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Women’s Race
In the women’s race, winner Toni McCann (pictured) set a new RETTO domestic record (4:40:30), placed eighth overall, and improved her 2018 time (4:41:58). She posted to her Instagram account: “No real words yet, just gratitude and joy. Otter, you wer
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2020 Bestest Awards
Nickie Sale had a truly contagious trail stoke infection at Fair Cape Cares Trail Run, Durbanville, on 5 December. "This run was special. I hit 1000 miles (1,609km) run for 2020. That is huge because last year I only ran 800km." Chris Visser ran 520.
TRAIL1 min de lecturePsychology
Seligman’s PERMA Model Of Flourishing
In the PERMA model, Seligman proposes five pathways to flourishing. Positive psychologists offer ways to thrive through each pathway. Positive Emotions Barbara Fredrickson, a professor of Psychology at Chapel Hill, proposed that negative emotions are
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K-way Skyrun
EASTERN CAPE 14 November 2020 While 2020 may go down in the record books for mostly the wrong reasons, the 2020 K-Way SkyRun will be remembered for being a pearl of a day. The perfect running conditions allowed multiple records to fall, and the women
TRAIL2 min de lecturePsychology
Pacing The Way To Change
Seeing a need, JO KEPPLER ran 130km to raise funds for the Southern Lodestar Foundation breakfast programme on Saturday 6 November 2020. During lockdown in April 2020, I was speaking to Andre Redinger (the founder of Southern Lodestar Foundation). I
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Bites & Stings
Life support medic ALET MAARTENS is a Gauteng-based trail runner with a few tips to keep you safe against summer bugs with big appetites or short tempers. Spending time outdoors and especially on a trail brings us in close contact with all sorts of b
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R1 500 | We admire Tifosi for providing exceptional value for money and great quality (they back it with a lifetime warranty). The browband on the Aethon is removable, but will prevent sweat running down into your eyes if you leave
TRAIL1 min de lectureArchitecture
Eden to Addo
Following ancient migratory routes, Clyde Berning and Damien Schumann crossed seven mountain ridges on the Eden to Addo Corridor, totalling 360km with 10,500m elevation. It took them eight days, from 11 to 19 November 2020. “This is one of the most b
TRAIL6 min de lectureMedical
Grounding Is It The Missing Link?
In 2019 I came across a documentary film about grounding (or earthing), which resonated with me. I found that research about possible benefits is in its infancy, but the results are promising. Maybe the reason some patients’ injuries or pain does not
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R649 | Just because you’ve earned the sweat doesn’t mean you want to run in it. This lightweight women’s running tank combines on-the-run performance with casual style. DriLayer® fabric wicks sweat away to keep you comfortable,
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The Aliens Are Here
Why do we run? There is no simple answer. There are a myriad reasons personal to each runner. Common reasons are an appreciation for nature, the love of being outdoors in a natural setting, finding hidden places with beautiful soul-stirring vistas, a
TRAIL6 min de lecture
Heat Cheat
In his How Or Why series, coach SEAN TAIT, founder and Running technique coach at Off the Mark, digs deeper into specific issues troubling TRAIL readers. This is a common challenge among runners residing in warmer climates. It only takes two or three
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R55 7ml tub | R85 14g tub | R130 21ml stick | R185 48ml stick R199 57ml tub | Squirrel’s Nut Butter makes the world’s best all-natural, anti-chafe, and restorative skin products. Ingredients are never synthetic. There’s n
TRAIL5 min de lecture
For the Love
RACHEL MANYATHI is an ultra runner and high school teacher whose life centres around kindness, and mountain adventure. Balancing full-time teaching with running around South Africa, Rachel lives a life of fun and gratitude. I became a runner back in
TRAIL8 min de lecture
Catch your Breath
Breathing is a movement. Are you moving well? Ever felt particularly breathless out on the trails? Are you huffing and puffing before you’ve even hit the climb? What about heavy and tired legs that just won’t settle into the run? Yawning when you sho
