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Hilton Valentine
THE CREATOR OF one of the most famous opening guitar riffs in popular music has died at the age of 77. Hilton Valentine was a co-founder of the Animals, whose revision of the blues standard The House Of The Rising Sun topped the charts on both sides
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Compelling third album from the Seattle blues swingers. Bassist Duff McKagan and ex-Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin had too many day jobs to continue in the Papers, but there is no loss in quality on this album. That’s testament to the talent
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Christine McVie believes that Fleetwood Mac might have run their course as a live act. Asked by the BBC whether the band are likely to tour again, the singer and keyboard player replied: “If we do, it will be without John [McVie, bassist] and Stevie
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The Uk’s Biggest Heavy Metal Magazine Metal Hammer
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Benji Webbe
Last year may have scuppered Skindred’s touring plans, but it didn’t demolish their frontman Benji Webbe’s spirit. While so many creatives and artists struggled during lockdown, not least from the financial and psychological aspects of not being able
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Post-glam synth-rock classic, now remastered and expanded into three-disc set. Released at the very end of 1979, Japan’s forward-thinking third album initially had a lukewarm reception critically and commercially, earning recognition only after the S
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Damon Johnson
IN LATE 2018, Damon Johnson ended a six-year spell with Black Star Riders, the group the Nashville-based guitarist had co-founded from the ashes of Thin Lizzy. Previously the leader of Brother Cane, Johnson has also played with Alice Cooper and John
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The Ego Has Landed
For one band member to leave could be regarded as a misfortune. For two to go looks like carelessness. To lose three – on the same day – sounds more like a conspiracy. Either way, even Oscar Wilde would have struggled to script the mass walkout that
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This Month’s Contributors
Being home alone for two months has given Paul Brannigan no end of writing time; expect his Eddie Van Halen biography Eruption and a tenth-anniversary update of his Dave Grohl biog This Is A Call later in 2021. This month we welcome him back to the p
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Manson Accused
MARILYN MANSON IS the subject of multiple allegations of abuse. Horrifying claims from his former fiancée, actor Evan Rachel Wood, that Manson (real name Brian Warner) had “groomed” and “horrifically abused” her “for years” caused a number of other w
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IT’S NOT OFTEN that TV talent shows find prog-metal stars of the future, but in a roundabout way that’s what happened with Helsinki-based Wheel. British frontman James Lascelles had been a student in Scarborough, drumming and singing in jazz-folk and
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Tour De Force
Kate Bush has long cornered the market in reclusive, media-averse mystique. But it wasn’t always that way. On April 3, 1979, early evening TV news program Nationwide dedicated a show to the 20-year-old singer. The event on which the 25-minute special
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60s/70s Samplers
It’s all around you, as much as you desire, on the radio, TV, countless digital platforms and other means of delivery. It goes with you on your phone, iPod, laptop and tablet. You’re bombarded with it in shops, pubs, bars, restaurants, cafés and on c
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Taylor Made
In 1962, guitarist Dick Taylor formed Little Boy Blue And The Blues Boys with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Upon bringing in Brian Jones the band changed their name to the Rolling Stones, and Taylor switched to bass. Five months later, he swapped t
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Metallica Enter Sandman
It’s Metallica’s most famous song, and one of metal’s greatest anthems. And as the band’s drummer and co-founding member Lars Ulrich recalls, what he experienced in the creation of Enter Sandman was something akin to divine inspiration. “The planets
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The Magic Circle
For British rock bands in the early 1970s, a sneering, patronising review in US magazine Rolling Stone was considered something of a badge of honour. In it, Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut album was dismissed as “dull”, “redundant” and “prissy”. The
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Round-up: Sleaze
This New Orleans duo are part weirdo garage-rock ensemble, part performance-art spectacle, and their music is just as outthere. Essentially it’s like The Cramps if they were deranged, foul-mouthed kiddie show hosts, and although you can’t actually se
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Black Sabbath
Four-CD/five-vinyl box, containing everything except the Class-A narcotics that fuelled it. The credits famously include: “We wish to thank the great COKE-Cola Company of Los Angeles” in barely coded reference to the heaps of cocaine consumed during
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Two Guitarists Walk Into A Bar…
On paper the two guitarists are markedly different. Best-known mainly for two spells cranking out metal riffs with Iron Maiden, Londoner Adrian Smith has also played with ASaP (Adrian Smith And Project), Psycho Motel and, more recently, Primal Rock R
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Christopher Shayne
“THE BEST SONGS are the ones that take you on a ride,” asserts singer/guitarist Christopher Shayne. “I strive for those dynamics. I want those jams, I want the up-and-down. That’s what I always think when I’m writing.” Shayne is a hard southern rocke
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The Hot List
In our experience there’s little that can’t be remedied – at least to some degree – by rock’n’roll. Not always the same rock’n’roll, of course. Different days, times and situations call for different shades of the stuff. With that in mind we aim to m
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Sylvain Sylvain
DAVID JOHANSEN HAS paid tribute to his New York Dolls bandmate Sylvain Sylvain who recently succumbed to cancer at the age of 69. Now the band’s last surviving original member, lead singer Johansen told Rolling Stone that the Dolls “would have been a
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Pandemic-defying album launch livestream rocks big time. DeWolff should be on the road, but instead the core trio of Pablo and Luka van de Poel, guitar and drums, respectively, and Robin Piso on Hammond are taking their timetravelling psychedelic roc
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Buried Treasure
Dr. Siegel’s Fried Egg Shooting Machine, Vertigo, Japan, 1972. £450+ (with OBI). During its iconic ‘swirl’ label era, Vertigo had a series of domestic Japanese releases that, despite their exotic and collectable appeal, didn’t really offer much in te
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Tim Bogert
THE VIRTUOSO BASS player who worked with Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and the supergroup Beck, Bogert & Appice, has died of cancer at the age of 76. The news was broken by drummer Carmine Appice, who played alongside Bogert in all three bands. Writing on Fa
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The Soundtrack Of My Life Eric Bloom
Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in the neighbouring borough of Queens, Eric Bloom became co-lead guitarist, frontman, keyboard player and songwriter with hard rockers Blue Öyster Cult in April 1969. Over the following half-century he has been a
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Detroit Leaning
Detroit, Michigan’s Motown, shaped both Vincent Furnier and Alice Cooper. Evangelist’s son Vince was born and raised in the city. Asthmatic from birth, he suffered with ill-health. Yet, while active in his father’s Christian Restorationist church, hi
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Two Free Rock Saws Puzzles When You Subscribe To Classic Rock
WORTH £36! The iconic art of some of rock’s most influential and highly regarded albums is presented in puzzle form for the first time. Puzzles come in a vinyl box set-sized box – perfect to fit alongside your vinyl collection! To see more titles and
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This Or That?
Beatles or Stones? Beatles. AC/DC or Led Zeppelin? Led Zeppelin – a thousand times. Hendrix or Page? [Thinks…] Page. Green or Clapton? Slowhand. Sixties or seventies music? It’s a hard one. The most important stuff started in the sixties, but just th
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AS BASTARD SONS and square pegs in the Memphis scene since the late-1990s, nobody has yet found an adequate descriptor for Lucero. And When You Found Me, their tenth album, won’t change that, frontman Ben Nichols says, smiling. Bolstering the band’s
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