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Lexi Underwood Becomes an Actual Disney Princess as She Joins the Cast of Sneakerella
Lexi Underwood better get her crown ready, 'cause she's about to be on princess duty. On Wednesday, the Little Fires Everywhere actress announced she was joining the cast of Disney+'s Sneakerella - as royalty, no less. Underwood will be joined by It'
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Yes, Tom Hayden of The Chicago 7 Was Married to Jane Fonda
The Trial of the Chicago 7 includes the story of activist Tom Hayden, who was famously married to Jane Fonda. Although their relationship doesn't appear in the movie, since it didn't start until a few years after the Chicago 7 trial, it was a huge pa
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A GOP Senator's Deliberate Mispronounciation of Kamala Harris's Name Is All Too Familiar For POC Like Me
On Oct. 16, at a Trump rally in Georgia, Sen. David Perdue purposely mispronounced and mocked Sen. Kamala Harris's name as he introduced the president. "Ka-MAL-a, Ka-MAL-a or Kamala, Kamala, Ka-mala, -mala, -mala, I don't know, whatever," he said, el
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Sometimes My Eye Feels Like It's Twitching Morse Code - What's It Trying to Tell Me?
Sometimes it lasts only a few seconds, and sometimes it won't stop for several minutes, but if you've ever experienced an eye twitch, it's one of the weirdest, most annoying things that can happen to our bodies. We asked experts to explain the causes
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You’ll Feel Like a Total Badass In Vote-Themed Workout Gear
It seems like everywhere we turn, there are messages encouraging people to vote and, honestly, we're loving it. Instagram is full of celebs calling on their fans to do their civic duty, like Gabrielle Union who recently shared a badass photo of herse
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What Is Human Design, and How Can It Help You Find Your Purpose? Here's Everything to Know
People want to have as much insight into their actions, personalities, and futures as possible, as evidenced by the abundance of self-help tips, personality tests, and astrology-based content and apps there are out there. And I think this is for good
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Yes, Your Teens Will Be Obsessed With Netflix's Emily in Paris; Here's What to Know!
Teens who are looking for a new show to binge on a rainy day will no doubt gravitate toward Netflix's Emily in Paris. The series follows Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins), a marketing whiz who moves to Paris for a job opportunity. While living in
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How to Peel and Prep a Butternut Squash, Accident-Free
I've always loved butternut squash. It's slightly sweet, so versatile, and so, so delicious. It can be enjoyed in both sweet and savory dishes, and it's especially popular in the fall. But despite how beloved it is, a lot of people (like myself) are
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Is It Weird That We're a Little Jealous of Becky G and Naomi Scott's Cute Friendship?
You know when you meet someone for the first time and you just click? Well, that's exactly what happened with Becky G and Naomi Scott. The two starred together as Trini and Kimberly, respectively, in 2017's Power Rangers, and they've been friends eve
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ICYMI, The Haunting of Bly Manor's Creator, Mike Flanagan, and Actor Kate Seigel Are Married
Did you know that there's a real-life couple behind the chills and thrills of Netflix's The Haunting anthology series? The show's creator, writer-director Mike Flanagan, and actress Kate Siegel, who has appeared in pivotal roles in both installments,
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Pour-Over Coffee
Whether you're a coffee aficionado or more on the Starbucks Frappuccino side of things (I've accepted I'm team vanilla bean), making your own batch of pour-over coffee is one of life's simplest pleasures. The taste is fresher than any coffee I've had
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Think You Know Who The Haunting of Bly Manor's Victoria Pedretti Is Dating? Think Again
The Haunting of Bly Manor star Victoria Pedretti is getting tons of attention once again, including questions about who she's dating and other questions about her personal life. While social media usually makes it tough for modern celebs to keep thei
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Why You Shouldn't Put Stock in Reports That Some Blood Types May Be Spared by COVID-19
It's become evident over the past several months that the body's reaction to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is quite varied, with some people experiencing only mild symptoms (or no symptoms at all) and others becoming gravely ill. As for why that r
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I've Spent Most of My Life Hiding the Fact That I'm Hispanic. I'm Not Doing It Anymore.
I was 10 when the school bullies started banging their fists on their knees and chanting a racial slur at me in our elementary school cafeteria. It was a word I hadn't heard before, and the teacher who shushed them didn't explain it. I had to wait un
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I Lived in Salem, and This Is What It's Really Like During Halloween
As a former resident of Salem, MA (who still has the license to prove it), I can tell you with confidence that Halloween there is very real. I lived in the historic "witch city" (located north of Boston) for a full year and experienced all there is t
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The Australian Firefighters Animal Calendars Are Back For 2021, and Does Anyone Have a Glass of Ice Water?
