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On The Veg Patch
Cover fruit bushes with netting to protect from birds. Choose your moment and make sure the mesh size allows insects through to pollinate flowers. Take care not to pull off fruitlets as you move netting over and do take the time to mend any holes. Pi
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Kg Problem Solver
Every year I try to grow carrots without success. I add compost to soil and even sieved a whole area to get rid of stones. However, I never have but a handful of large carrots and mostly tiny ones. Is there anything I can do to improve the soil as it
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6 Plot Plans To Save The Planet
Sow just a few annual flowers in the corner of your plot or in between rows of long-term crops such as brassicas and sweetcorn. Not only will you enjoy the colour on your plot, you will encourage and help pollinators such as bees, insect predators an
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A Woman Of Many Parts
How have you been lately during these challenging times? Lockdown has allowed me to spend more time at home. I am normally away filming, leading garden tours, working overseas and lecturing all over the UK and internationally. I have been able to pla
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Did You Know?
Scientists report that the bushy, hairy-leafed Cotoneaster franchetii improves human health because of its special ability to fight pollution by trapping harmful airborne particles. Anew RHS science paper that looks at the effectiveness of hedges as
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The Scent Of Spring
An iconic allotment bloom, wallflowers have long been a mainstay of the cut flower patch and ornamental borders during the spring and early summer. Hardy during the coldest winters (as long as the soil isn’t too heavy and wet), a sowing from May to J
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In The Greenhouse
Late April and early May is the perfect time to plant young tomato plants into their final position in a cold greenhouse or polytunnel. Whether growing directly into the soil border, a self-watering system or large pots, make sure that you check the
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Grow Your Own Loofah
The loofah is not just a body scrub you use in the shower - it has many other uses too, such as making great pan scourers. There are many other uses too, see page 86 for more ideas. The loofah is made from the dried inner fibrous part of the luffa fr
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Crops That Didn’t Make The Cut
SEE P60 Another crop that is popular to grow but cheap and readily available from supermarkets all year round. Onions take a long time to mature, taking up valuable growing room. However, why not grow some interesting varieties you will never ever se
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Growing Online
KG YOUTUBE CHANNEL Emma is in the polytunnel sowing sweetcorn. Seeds are best started off in deep pots but you can use toilet roll inners or, as Emma is doing here, Rootrainers. These are great for plants that benefit from a long, robust root system
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Take A Fresh Look At Mint
Most of us when we think of mint think of its traditional pairing with new potatoes and as a sauce with lamb, both delicious. Many other interesting and unusual mint varieties are available, so why not add some to your garden this spring for a wider
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THE painterly PLOT
When Sue Ling took on her allotment in Kidlington, near Oxford, in 2019, she faced a tangle of weeds and tarpaulin. The solution? Good old, honest hard graft and determination -and some very early mornings! Sue explains: “My husband David and I start
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Varieties For Variety
As we have pointed out in this feature, we gardeners have such a great choice. We can grow different varieties of the more common veg. Many of these varieties will never be commercially grown and available in supermarkets because they are not cost ef
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Dream Beans
Broad beans can be found on just about every allotment site and in plenty of veg patches up and down the country. The easy-to-grow legume not only produces masses of beans, most also have fragrant flowers, and you’ll know that they give off a delight
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Plastic-free Crop Protection
We have all grown so used to our cloche tunnels and domes, fleece, netting, weed-suppressing membranes, weed sprays, bug potions, little plastic cold frames and greenhouses. It seemed like a tall order to find substitutes for them all. But lo, dear g
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Our Plotter Of The Month
A passion for growing her own started in childhood when Julie watched her father twist off rhubarb stalks and later enjoyed eating them raw, dipped in sugar. Now the same love is being passed to her granddaughter Annabelle, who loves to help out on J
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Have Your Say
CONTACT US WITH YOUR LETTERS AND TIPS: TFLANAGAN@MORTONS.CO.UK Further to the March edition of Kitchen Garden (Grow With Belle), my two-year-old daughter Enya and I have completed the wellie planter activity together. We began by washing my old welli
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Others Onions Of Interest
Other interesting cultivars which did not receive an AGM this time included: ■ ‘ISOBEL ROSE’ – the colour deepens on storage with pink tinges throughout the flesh. Milder flavour than red onions but did not store quite as well as others in the trial.
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Working Hand In Glove
For sowing, planting on, thinning out, weeding and other light tasks around the garden, close-fitting gloves like those in the products reviewed this month are best. They will keep your hands clean but at the same time leave your fingers free enough
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Get To Grips With Grapes
This month we tackle a fruit with an undeserved reputation for being tricky. Think of grapevines and you’ll probably imagine long lines of tightly pruned vines planted on the chalky slopes of southern France, baking under the Mediterranean sun. Somet
Kitchen Garden5 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Crossing Continents
There’s something of an international theme in the kitchen this month, as Anna Cairns Pettigrew welcomes in the spring with all the goodness of Chinese leaves, turnips and broad beans If you have the ingredients on hand, this chow mein stir-fry is su
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A Garden Saved By A Prince
Dumfries House is set in a 2000-acre estate in the Ayrshire countryside. Many tourists, both UK and international, visit this picturesque setting to tour the grand country house or to stay in the luxury lodges on site, but, for others, the expansive
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Prizes And Sponsors
This brand new planter from The Posh Shed Company comes in nine sizes. It has fully pressurised treated timber walls and a base that will not rot, made from recycled plastic board. This pack contains everything needed to
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Reader Offers
SAVE UP RO £23.95 (AGM is the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Under RHS garden trials these varieties performed particularly well) Kale is incredibly versatile and gaining in popularity all the time. ‘Nero Di Toscana’, also known as ‘Cavolo Nero’, is one
Kitchen Garden3 min de lectureArchitecture
Onions On Trial
This was the first AGM (Award of Garden Merit) trial since 2005 of bulb onions from seed only. Planting from sets still remains the most popular method of growing onions for gardeners as they are much easier to handle and can be planted at any time b
Kitchen Garden3 min de lecture
Are you a subscriber? Visit: Look out for gooseberry sawfly caterpillars in the centre of your gooseberry bushes and remove immediately. When the sun puts in an appearance, the temperature in the greenhouse soon rockets at this t
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Italian Job
Dario tends the plot immediately behind Sue’s. Hailing from Italy, he has an innate passion for good food and grows specifically for flavour, including a number of Italian favourites such as ‘San Marzano’ tomatoes for delicious home-made sauces. “My
Kitchen Garden4 min de lecture
The Chamomile Cure
Stepping outside on to the towpath each morning, I have three plants that I have to feel and breathe in: blackcurrant mint, lavender and chamomile. Between them they hit all the senses, leaving me calm, awake and uplifted. What are your go-to plants?
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What To Do In May
■ Keep sowing salads and fast-maturing vegetables on a regular basis for a continued supply through the summer. ■ There is still plenty of time to sow cucumbers to produce strong plants for planting out in a few weeks’ time. ■ Figs growing in pots ca
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