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New Boats
2020 has not been the best year for launching new boats. Travel restrictions have seen most boat shows cancelled, so many yards have held offlaunching new models until it’s possible to give the boats rather more fanfare. A number of boats included he
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The Tools & Spares You Shouldn’t Sail Without
How many 13mm spanners does a girl need? Well, at least four it turns out. We were a halfway across the Atlantic bound for St Lucia on our Clipper 60, Bluejay, when the flexiabout coupling on the generator failed. The crew consisted of me and a profe
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New Gear
£329.99 Icom has updated two popular fixed marine VHF radios, the IC-M423G and IC-M400BB. With an ‘E’ added to the name, the IC-M423GE and IC-M400BBE are almost identical to their predecessors but now feature integrated GPS and an external GPS antenn
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The letter of the month wins a bottle of Pusser’s Rum, produced to Admiralty specification and served daily to every sailor in the Royal Navy for more than 300 years (UK residents only) www.pussers.com Berthed on a finger pontoon at Lymington Town Qu
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‘Lightning Destroyed The Boat’s Electronics’
When it comes to a major event such as a lightning strike on your boat, it all boils down to how good your insurance broker and insurer are. In August 2019, whilst our Beneteau 393, Blue Mistress, was moored at her home berth, at St Helier Marina in
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£300 Two-way satellite communications can be expensive. A handful of products aim to fill this gap, and the Spot X Bluetooth is Globalstar’s latest offering. Using Globalstar’s own network of 24 low earth orbit satellites, it has nearglobal coverage
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Yachting Monthly
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Lessons Learned
We were lucky not to be aboard at the time of the lightning strike. After experiencing the damage sustained to Blue Mistress, we now have a healthy respect for thunder storms and will do all we can to avoid being at sea during one. 1 QUICKLY SEEK SAF
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Also On The Market
£300 The Mini is a palm-sized device offering basic messaging, navigation and weather forecast functions, or connects to your phone for more comprehensive range of tools, including two-way messaging and device signalling. www.garmin.com £519 With the
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Meditations Upon The Personal Water Craft
An awareness that old men running out of time find fault with the world they are loath to leave, has seen me, this summer, proffering a friendly wave to the passing sea-scooter. I surge with a sense of magnanimity as the rider, or his flaxen-haired p
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Adventure a Walk On The Wild Side
Our hand-held VHF burst into life. Esa’s excited voice came over the radio.‘There’s a polar bear attacking the dinghy!’ Petri and I hurried back to the beach, abandoning the tea and pancakes we were just about to tuck into with some Russian geologist
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Sadler Starlight 35
If you want to tell us why you love your boat, get in touch by email yachtingmonthly@futurenet.com or by post Yachting Monthly, Future Plc, Pinehurst 2, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7BF Duncan Kent has been t
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Material Pleasures
If I had the brains, or perhaps the inclination to study, maybe I should have been an engineer. I am often happily occupied pondering solutions to some of life’s random conundrums. It can be as simple as designing a teapot that will pour into the cup
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A Week Afloat Sicily
Lu Heikell gained a love of sailing from her father, Peter. She met her husband Rod when she was crew on a trip from the Azores to Gibraltar in 1999. She and Rod have lived, loved and worked together for 20 years and live on the Isle of Wight. For th
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Owners’ Experiences
Hull no. 35/084 Chris and Marilyn King have owned two Sadler Starlight 35s. The first, Startrekker, was purchased from Sadler International in 1991 and was the third 35 built by them. ‘We kept her for five years but in the end sold her to the Combine
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Blustery Conditions
Fatalism, fear or focus. The current global pandemic continues to provide ample opportunity for parallels to sailing. Perhaps our pastime requires more than most hobbies by way of enduring discomfort and overcoming both physical and mental challenges
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THIS MONTH’S EXPERTS DARIA BLACKWELL Daria is Vice Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club. She sails a Bowman 57 ketch with her husband, Alex. Daria lives on the west coast of Ireland. TONY CURPHEY Tony started offshore sailing in 1993. He has circumna
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NEED TO KNOW Sicily and the Aeolian Islands
Mid-May to late September, although May can still be unsettled. In high season temperatures can get into the 30s, but in the islands there is less humidity than in the harbours in Sicily. The prevailing summer wind on the north coast of Sicily is fro
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Alternatives To Consider
The Sun Odyssey 35’s sleek coachroof lends her a sporty look, while her long waterline and shallow undersections give her a performance to match. Hull construction is solid laminate incorporating polyester resin and the deck is injection moulded to r
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British Yachting’s Post-lockdown Boom
UK yacht brokerages are reporting a spike in new and second-hand boat sales, with many of them now struggling to find used yachts to sell. The increase began during the summer following the easing of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Brokerage Clip
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Can I Test My Own Rigging?
When I bought my Bavaria 42, it was obvious that the previous owner kept it in tip-top condition and thought had clearly gone into the maintenance. There was no mention, however, of rigging checks or replacement. The boat is now coming up to 20 years
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To The Fractal West Of Ireland
My patronising ‘Yes dear’ in reply to my wife Frances was followed by getting into oilies very quickly indeed, and an intense collaboration between us, me on the foredeck and she at the helm. It transpired that I had miscounted the cable markers on l
Yachting Monthly5 min de lectureChemistry
Technical How Lithium Batteries Are Changing Onboard Power
Everyone has their own theories and experiences of what type of battery is best for use in the liveaboard marine environment. Traditionally, the choice was always big and heavy, open flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries and many still swear by this simp
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SailGP’s Season 2 European debut will take place in Plymouth on 17-18 July 2021 Bembridge Harbour Authority has invested in 36 additional finger pontoons at Duver Marina Alan Stewart (pictured left) has been named Coastguard of the Year The world’s b
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Could You Moor On A Very Busy Pontoon?
James Stevens, author of the Yachtmaster Handbook, spent 10 of his 23 years at the RYA as chief examiner John and Mary own Mollie, a Twister, which is a longkeeled sturdy 8.5m yacht. Mollie manoeuvres ahead under power without too much trouble, but b
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Monach Islands, Off North Uist
Sheltered anchorages on the western coast of the Outer Hebrides are not commonplace, especially south of the Sound of Harris. The Monach (or Heisker) Islands, tucked some five miles off the southwest coast of North Uist, offer a welcome haven for tho
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Buyers’ Guide
The key to a truly successful Li-ion battery installation is to use top-quality Li-ion cells with an equally top-notch battery monitoring system (BMS). The best BMS will be tailor-made to suit the installation, while the worst will just be crude prot
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VHF changes for Irish Coast Guard
Irish Coast Guard has announced plans to change the frequency of some of its VHF working channels between 5 October and mid December. The move follows amendments to transmitting frequencies by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union
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HOW TO Repair Your Instrument Gauges
Every boat has a number of gauges for water, fuel and waste tanks. Every so often, one of them will stop working properly – giving no reading at all or a false reading. Not a significant breakage in itself, but enough to stand you into danger if you
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South Deep, The Swale
South Deep is as near perfect as an anchorage gets. To the north you have a marshy islet, home to breeding pairs of wildfowl, to the south a lonely sea wall where the only sign of life is a handful of dozy sheep cropping the sweeter grass on the seaw
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