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READER Reviews
Everything With Words, £8.99 Review by Sholto, age nine This is a story of an adventure that involves magic and time travel. Two twelve-year-old children from different centuries – one, an orphaned jewellery apprentice with only one hand, named Glo
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Meet Joe Haddow
What do you love about making radio programmes? I love music, all kinds of music, and what I love about making a music radio programme is that I can share music with others. I think the way in which songs are ordered and chosen for radio shows is qu
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BEAT BOXING: Human Music
The lights dim on the stage in Klub Progresja in Warsaw, Poland. The crowd cheers, whoops and whistles as Scott Jackson, official host of the Grand Beatbox Battle, walks on stage and holds up a hand for silence. He raises the microphone to his lips a
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Musical Expressions
Hip hop originates from the USA and is both a genre of music and, for some people, a way of life. It came about some fifty years ago and the sound consists of rhythmic beats and samples (short melodic tunes taken from other songs) with lyrics rapped
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Junior Editor JAKE
CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF?  Hello, my name is Jake and I am eleven years old. I live in Devon, on a smallholding with a lot of animals. My interests are: photography, magic, books, nature, outdoors, Lego and cheese. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK
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Weird Poetry
In June 1877, a strange thing happened to an out-of-work Irish weaver living in Scotland. To quote his own words: I seemed to feel as it were a strange kindof feeling stealing over me, and remainedso for about five minutes. A flame, as LordByron has
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What Is A Haiku?
Haiku are only three lines long. Here is an example of a poem by the grand master of haiku, Masaoka Shiki, who died in 1902: At the full moon’srising, the silver-plumedreeds tremble Here is another one: Autumn is leaving,tugging each others’ bra
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Song in Nature
The first time I heard whales ‘singing’ was surreal. I was underwater, filming on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and for a few minutes I had nothing to do while the cameraman was filming close ups of a new underwater computer. So, I rested on t
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An Important Person
I’m stirring noodles in a pot when Billy gets home. He comes round the back and knocks over Dad’s beer bottles. They are lined up outside. Billy shouts loudly and throws the door open. ‘Is he here?’ he says. ‘No,’ I say. ‘He’s just left.’ Billy nods
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Why We Sing
If you are lucky, and you are out in the woods at the right time, you might just be able to hear the song of the nightingale. A gentle and enchanting trill that wafts through the trees on a summer’s night, it is birdsong so sweet it has inspired poet
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An Important Person
My brother is coolHe has a tattoo of a lionAnd long hair that he ties up for workHe makes me food and gets me up andwe gameHe checks I’m homeHe bought me a phoneHe sticks up for me when I get in troubleHe makes sure I don’t get in more troubleHe call
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Amina And The Magic Drums
Amina loved drumming. When she was a baby, she used to sit in her high chair and bash on the tray with her plastic spoon. When she was a little girl, she would drum on the table with her fingers with one hand, while eating with the other. When her le
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Spoken Word Hall Of Fame
GEORGE THE POET is the stage name of George Mpanga. From London, of Ugandan heritage, he is a poet, rapper, spoken word performer and host of his own podcast. He uses his poetry to talk about issues in society, and he has a satirical wit and an infec
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An Appetite For Music
Aubergines fashioned into cymbals? Carrots carved up as flutes? Pumpkins posing as drums? Who said you can’t play with your food? Or, in this case, play your food? Certainly not the Vegetable Orchestra from Vienna! For about half a day before each pe
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A Job In The Music Business
What does a marketing manager do? That depends on what project I’m working on, as it changes all the time. Basically my job is to make sure an artist’s music reaches the fans in interesting ways. To do this well, I need to get to know an artist, and
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Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Sama and I am nine years old. Sama means sky in Arabic. Where do you live? I have been living in Spain for four years now. We live in Madrid, the capital city. What is your family like? My father, Ahme
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Skeltonic Verse
Is verse that’s terseWith rhyming wordsLike birds and herdsLike curds and girdsAnd surds and thirdsKeep words goingAnd lines flowingTill the rhymes you seekBecome quite weakThen change the rhyme,They’ll cease to chimeAnd that is whenYou switch again.
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HARARE Zimbabwe
Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Kayo and I’m ten years old. And on my eighth birthday I got surgery! It wasn’t good, I stayed in the hospital for two and a half days! Where do you live? What’s the name of your town/village/city and coun
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Overheard In A Tower Block
There are things that lurk in the library,that thumb and squeeze between the leaves.New worlds can be found in the books,characters listen to all that you read.There are whisperings between the wordsand shivers rearing to leap on your spine. Run your
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Howdy Scoopets, I’m ecstatic to be guest editor on this musically poetic issue. Poetry has been a huge part of my life, starting out as a hobby in school, becoming a pastime as I took my poems to the stage and then turning into a career as I got pub
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Night Music
I saw sounds at night,altering the shapes of the trees, tickling shadows,dancing on an owl’s tongue, I saw sounds skippingfrom door to door, rattling the letterbox,slipping into dreams, I saw a gentle drumbeat,chase a prancing fox, amongst
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Scoop Club
On a walk in November,We heard a purr,Soft yet loud,Loud and proud,‘Meow Food’‘Are you in a good mood?’‘To give me some food?’The cat we named Puffin. On a day in DecemberWe heard a purr,From the curb,In the suburb.‘Meow Food’‘Are you in a good moo
Scoop3 min de lectureGender Studies
The March Of The Women
In June 1911, Britain welcomed a new king to the throne. Five days before the grand coronation of King George V, another impressive spectacle took place in London: a peaceful ‘Coronation Procession’ of around 60,000 women demanding suffrage (the righ
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Express Yourself! Get Ready To Sway To The Rhythm Of Music And Poetry And Feel The Pleasure Of Lyrical Expression..
Music is a part of every known society, past and present, and is common to all human cultures across the globe. Poetry is a marvellous way to express emotions and thoughts through words. You may have watched the young poet Amanda Gorman at the US i
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Meet Our Very Special Podcast Guest Michelle Paver
Can you describe your Wolf Brother series in 120 characters? A boy, a girl and a wolf battle evil in the wilds of the Stone Age forest. Expect demons, magic and above all, adventure! What place have you visited that most inspires your writing? I l
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Chris Young works as a children’s specialist for Golden Hare Books, an independent bookshop based in Edinburgh – this involves trying out all sorts of ways to get kids into reading. She also works as a part-time librarian, doing a similar job! She ha
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Roshan Adve, Guy Bass, Herbie Brenna, Joseph Coelho, Helena Covell, Ben Davis, Rachel Delahaye, Tom Easton, The Etherington Brothers and David Follett, Philippa Forrester, Minna Gilligan, Joe Haddow, Susan Hayes, Gareth P. Jones, Imogen Lycett Green,
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Minna Gilligan
Minna Gilligan is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Gilligan works primarily with painting, drawing and collage. Her works are playgrounds of colour, inspired by the vibrancy of 1960s and 1970s popular culture. @minnagilligan www ■
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Learn How To Play Air Guitar
in under twenty seconds – or your money back! Just follow these seven simple steps to air guitar heaven: 1. MAKE SURE YOUR AIR GUITAR IS IN TUNE Pretend to fiddle with the imaginary tuning pegs and make some strange tuning sounds with your mouth. 2
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Gareth’s Joke Battles
Up first, an author who really likes to express himself … usually by sticking a stamp on his he ad and hiding in a postbox. It’s Tom Easton! Why did the sick German poet throw away his pencil? It was making him verse. How should you get candy
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