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Triumph Fully Release Their All-new Trident
We know that cash is in tight demand at the moment, but the fact that so many bikes are being released for 2021 is good news for all of us bikers, no matter what. And it’s not all just about the super-exotic stuff, so if you want some new, naked meta
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The Future’s Orange
Many of the world’s great ideas and inventions have been conceived and forged over the dinner table. It’s not a new thing. Maybe a drink or two has played a part, a lack of inhibition giving a freedom to ‘think outside the box’. Don’t get me wrong. T
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Andrew Dalton
The Fast Bikes Legal Clinic is compiled by Andrew Dalton, and his bike riding barristers and solicitors at White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors. They deal with personal injury claims and their sister company, Motor Defence Team, deals with all the moto
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Tried Out
TESTED BY: Farmer Brod MILES: 2000 TIME: 18 months RRP: £469.99 WEB: I’m used to finding myself wondering where I am and how I got there, but that’s often down to alcohol. A few months back a mega crash had the same outcome, le
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Honda Cbr1000rr-r Sp
Some people like the cold and wet; I don’t. But I do like my ‘Blade, and knowing that our relationship is soon set to end, I’ve made a concerted effort to get out on it as much as possible before the roads turn to ice rinks and that fat lad from the
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Tom Neave
Now the dust has settled I’m finally able to step back and take in what an awesome year it’s been. It didn’t start too well, to be honest; having had two shoulder ops and another one on my ankie over fast winter meant i came into me year on the back
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Geared UP
Winter is here; there’s no escaping that now, and that means that there’s no escaping the cold either. There are a few things you can do to keep a little toasty if you’re riding through the colder climates, such as getting yourself some top quality h
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Triumph Street Triple Rs
Well, well, well. We’re now over 3000 miles in on the old Trumpet, and I’ve got to say, it’s been a fair old slog for the both of us! We’ve been through rain and sun, hot and cold, and just about everything in between, but I do have to say, it’s been
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Gary Johnson
Well, well, well. It’s the end of the season! Well, not that it’s really been much of a season for us road racers anyway. I just bloody hope everything pulls together for next year! There’s been a lot of talk and all that sort of stuff with the roads
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I don’t know about you lot, but when Aprilia unveiled their all-new RS 660, I was in two minds. Thinking of everything from the peach of an RSV4 to the legendary RS250s of yesteryear, it’s got some big ol’ boots to fill using that RS name, but you se
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Race Riot
Rider: Carlos Track: Brands Hatch GP Series: British Superbikes Class: Ducati TriOptions Cup/R&G Shield Bike: Ducati Panigale V2 Fastest lap: 1:31.971 Position: DNF/8th Championship position: 11th/3rd Excuse(s): Saving fuel and tyres! Well, that’s 20
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Christian Iddon
Eighteen races, 18 finishes. A pole position, seven podiums, a win and my best ever finish in the British Superbike Championship with third and am I happy? Well kind of, but not really. Donington was the penultimate round and for the first time this
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Ten Minutes With… Piero Soatti
FB: In comparison with other bikes, where did you want the RS 660 to fit? PS: When this concept was presented, we were not totally focused - I mean a new 600 today, almost seems crazy. But when we properly looked into this concept, and looked at how
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A Hard-fought Year
@CARLSTEVENS17 Wow - how good has the racing been in BSB this year? I mean, yeah sure, 2020 hasn’t delivered on a lot of fronts, but one thing is certain: it’s delivered some seriously nail-biting action in terms of the British Superbike Championship
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Steve Parrish
Well, we’re another month down and another month closer to Christmas, and it still feels like things are properly mad, doesn’t it? This time last year we had absolutely no idea what was coming, but hopefully, by this time next year (and much before)
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Sibling Rivalry ’blade On ’blade
The only way you won’t have heard the hype surrounding Honda’s new Fireblade RR-R SP is if you’ve been self-isolating in an underground cave, with no access to anything other than a tin of Spam and a ’40s+ mag trying to avoid the dreaded ’Rona. It’s
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Six In A Row
@JAMIEMORRIS19 So here we are. We made it. At one point it looked to be all over just after it had begun, but after a condensed, hectic and heavily revised calendar, we completed World Superbike in 2020. Coronavirus tried its best to stop it, bringin
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2020 Fireblade Rr-r Sp
The first things that struck me about the new ’Blade parked next to the old are twofold; firstly how sexy those in-built wings are, and secondly how damn fat the new bike looks! Surely the idea of an upgrade is to be lighter, thinner, more aggressive
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Storm Clouds Gathering On The (s)iberian Peninsula
@FAIRMANGP It’s getting to that point in the season where things start to get serious, as the 2020 MotoGP season has been every bit as mad as the rest of the world. In fact, so mad has 2020 been that I think the ultimate champion is going to deserve
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Blade Runner Adam Jones
Just to set out my stall before I start - I am to fast riding what our prime minister is to fashion. However, I very much enjoy the endorphin release and adrenaline rush that follows opening the throttle on any motorbike. Despite starting very late i
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Kawasaki Zxr400
In this modern era of fuel injected, high power two-wheeled speed machines, it’s rare you see anything smaller than a 600cc bike on UK trackdays. However we stumbled across a peach of an old-school classic, a Kawasaki ZXR400. The 400cc sector was hug
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2019 Fireblade Sp2
Getting back on the SP2 was a bit like dating the girl next door after getting out of a short-term adrenaline-fuelled relationship with a super-hot, bipolar nymph you met online. Sure, she might not spontaneously suck the soul out of you, but at the
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Track Bike Set-up - Part Two: The Rear End
There’s always a lot to cover when setting a track bike, so taking things step by step should make the job a little easier. But a good place to start is by getting your machine in the ball park. So what should you do with your rear end? Measuring rea
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North Coast!
You can’t beat a good road trip with your mates or your mistress, but finding the time, money and excuses needed often makes the difference between packing up your underpants, or sitting in a pair on your sofa as you binge-watch TV and poke pizza dow
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Win A Trackday Competition
To be in with a chance of winning a No Limits trackday, either send us a pic on our Facebook page or email one to fastbikes Closing date: December 13, 2020 Here at Fast Bikes magazine, we love trackdays. So much so, we wanted to
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Carl’s Take On The Mutants...
When we first caught a glimpse of these hoops, I think we were all wondering how they’d cope with Fast Bikes mag levels of abuse. I mean, could rubber with such a deep tread pattern offer enough grip and stability to keep us happy? Well Dunlop seemed
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You & Yours
To be in with a chance of winning this most tasteful of tops, just email us ( or post on our Facebook page with a pic of you, your bike and a few words about it, where you’ve been on it and why you rate it so highly. We’ll
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Ktm 1290 Super Duke Gt
When embarking on a trip of such epic proportions, it’s not enough to have incredible routes and scenery (alongside a couple of dodgy mates to enjoy it with) - oh no, you’ve got to have a proper tool for the job, otherwise it’s a bit of a waste of ti
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Stay Safe
I would recommend anyone to visit the Black Mountains route in the Brecon Beacons national park followed by a stop in the Owl’s Nest cafe. On a recent jaunt there with my mates myself and good friend Aaron Edwards got stopped by the local plod for sm
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BMW S 1000 Xr Te
Even before we’d set off on our epic road trip, I knew I had the right bike for the job. Carl’s KTM looked that bit too aggressive for a long-haul road trip, and Bruce’s Kawasaki looked, if I’m being brutally honest, a bit too wet. First things first
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