupe to join the Rover P4 Guild Nationals at Gaydon, only a short drive from his home in Oxford. On a glorious day in May, the Coupe was displayed in a l
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