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Wineries Of The Times
Like wine, which so often aims to translate terroir and the voice of the winemaker, architecture has the ability to tell the story of period and place. The era in which a structural style evolved and spread can reflect the culture, politics and prosp
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Northeast Italy
94 Jermann 2019 Sauvignon (Venezia Giulia). Elderflower, hay, wild herb and crushed tomato vine align with juicy green melon aromas on this radiant white. The palate is both savory and elegant, doling out ripe white peach, honeydew and pineapple alon
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A New Mission For California Makers
The grape was introduced to present-day California, then Spanish-occupied Mexico, in the 18th century by Spanish Catholic missionaries who arrived with religion and established harsh regulations for native populations. Wine made with the grape typica
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Around the world, vermouth is continuing to expand in exciting ways. The category shows increasing personality and flair, in part owing to where it is made. Spain, for example, capitalizes on the winemaking traditions of Jerez with a spate of Sherry-
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Viewpoint: Are Rhône Varieties Washington State’s White Knight?
Washington’s red wines have long received the lion’s share of critical and consumer attention, while the state’s white wines have so often gone overlooked. Riesling and Chardonnay dominate production, but many Americans still appear to have a Blue Nu
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The India pale ale is the most popular style in craft beer. These hop-forward ales helped fuel the growth of the category as dedicated drinkers were drawn to the assertive, intriguing and punchy aromas and flavors brought out by lupulin, a sticky pow
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Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40
Pinot Noir Winemaker, Sonoma Cutrer Vineyards • Windsor, CA A Texas native raised in Argentina surrounded by winemakers, Arcidiacono followed her Universidad Juan Agustín Maza-earned degree in winemaking with harvest in France before landing in Calif
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Last Drop: Need Mentor, Will Travel
Twenty-five minutes. Was a four-hour road trip worth a 25-minute tasting session? It was the last day of a weeklong visit to my home state, California. By 5 pm the next day, I would be back in the Big Apple. The idea of a train, two buses and an Uber
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Spain's Something For Everyone
Perhaps your wine of choice is a classic, made to age gracefully for decades. Or possibly, you swing modern, where ripeness and richness can’t be denied. How about a white wine that’s so fresh, you feel transported to the beach? What if you like unus
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Wine Enthusiast
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Santa Barbara County’s Blessing And Curse
Twenty years ago, as a young journalist fresh out of college, I was dispatched from my newspaper desk in Santa Barbara to the Santa Ynez Valley to write a short report about the region’s emerging wine scene. After the 45-minute drive north, in a quai
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In This Issue: Future Forward
Wine, beer, cider and spirits are experiencing an incredible moment of growth and evolution, not only in product, but in the visionaries driving education, new audiences, new platforms and new dialogues. Our 40 Under 40 package (page 37) celebrates e
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The Rise of Germany's grosses Gewächs
In Germany, where wine preferences have long been swinging dry and drier still, the market is dominated by trocken, or dry wines made from Riesling, Pinot Noir (known as Spätburgunder), Pinot Gris (or Grauburgunder) and more. Among the very best are
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Follow us @WineEnthusiast Opening a restaurant is hard. Doing so during a pandemic is nearly impossible. Benjamin details his experience and explains why the hospitality industry can no longer ignore people with disabilities, at
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Cider Beside Your Meal
Many rules about how to pair wine with various food items are firmly entrenched in our brains. Yet, these tried-and-true guidelines that never fail aren’t as commonly known for cider, a beverage with immense food-pairing potential. Much like wine, ci
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New Age Thinking
These beverage professionals prove that a fulfilling career in wine can come at any stage of life. Many fields have an expected career trajectory, a staircase that usually starts in college and continues until you arrive at the proverbial top. In rea
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Nearly two decades ago, it was a sip of cool-climate Syrah that revealed to me the sensory magic of wine—the way that fermented grape juice can taste more like cured meat, dried flowers and cracked pepper than just simple fruit and smoked wood. To th
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Flight School: Pinot Proficiency
Thin-skinned, petulant Pinot Noir is difficult to ripen and demands a gentle hand in the winery. Worse still, too many of its simple expressions fail to deliver on the promise of a grape whose impact has been described as the iron fist in a velvet gl
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The Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide
The Buying Guide includes ratings and reviews of new-release and selected older beverage alcohol products evaluated by Wine Enthusiast magazine’s editors and other qualified tasters. Regular contributors to our Buying Guide include Tasting Director A
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Recipe Of The Month: Carbonara Emissions
Pasta carbonara is a traditional Roman dish known for its rich and velvety, but cream-free, sauce made from eggs, hard cheese, pepper and cured pork. Though Pecorino Romano is the traditional cheese used, much of what’s available in the U.S. is long-
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96 Domaine Drouhin Oregon 2018 Édition Limitée Chardonnay (Dundee Hills). As prices for top-tier Oregon Chardonnay continue to climb well into the triple digits, this is becoming a real bargain given the quality. Complex and aromatic with a generous
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Cocktail Of The Month: World Cup
The core of this cocktail is tawny Port, an aged style most often served chilled in its native Portugal. It’s loosely inspired by the Manila Hoop Punch chronicled in globetrotting writer Charles H. Baker’s 1939 book, The Gentleman’s Companion, which
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96 Leonetti Cellar 2017 Loess (Walla Walla Valley). Cabernet Sauvignon makes up 77% of this wine, with the rest Malbec (15%) and Petit Verdot. The aromas pop, with notes of dark cherry, cranberry, scorched earth, barrel spice and cedar. Palate-envelo
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Last year, Cam Ward, longtime goaltender for the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, retired after 14 seasons on ice. With the game no longer his central focus, he’s had time to bring a cool new perspective to his second passion: Vineyard 36, the Napa Valley
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95 Kaiken 2016 Mai The First Malbec (Mendoza). Bold black-fruit aromas are slightly reduced and tarry at first, but with airing alluring herbal notes and complexity take over. While this is fully ripe and full in body and color, it’s lively in feel.
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Pairology: So Much Fungi
Few foods are as earthy as mushrooms, which often taste like the soil in which they grow. If this quality appeals to you, pick a wine that will tease it out, rather than overwhelm it. Red Burgundy from the Côte de Nuits is a great earthy expression o
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96 Henschke 2015 Cyril Henschke Cabernet Sauvignon (Eden Valley). After a year’s hiatus, Cyril is back, and almost entirely composed of 99% Cabernet this vintage (with 1% Cab Franc). It’s all the more expressive for it. Blueberry and black cherry fru
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One In 50: Unexpected New Hampshire
With meandering mountain walks, attractive autumn foliage and bucolic getaways a-plenty, New Hampshire is often most associated with simple, rustic New England charm. But you can’t expect a place with a motto like “Live Free or Die” to be easily defi
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95 Domaine Zind-Humbrecht 2018 Clos Windsbuhl Gewurztraminer (Alsace). Hints of gunpowder and flint mix with a subtle but sonorous tone of Damask rose on the nose of this wine. The palate brings a much brighter, lemony note of sunny peach ripeness, s
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Oktoberfest Is Best
America’s love affair of pumpkin-spiced products has been well documented, particularly in the beer aisle. One of the earliest incarnations, Buffalo Bill’s Original Pumpkin Ale, dates back to 1985. (For those keeping track at home, that’s 18 years be
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