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How To Abstract Flowers Or Any Realistic Subject
Experiment with underpainting. Try creating a very expressive underpainting in one or two colors with large brushes. Allow paint to drip and don’t try to over think it. An expressive underpainting is the foundation on which the subject will rest. Thi
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New Rough Watercolor ACM Panels
Introducing the latest addition to Raymar’s line of watercolor panels. Raymar’s new rough watercolor panels are crafted with Fabriano Artistico 140lb paper in traditional white. The mould-made paper is mounted to Raymar’s rigid ACM panels (aluminum c
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Blue Garden with Daylily
I have chosen a blind contour drawing of daylilies and hostas for my subject matter. This drawing was created last summer and is part of a collection in my sketchbooks. I often combine more than one drawing for a completed work. I use a wide brush to
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A Year of Light
If I were to design a curriculum for the aspiring painter, “Understanding Light” would be the first course of study, before color theory and well before any actual painting classes. This was the way of the old European academic courses, but somewhere
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Pencil Power
I have always been asked how I can draw the way I do and my initial response is by endless practicing. You may only ever see my finest artworks, but you will never see the ones that were started, but were put aside due to not meeting the standard I w
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Using Complementary Colors
Two colors are called complementary when they have opposite or balanced color characteristics, such as blue vs. yellow-orange or green vs. red-violet. Complementary hues appear across from each other on the color wheel. When you mix two such pigments
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Personal Visions
My style could be described as impressionistic realism that focuses on atmosphere and mood. My work inspires an emotional response to nature and beauty, which hopefully results in timeless, enduring artwork. The paintings beg for a closer look and re
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Creativity In The Time Of The Coronavirus
As we all deal with these difficult times of pandemic, economic crisis and far too many personal tragedies, I take solace in the words of John Crowe Ransom: “I am shaken; but not as a leaf.” Together we are all facing the overwhelming experiences of
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Colour Moods
In every issue of International Artist we will feature a Painting Workshop from one of New Zealand’s best artists. Colour mood is a result of the colours you choose to have in your painting and it usually means a restricted palette. It’s also the res
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The Art Of The Portrait Live Webinar
The Portrait Society of America has made the exciting decision to host our annual The Art of the Portrait conference via a live webinar, August 27 to 30, 2020. This online event will offer many of the popular programs that you have previously enjoyed
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Drawing, Sketching and Scribbling
There is a wonderful satisfaction in the simple act of making marks on a piece of paper. Whether it’s a detailed study of an interesting object, a quick sketch to solve a practical problem or a mindless doodle while talking on the phone—there is grea
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Mario Moore
Last September, the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University unveiled an exhibition of new portraits by artist Mario Moore titled The Work of Several Lifetimes. The show featured Moore’s work of etchings, drawings, and several large-scale po
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Luck Of The Drawing
One of my big problems when getting into my teens was that I was quite a bore. I knew when I was talking with a girl, she would ease away from my presence with: “Well, I gotta go now, Harley.” But, in life, things we think are negatives can have plus
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Master Showcase
We are Born of Love, oil, 30 x 24" (76 x 61 cm) The model for my painting is named Ashlie; she has two young boys and was close to seven months pregnant when I painted her. I have been painting her in different works for about three years now. As a p
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Pure Art Happens
What you observe on this page is a work I did years ago, yet every moment around it is inspiringly remembered. Here’s a lady who contacted me and insisted I do a drawing of her. She had seen my art over the years and thought I was ideal to portray he
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Michael Shane Neal
John Johansen (1877-1964) was a great artist who lived and worked in the National Arts Club in New York City. His portrait of Mr. Frick at the Frick Collection is a fine example of his work. As an artist who worked exclusively from life and sketches
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In Memory
As we were working on this issue of International Artist, we received the news from the Portrait Society of America on the untimely passing of chairman Edward Jonas. Throughout his more than 40-year career, Ed was recognized as not only an exemplary
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Mastering Still Life Painting
Mastering composition will really take your still life painting to another level. There’s just one little problem. Still life is perhaps the most difficult when it comes to composition because we must arrange everything from scratch. Whereas with lan
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International Artist
Vincent Miller Publisher Joshua Rose Editor Rochelle Belsito Managing Editor Heather K. Raskin Senior Account Executive Adolfo Castillo Multi Media
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Did you know? Learning from the masters is an important step in an artist’s career, both early on in their studies and later as a master themselves to learn or review new techniques in painting. Master copies play an important role in artists’ lives
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Abstract/experimental Art
Maryland, USA, Tahitian Pearl, acrylic, 12 x 12" (30 x 30 cm) Grand Prize Grand Prize is a four-page editorial feature in American Art Collector magazine Abstract artist Jen Sterling describes her artwork as “bold, colorful, inspiring, energetic and
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Precision in Painting
My painting style has always been very direct. I approach every aspect of a painting with the intention of producing the result in each brushstroke. The challenge of capturing a subject with spirited yet accurate brushstrokes can bring freshness to a
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Call For Entries
Use the Official Entry Form over the page Visit our website to upload digital files of the images you want to enter and pay for them using our secure server. To upload your entries you need to prepare your image files to b
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Capturing The Moment
Sometimes life seems to move so fast, that if I can just capture a moment, a little piece of this world, maybe it can help slow things down to a pace that I can appreciate. I don’t know why I seem to want to hold on to things that are so momentary. I
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Art Prize Challenge Series
ENTER OUR NEW ART COMPETITION See your work published in International Artist magazine and also receive a 4-page Editorial Feature in American Art Collector, the prestigious magazine read by collectors and galleries looking for new art work in the wo
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The Five Essentials
I haven’t always been an artist. Most of my professional life was as a teacher in the public school system. I was trained to draw in the style of the Old Masters while in college. I knew then that I wanted to create beautiful paintings but painting i
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Official Entry Form
For your convenience there are three International Entry Points. You can pay your Entry Fee by Visa or MasterCard. Send your entry and payment of US $9 per entry/picture to: International Artist magazine Challenge No. 120: Favorite Subjects 7530 East
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My Design And Composition Tactics
Drawing. I begin with a contour drawing of a flower or several flowers and plants. I draw from life and rarely use photos now. The drawing is more of a shorthand version of the subject. It is expressive and begins a more intuitive process. I never us
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Saving Time
Could an agent help you be a professional artist? » If you are a professional artist, then you only need to paint. And that’s a very good reason to have an agent. You’ll be surprised at how much your agent can do. » Create a schedule of clear and ach
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