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Read and RESET
Looking after yourself isn’t just about what you eat or how much exercise you’re getting, it’s also about the information you consume, what you think and how you spend your time. Our round-up of wellbeing books will encourage you to reconnect with yo
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Simple Habits For Great SKIN
Here’s the bad news about necks: this area is thin-skinned, exposed to the elements and is more susceptible to gravity’s downward pull as collagen levels wane over the years. The good news is, just one change can make a world of difference: don’t sto
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Fitness NEWS
Bulk buy your post workout meals and keep that energy up! Oddbox fruit and veg box (from £9.45, oddbox.co.uk) + Morrisons Lean Meat Box (£45 for 6kg) + Seven bags of Waitrose Mixed Grain, Courgette & Pea, 300g (£2.00 each) = YOUR FAMILY’S WEEK OF BAL
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If You Only Do One Thing BEWARE BLUE LIGHT
Blue light is a high-energy, short-wavelength visible light emitted from the sun, screens and LED bulbs. With most of our days spent in front of computers, smartphones and TVs, we’re potentially storing up all kinds of trouble. Here’s how to dial dow
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Soothe Your Stress
The unprecedented unfolding of 2020 has resulted in a roller coaster of negative emotions for many of us. If you’re feeling low as a result, you’re not alone – nearly half of all British adults experienced high levels of anxiety during lockdown. GP D
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Keep Your Cool!
Stressed out skin can breathe as this cream applies at an icy -1.5C. That’s cool hydration. L’Oréal Golden Age Cooling Night Cream, £14.99, Boots. Start your cool-down session and get deep down into pores with this cleanser developed for active women
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Germ-free Workouts
Time to de-germ? The yoga mat Clean at least once a week, if used regularly, with a yoga mat cleaner or fill a spray bottle with clean water, add two drops of tea tree oil and some white vinegar. This recipe contains antibacterial and antifungal oils
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Your Self
Are you suffering from emotional overload? The final countdown – why it might be time to opt for a divorce ‘How I beat my addiction’: These women faced their demons and have come out smiling Vivid dreams? Here’s what they might mean ■
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Wellbeing NEWS
It’s been a testing time, so try these tips from Kalms to help you deal with nervous thoughts. Recognise and acknowledge your feelings Face feelings about fear and the transition you are going through, especially when the change is imposed and beyond
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Is Your MAKE-UP BAG BAD For Your Health?
Be honest. How many of us can hand-on-heart say that we wash our make-up brushes regularly? The good news is we’re not alone, with a recent survey revealing that one in four UK women have never cleaned their brushes*. Guidance surrounding this year’s
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As we age we become more prone to harming ourselves during exercise. Here’s how you can work out without pain. Warm up: ‘Increasing the blood flow to your muscles gives them full range of movement,’ says osteopath Anisha Joshi. Use heat: It increases
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Learning To break Free
Most of us have developed coping strategies that we call upon when things aren’t going well for us. ‘As a one-off, even if it’s not particularly helpful, treating yourself to a new outfit, or an indulgent cream cake, is usually fairly harmless,’ says
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If You Only Do One Thing
If you’ve ever enjoyed the sensation of sand or grass beneath your toes, you’ll know how freeing it feels to go barefoot. But there are more far-reaching health benefits. Wearing shoes disrupts your natural mechanics,’ says health coach and barefoot
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Why isn’t MY HAIR growing?
Hair that just doesn’t seem to grow is hugely frustrating especially if it’s something that’s only become an issue recently. From a purely aesthetic desire for extra length to the psychological impact of hair thinning, a study found one in two women
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Your Health
Outsmart IBS and feel fantastic! Let’s talk about sweat! (And how to keep it to a minimum!) How much do you know about blood cancer Is the future of your GP virtual reality? We report ■
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The final Countdown
35% of couples say they’ve been close to splitting due to a board game argument, with Cluedo the most likely to cause rows.*** Relationships can be stressful. Throw into the mix a global health pandemic and existing issues can suddenly seem much more
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Your Diet
Lose a stone in 6 weeks without going hungry! Curb your sweet tooth with delicious dessert-flavoured tea Counting your macros? We share some insight on these key nutrients Eat to beat anxiety ■
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A Natural GLOW
Whether it’s a few freckles showing, a shiny glow or an imperfection or two, you don’t have to mask every inch of your skin to look and feel beautiful. We reveal all the top tricks to embracing a lighter base and enhancing the natural you. Identify y
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Cramping, bloating, wind, diarrhoea – if you’re one of the estimated 13 million Brits who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) you’ll know the misery it can cause from day to day. And while there is no cure, there are ways of improving symptom
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FEELING overstretched?
Have you been feeling mentally drained, weepy, anxious or extra sensitive lately? It could be that your emotions are getting the better of you. Perhaps you’re worried about a family member, your job, your relationship, or fed up with the whole Covid-
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A third of us gained at least half a stone in the first eight weeks of lockdown according to SlimFast. But now we’re allowed out, there’s plenty of incentive to ditch any unwanted pounds. Keto and the other fashionable sugar-free and low-carb diets a
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LOVE your BODY (even The Annoying Bits!)
According to research, only a tiny 2% of the nation are completely happy with their bodies. A scary stat in itself, the problem looms larger as the weather heats up, with 36% of women admitting they felt worried about wearing less in the summer*. Wha
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Detox YOUR bathroom
Since lockdown, we’ve had more time to think about choices around the home. While no-one’s expecting you to become an overnight eco-warrior, instead it’s about changing your mindset – the end result will be a healthier you and a more sustainable plan
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Your dream DECODED
We all dream – it’s part of the natural sleep cycle. But while some of us don’t remember a thing about them, for others, dreams can be a source of comfort or distress. Learning to understand what your mind is trying to tell you while you’re asleep ca
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When we’re constantly reminded to eat ‘fresh’ foods, it can be easy to forget that not all healthy food has to be fresh. In the early days of lockdown, when we were avoiding supermarkets and facing food shortages, many of us had to rely largely on wh
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How To Find The Right Doctor
Do your research 'The regulations around tweakments in the UK are so loose that anyone can set themselves up in practice, and there is no compulsory register to which aesthetic medical practitioners have to belong.' What should you look for? 'Someone
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Since the coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year, we’ve all upped our hygiene standards significantly. Scared of catching the dreaded virus, we’ve spent the last few months washing and disinfecting our hands, clothes, surfaces and anything that
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3 OF THE BEST Channel positive energy by placing these on or around your body. With a calming influence, this is great when going through change. Perfect if you’re under stress and need to feel calm. If you’re mentally and physically tired, quartz ca
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Brunch To Boost Your MOOD
Hearty food will always make us feel satisfied and warm inside, however, harissa pasta could also provide nutrients for a happier you. It contains vitamin B6 as well as manganese; a study found that those with low blood levels of manganese experience
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Beauty NEWS
3 OF THE BEST Protect your peepers with this lovely lot Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Cream, £68, dermalogica.co.uk Retinol helps smooth away the signs of skin ageing around the eyes. L’Occitane Aqua Réotier Eye Gel, £19, loccitane.com The rollerball
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