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#GEARGUIDE #TRAIL38 R2 599 | Rule the trail with cushioned, durable protection and stability. A built-in rock plate protects your foot from rocks and roots, while BioMoGo DNA cushions every stride. Brooks’ unique Pivot Post Syst
TRAIL8 min de lecture
Die Ander Tafelberg(e)
Dalene van Staden developed Die Ander Tafelberge* project, recruiting Caro Jordaan and Magan Hanekom to summit all 15 Tafelberge in the Western Cape, ending with Cape Town's Table Mountain. * Afrikaans for 'The other Table Mountains'. The trio summit
TRAIL5 min de lecture
Muscle Imbalance
Dominance of one side over another could lead to over-compensating, overworked muscles, and injury. Physiotherapist and trail runner DAWN NUNES knows what to look out for. Balanced is a good place to be. The same applies for our bodies. Running is a
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Gear Shorts
#GEARGUIDE #TRAIL38 Aonijie Windrunner 10L pack > Lightweight and comfortable, this bag efficiently carries your full kit. R1499 Aonijie Windrunner kid's hydration pack > Compatible with 750ml bladder and two 250ml soft flasks. R799 Hario V60 coffee
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Hot Running
TRAIL magazine @TRAILza • 26 November 2020 #TrailPoll: Summer's here! How do you feel about running in the heat? Love it! 18% Dreading! 16.4% Don't mind 26.6% I run early/late 39.3% If heat is a concern, read Sean Tait's article about preparing for a
TRAIL6 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
“Let food be thy medicine.” This quote is often assigned to Hippocrates. Funny thing though, he didn’t actually say it: it’s been widely disproved, in fact. But whoever did say it was onto something. Fake quotes are just as popular as fad diets, wond
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#TRAILFOOD Mushroom Shawarma + Chocolate Chunk Gingerbread Muffins #TRAILKIDS Hubri and Anthony #TRAILLOVE Emma Rorke #TRAILHEALTH Surviving COVID-19 #TRAILMEDIA BOOK | SITE | FILM #TRAILPEOPLE Jo Keppler #TRAILPLANET Alien Invaders #TRAILSTORY The o
TRAIL2 min de lecture
Hayterdale Trails EC
Fee R20 | Trails 5 | Best route 21km | Ascent 635m | Dogs No Time 210min | Difficulty Moderate | Open All day Hayterdale Trails is an amazing venue. I am so inspired to explore and spend time there. The landowner showed me the network, and this route
TRAIL11 min de lecture
Chasing The Spirit Of Caballo Blanco
Wait, why exactly are you doing this again?” asked the Nagging Voice, who sometimes joins me on my more adventurous runs. I’d been running for more than seven hours under a merciless sun, amid a harsh landscape of gleaming rocks, dirt, and cacti. I w
TRAIL3 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Mushroom Shawarma
I love mushrooms and I love shawarma – and the combination sounded amazing. It promptly got added to my running list of recipe ideas. Apart from the traditional meat/chicken-based shawarma, I’ve rubbed a shawarma spice onto cauliflower to create caul
TRAIL2 min de lecture
Van Gaalen NW
Fee R40 | Trails Various | Best route 21km | Ascent 550m | Time 3h Difficulty Technical | Dogs No | Open Wed-Sun 6:30am-3pm You have to try out the trails at Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij. This was the hardest 21km trail run I have ever done! I was expectin
TRAIL7 min de lecture
Time To Shine
Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge. 6km, 12km, 21km. Kurland Estate. Beautiful, varied, challenging course. Run when you feel like it and collect goodie bag at finish. R250. Hartenbos Trail Run Challenge. 5km, 9km. Hart & Bosch Village. O
TRAIL1 min de lecture
Trail ZA
cover Rachel Manyathi on Lion’s Head. photo Fahwaaz Cornelius Publisher Deon Braun | Editorial Heloise | Advertising Deon | 082 377 4669 Fahwaaz Cornelius (cover), Clinton Bosch, Sunet B
TRAIL6 min de lectureMedical
Meeting Rona
Being young and fit doesn't faze COVID-19. Salomon runner THABANG MADIBA (36) experienced this for himself. "I think I caught coronavirus from a friend in June. He was sick and I went to chat with him, then I got sick. My wife also had coronavirus, s
TRAIL2 min de lecture
Holla Trails KZN
Fee R28 | Trails 13 | Best route 21km | Ascent 400m Time 150min | Difficulty Easy | Dogs Leash | Open Always This MTB park on farmland isn’t just jeep track through sugarcane fields. In fact, the Maroon Route is mostly singletrack through forests and
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