Ring the alarm! The Australian firefighters are back with their annual animal calendars, and the kittens and puppies are certainly not the only focus of the monthly photos. Don't get me wrong, I love a fluffy kitten, floppy puppy, and cuddly koala as
POPSUGAR2 min de lectureWellness
My Brain Always Kept Me Up at Night, Until I Started Using This Meditation App Before Bed
I'm a horrible sleeper. As a mom, it seems as though my to-do list wakes me up each and every night. On many nights, my thoughts also prevent me from falling asleep in the first place. I tried all of the sleep hacks - blackout shades, a white noise m
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The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For the Whole Family!
Who says each person on your gift list needs a present of their own? Sometimes it's a present for the entire family that truly gets everyone in the holiday spirit. Be it a board game your squad can enjoy, a customized pillow that pictures everyone in
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Megan Thee Stallion Speaks Up For Black Women in Op-Ed: "We Deserve to Be Protected"
Megan Thee Stallion penned a powerful op-ed for The New York Times detailing her dedication to speaking up for Black women. The rapper began her essay by noting a sad reality that has recently emerged: despite widespread calls for racial justice this
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We Found the Healthiest Candies You Can Hand Out - and Eat! - This Halloween
As a nutritionist, I try to choose healthy treats to hand out to kids when they bound up to our door in their adorable Halloween costumes. I've tried year after year to convince my husband that handing out stickers and pencils is totally acceptable,
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Is Tracee Ellis Ross Single? She's "Happily Single," in Fact
Tracee Ellis Ross is in a fulfilling relationship with herself. The actress has always been pretty private about her romantic life and prior relationships, but the truth is that she's currently single and simply enjoying her own company. Tracee said
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This $42 Tool Has Me About to Throw All My Hairbrushes in the Fireplace
When I was in high school, I wondered if the world would ever invent a hairbrush that could blow-dry my hair - true story. Some years later, the beauty industry has made my dreams come true with the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer ($58). I'll
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4 Editors Put the New Huda Beauty Foundation Stick to the Test, and It Was a Huge Hit
Generally speaking, there are two types of foundation people out there: full coverage and more natural. Huda Beauty mostly catered to the full-face crew with its one and only foundation product, the - that is, until now. After listening to feedback
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Instead of Trick-or-Treating, I'm Buying Each of My Kids Their Own Giant Bag of Candy
It seems after six months of putting my kids' social lives on hold, and forgoing our traditional summer vacation, and saying "no" to simple things like eating out at restaurants, COVID-19 is poised to potentially spoil the next fun activity on the ca
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From Caribbean to Southern-Comfort Bites, These Dairy-Free Cookbooks Are Drool Worthy
No matter what's fueling your choice to go dairy-free, know that passion, flavor, and nutrition doesn't have to go out the door with it - and these five authors are all the proof you need. From vegan to Whole30 to dairy simply not fitting in their li
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I've Probably Owned 100+ Workout Leggings in My Life, and This Pair Is My Favorite (and Just $20 Today!)
I've told a number of people recently that I found the best workout tights with pockets. Sometimes using words like "best" and "perfect" can be tricky to justify when you're explaining an opinion, so I thought it would be important to break down what
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Marked by COVID Founder Kristin Urquiza Won't Let Politicians Forget Pandemic Deaths
"This isn't supposed to be happening." That thought reverberated in Kristin Urquiza's mind over and over again this summer as she watched her otherwise healthy 65-year-old father suffer from COVID-19. "And not just from the perspective of 'My dad sho
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Ignoring Your Toothbrush and Floss Can Lead to Gingivitis and Even Worse Gum Issues
When I'm sitting in the dentist's chair listening to the hygienist list off what happens when you neglect your toothbrush and floss, I'm always a bit lost. The brushing and flossing part is crystal clear - things get foggy when she leaves me to decod
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A Physical Therapist Shares Why Mobility Training Is the Key to Flexibility
Recently, I found myself googling "how to do a split" while simultaneously complaining about my stiff knees (a side effect of not moving around while working from home). Even at that moment, it felt ridiculous. Clearly, my priorities aren't adding up
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Your Love of Coffee Could Be Behind Your Acid Reflux - Here’s Why
A day marked with a morning cup of coffee, followed by a lunchtime latte and an afternoon espresso sounds delicious. But, if you're also experiencing heartburn, your love of caffeine could also be responsible for your acid reflux. "Caffeine is one o
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