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Toy Of The Month Yamaha Seawing II
Licensed by Yamaha rather than built by them, the Seawing II is the latest in underwater toy draggery. Twin motors will pull you to a maximum speed of 5mph (it feels faster than it sounds when you’re submersed) and the 10ah lithium ion battery pack g
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The Accidental Tourists
Since Jackie and I bought our 1990 Broom 37 Boisterous Mistress in 2004 we have never had a permanent mooring. Most winters we moored her in London, initially in Limehouse marina and later in South Dock marina, then during the summer months we cruise
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BRIG now builds more RIBs than any other manufacturer in the world so it’s hardly surprising that it’s also Europe’s top selling RIB brand. It has achieved this through continuous innovation, an ever expanding range of boats that covers all ends of t
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Boat With A Tender Garage
Owning a small inflatable tender adds an entirely different dimension to boating. It’s not just about convenient ship-to-shore transport when you’re in the middle of a harbour, or access to the beach when anchored in a cove. A decent tender is someth
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min de lectureAutomotive
Sacs Marine
Sacs is an extraordinary brand. Famed for pioneering what it calls the “Maxi-RIB”, it engineers bold, contemporary boats that combine the comfort and safety of seagoing RIBs with the luxury, ergonomic sophistication and fastidious detailing of high-e
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Blue’s Final Fling
When we kept our Swift Trawler 34 in the UK we didn’t rely on the anchor very much at all. We’d drop the hook for lunch stops, lazy afternoons and when taking a dip but would always head to the security of a pontoon or mooring buoy for overnight stop
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Given that I live near Southampton, have a boat based in Poole and the vast majority of our tests take place somewhere between Portsmouth and Plymouth, it’s no surprise that I have a somewhat limited opportunity to see what happens beyond the South C
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My Fantasy Fleet
Growing up in the west of Ireland, I was always close to water, so swimming, paddling and kayaking were second nature. But powerboating is a new hobby: luckily, I’ve taken to it like the proverbial duck to water! Given £5 million to spend, I would in
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North Master 685 Cruiser
From the team behind Oceanmaster this new range of affordable open and cuddy cabin boats is looking to make hay while the sun shines on small outboard-powered boats. Built in Poland with a new UK agent based in Poole, the three-model range comprises
Motor Boat & Yachting3 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Boat Cuisine
POOLE HARBOUR Boat owners who frequently visit the Solent will almost certainly have heard of The Hut on the Isle of Wight. It has become the restaurant destination of choice for anybody with access to a boat. It’s got a great vibe, it serves good lo
Motor Boat & Yachting3 min de lectureAutomotive
Gyro Wars
Until recently boat owners looking for an effective means of stabilisation at anchor have faced a fairly simple choice between fins and gyro stabilisers. But whereas the market for fin stabilisers is well served by a number of players such as Sleipne
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When people ask me to recommend them a first boat I usually point in the direction of a RIB. For beginners, the safety and practicality of a rigid inflatable make perfect sense, not to mention the fact that when it comes to the tricky subject of bert
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min de lectureAutomotive
Cranchi 41 Endurance
BUILT 2009 PRICE £129,000 The Cranchi 41 Endurance lives up to its name, having evolved from the successful 39 Endurance, a boat that dates back to 1994. The most obvious difference is a forward sloping arch rather than the original’s rearward inclin
Motor Boat & Yachting9 min de lecture
The Italian Job
We leave Messina, Sicily in a good mood on the 99th day of our Italian adventure. From now on we will be cruising along the mainland of Italy, around the toe of the boot, through the Gulf of Taranto, past the heel and up through the Adriatic Sea towa
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min de lecture
Surveyor’s Report
These Finnish-designed, Polish-built craft were one of the first wave of slender, low freeboard, sporting craft that can carve through seas and handle superbly. Initially, their looks raised questions about their ability in a seaway. However, it only
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Recently awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, Dartmouth-based Ribeye has grown from a small family-run business into a reputable manufacturer of bespoke family RIBs and superyacht tenders from 5-12m. Custom-built and tailored to each individual
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min de lectureAutomotive
Cobra Ribs
Cobra has been building high-quality family RIBs for more than 30 years and still completes the design and build process from its base in the Dorset town of Christchurch. An intimate team of designers and craftsmen collaborate to create a range of RI
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min de lectureAutomotive
Saxdor 320 Gtc
There seems to be no stopping Saxdor and its relentless product development. In next month’s issue we will find out first hand whether this boat’s T-top sibling – the 320 GTO – is as good as it looks, but in the meantime the Finnish brand has announc
Motor Boat & Yachting1 min de lecture
Developed by award-winning Swedish designer Håkan Södergren, Agapi offers a supremely versatile take on the modern leisure RIB. Integrated cabins and convertible furniture enable them to sleep several people overnight, and their modest size and weigh
Motor Boat & Yachting1 min de lectureAutomotive
Ring Powercraft
Ring Powercraft was founded in 1968 by powerboat racer, Mike Ring. Although it didn’t introduce its first RIB until 1995, the firm’s capacity to break speed records saw it forge a reputation for high-performance hulls with exceptional rough-water han
Motor Boat & Yachting3 min de lecture
How To Use A Life Jacket Properly
SPONSORED BY Wearing a lifejacket is one of the most important things you can do to increase safety afloat but unless you wear and maintain it correctly, it won’t work as well as it’s meant to if and when you fall into the water. Any Personal Flotati
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SPONSORED BY IN BUILD 2013–2021 PRICE RANGE £75,000-£160,000 Boats that hail from Finland create certain expectations. With the highest per capita boat ownership of any country, the world’s largest archipelago (more than 180,000 islands) and long har
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Raketa Leopard 24
You don’t get much more authentically nautical than a watch built from the steel of an Akula Class Russian submarine! Fear not, they’ve not cut a hole in the side, the metal was officially given to Raketa by the shipyard that is currently conducting
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min de lectureAutomotive
When Sealegs was founded in New Zealand in 2004, its mission was to bring recreational boaters a bold new level of amphibious ability. The answer was a fleet of tough, aluminium, outboard-powered RIBs, each with a trio of hydraulically retractable wh
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min de lecture
Windy 39 Camira
BUILT 2015 PRICE £345,000 With a 40 Maestro sportscruiser already in the range when the 39 Camira launched in 2014, the manufacturer was free to create what is unashamedly a driver’s machine. It is pure, undiluted Windy – very fast, very capable and
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min de lectureComputers
Globalstar Spot Gen4 Satellite Tracker
Globalstar proudly claims that more than 7,500 rescues have been effected since SPOT launched in 2007 and the Gen4 is the latest version of its rugged off-grid satellite tracker, replacing the Gen3. The updates to the unit itself are relatively minor
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Motor Boat & Yachting
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Scorpion Ribs
Scorpion RIBs is one of the most revered powerboating names in the world. With a 25-year heritage defined by record-breaking feats of offshore endurance, Scorpion owners know they can push hard and fast in the fiercest conditions. The brand’s hard-wo
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